Master of the End Times - Chapter 355

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:37 AM

Chapter 355: Xue Yumang Dies!

Chapter 355: Xue Yumang Dies!

The fact that Xue Jinkuang, who was a C-tier individual, had his communicator destroyed by Qin Feng was quite a terrifying thought by itself .

If his communicator were destroyed, that meant that what Qin Feng said earlier was even more… terrifying to think about!

“You . What have you done?” Xue Yumang was visibly upset .

Qin Feng had already drawn out his Verdant Emperor Saber .

“What did I do? You can ask Xue Jinkuang when you join him down there in hell!”

Qin Feng dashed toward Xue Yumang .

In everyone else’s eyes, Qin Feng’s blatant act was a solid declaration that Xue Jinkuang was dead .

Of course, they found it somewhat hard to accept .

“Perhaps Qin Feng heard Han Nuan’s cry for help and came back after shaking Xue Jinkuang off . Since Qin Feng was already an enemy of the Xue family, he might as well kill Xue Yumang because Xue Jinkuang is a much tougher opponent,” Chen Xiang said .

Ever since Qin Feng killed Lei Chang, everyone acknowledged that he had become much stronger than a normal aptitude user .

“That might be the case . But what really happened to Xue Jinkuang? It’s still a mystery!”

A C-tier aptitude user was a cause for concern because it was equivalent to being a region overlord .

“I didn’t contact Mr Qin!” Han Nuan said with much difficulty as she endured the pain all over her body . Even so, there was a look of faithfulness and joy in her eyes . “Mr Qin is not a person who likes to lie . Xue Jinkuang must be dead!”

Chen Xiang and Hu Liang looked at each other .

If this were real, that meant that the Xue family would be crossed off the list in the Four Cities of the North Sea .

After all, only two D-tier elders remained in the Xue family .

Moreover, they were both old men of over a hundred years old .

Despite being of the same generation as Xue Jinkuang, they had not progressed in their skills . They were D-tier beings who could die at any moment . Therefore, one could only imagine how weak they were .

Right then, Qin Feng and Xue Yumang were still engaged in a battle .

However, Xue Yumang was no match for Qin Feng .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng was charging at Xue Yumang with his Verdant Emperor Saber which contained his internal force .

Afraid of going against him directly, Xue Yumang began dodging his attacks .

“Qin Feng, you will pay for what you are doing . You’re only struggling in the final moments before your death right now . Are you still trying to take me down with you? Think again!”

Xue Yumang had already begun thinking of ways to make his escape .

However, Qin Feng would not give him the opportunity to do so .

“You should listen to yourself . Those words of consolation don’t make any difference . You will end up dead anyway!” Qin Feng chuckled coldly as he began dashing even more quickly toward Xue Yumang .

Xue Yumang immediately turned around and began running away .

By then, everyone on the street had already gone back to their own houses because of the fight between Xue Yumang and Han Nuan .

It was impossible for Xue Yumang to ask for help from anyone .

“That’s it . Stop running!” Qin Feng chuckled coldly before he channeled his conscious energy .

“Magma Pillar!”

The ground below Xue Yumang instantly turned into magma . After a moment, a huge Magma Pillar thrusted him into the sky .

Zap! Zap! Zap!

A huge energy force thrusted against Xue Yumang’s internal force in his body .


His internal force was being depleted rapidly .

Fortunately, Xue Yumang had already used his qinggong skills to dodge the Magma Pillar in a different direction . Even so, his internal force had been reduced by one-third .

Qin Feng continued to pursue after him .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

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Once the Burning Sword Glare had been activated, a huge blade of over ten meters descended from the sky .

Xue Yumang gritted his teeth and activated his internal force once again to protect himself .


As soon as the blade struck Xue Yumang, the shield of internal force was instantly crushed .

“Another slash!”

Qin Feng’s internal force seemed to be unlimited as he continued to use different powerful skills .

“Qin Feng, I’ll fight with you until I die!”

Xue Yumang channeled the blood in his body before he turned around and pushed his palm against Qin Feng .

The gust of wind energy imbued with his internal force collided against the blade energy of Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber .

In that moment, the gust of wind energy was split into half by the blade energy . Meanwhile, the blade energy continued to move forward before eventually landing on Xue Yumang’s body .

Without the protection of his internal force shield, Xue Yumang’s flesh received the full brunt of the damage from the slashing attack .

Splutter .

Xue Yumang was instantly knocked twenty meters away before he crashed into a banister by the road, crushing it along with the huge internal force in his body .

Qin Feng took the opportunity to pursue after him .

“Go to hell!”

The glimmer of a blade appeared before a person’s head rolled off onto the ground .

Xue Yumang—Dead!

People were shocked by Qin Feng who could kill a D-tier being with three strikes of his blade .

Right then, the people observing this battle in secret felt extremely remorseful .

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It was always a difficult thing to offer help in a timely manner .

They could only make themselves feel better by thinking that Xue Jinkuang was not dead . Now that Qin Feng had gotten into trouble with a C-tier being, he might end up being killed too .

If these people were to help Qin Feng, would they not be killed by the C-tier expert as well?

However, did Qin Feng really kill Xue Jinkuang?

Despite being curious, none of them had the courage to ask Qin Feng about it .

Since Xue Yumang was not a wanted criminal, none of the D-tier elders could offer help in the Four Cities of the North Sea .

As Qin Feng gathered Xue Yumang’s Spatial Rune equipment, he activated his Asteroid Assimilation to absorb all three internal force mists from Xue Yumang’s body .

Thereafter, he burned Xue Yumang’s corpse into ashes .

When Qin Feng returned, Hu Liang had already summoned a water healer to take Han Nuan away in an ambulance .

“Han Nuan, you’ve done well!” Qin Feng exclaimed .

By then, Han Nuan seemed to have recovered the glimmer in her eyes .

“Boss, have I earned your trust?” Despite nearly losing her life, Han Nuan felt that it was all worth it .

“The feeling of trust is mutual . Don’t think too much about it . Tend to your wounds and get well soon . I won’t mistreat you!” Qin Feng responded .

Han Nuan nodded .

At that moment, Hu Liang approached them and handed the Spatial Button over to Qin Feng .

“Earlier, Han Nuan wanted me to look after this until you returned . We didn’t expect you to return this soon!”

Hu Liang had the intention of speaking up for Han Nuan . He was implying how Han Nuan was a great assistant . Despite not knowing if Qin Feng was dead or alive, she still stood up to a D-tier expert .

It was clear Han Nuan was a loyal person .

Getting the hint from what Hu Liang said, Qin Feng accepted the item . However, he then returned it to Han Nuan .

Nothing had changed!

Hu Liang could not resist asking, “Qin Feng, tell me the truth . What happened to Xue Jinkuang?”

“He’s dead,” Qin Feng said .

Hu Liang’s eyes became wide open . “Are you certain?”

“I have no reason to lie to you about things like this!”

Hu Liang’s heart pounded while his mind began to race .

“How could that be? Qin Feng, you are merely at the D1-tier . How were you able to kill Xue Jinkuang? Xue Jinkuang has dominated the Four Cities of the North Sea for many years . Nobody has dared to assassinate him . Perhaps it’s not even something one would dare think about . How did you do it?”

Qin Feng laughed . “General Hu, I never said that I was the one who killed Xue Jinkuang!”

Hu Liang was stunned .

“Who did it then?”

Qin Feng’s gaze shifted to somewhere in the distance . In front of a shop with broken walls and fashionable clothes still on display, Bai Li seemed to be engrossed with checking the clothes out .

“It was her!”

Qin Feng pointed at Bai Li .

When Hu Liang’s gaze landed upon the same direction, he could see Bai Li picking clothes out like a shopaholic .

Hu Liang’s face turned dark .

“Qin Feng, don’t mess with me . How could it possibly be Bai Li . Although she is very strong, it still…”

“Haha . I’m telling the truth . Don’t you believe me?” Qin Feng chuckled . “All you need to know is that Xue Jinkuang is dead . That is all! If you don’t believe me, just wait for a while!”

Time would prove everything!