Master of the End Times - Chapter 357

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Chapter 357: Panic at the Conference

Chapter 357: Panic at the Conference

Too bad they did not manage to slaughter the sheep . The hunter Xue Jinkuang was, however, killed by Bai Li . She was the real fox in sheepskin .

Qin Feng went near the buffet station . Bai Li released her clutch on Qin Feng and started to gorge on the food .

The crowd pretended not to care . They went near the entrance and quietly checked the message on the board .

They were discreet about it and Qin Feng was not paying attention to the entrance . But for a person with high consciousness such as Qin Feng, nothing could escape his senses .

Furthermore, after looking at the notice, all of them breathed a sigh of relief .

The list was all over the place . It was obvious that his treasure was accumulated over the decades and not some happenstance fortune .

Not only that, Qin Feng clearly listed out something in the last section: 150 cubic meters worth of spatial runes, selling for 750 million .

Only a C-tier could possess such a huge storage rune .


Some of them who were nervous took a huge breath . They quickly turned silent after that .

There were also those from the ancient warrior families present .

Since Hou Yang Jiao had some disagreement with Qin Feng last time, the Hou family sent out the D-tier Hou Yangsheng whom Qin Feng had met before at the Tangshan Mountain out of consideration .

The Tieh Family too had sent out a different person . It was Tieh Xin who was at the Tangshan Mountain as well .

Yang Mao, who led the younger disciples in the Battlegod Tomb, represented the Yang family .

Yang Mao did not know who Qin Feng was . But Qin Feng had good impressions of him . After all, Yang Mao was the only one who did not intend to kill Qin Feng to gain an upper hand at the Battlegod Tomb .

After looking at Qin Feng’s offer list, the three of them were startled .

Some were envious, some were jealous . Some furrowed their brows .

But undoubtedly, Xue Jinkuang had died .

The news was rather abrupt .

At that moment in the conference, the hands of a cloaked elder trembled when he saw the list . He wanted to tear the list apart!

He was the second elder of the Xue family, Xue Jinrui .

He had intended to gather news from the conference earlier on . But he never would have thought that the news would turn into a nightmare .

Xue Jinrui still harbored a glimmer of hope . He only wanted to confirm the news .

Those who were ahead of Qin Feng did not seem to be into the auction . They announced their items hastily and stepped down from the stage quickly when they did not get an offer back . It was quick .

It was Qin Feng’s turn half an hour later .

He put down his gears on the platform .

The aptitude users below the stage looked at each other before calling out prices .

One of the ancient warrior families who held a vast amount of wealth bought the frost jade bed .

The rest of the items went out like hotcakes, including the spatial rune gears .

However, nobody wanted the battlesuit that was riddled with a burnt mark and fresh blood . They were apprehensive about a suit that was worn by a dead person . Moreover, they had no use for it!

Qin Feng did not expect to sell it as well . It was more of an exhibit!

He would probably have to pass it over to Lu Wanbao .

Qin Feng held on for another ten minutes, but none dared to say anything . He sold most of his items and put away the rest of his unsold gears!

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He raised his head . The black-robed man had vanished from the auction hall .

“Ha, someone from the Xue family . I could smell the blood-filled stench from far away!”

Qin Feng coldly chuckled . He called for Bai Li and exited the hall .

He did not plan to stay on for the second half of the conference!

Under the cover of darkness, Xue Jinrui quickly reached outside the city . A hover copter picked him up and left Shadong Town .

After they had left, Qin Feng chased after them in the Sky Dweller .

“Lock on to the combat hover copter in front!”

“Activate anti-trace!”

“Move in quietly!”

Not only that, Qin Feng used the dark ability on his hover copter . Not even ultra beasts could detect Qin Feng .

Xue Yuan would become a powerful person in the next decade . The House of Xue had shifted by then .

Qin Feng had no clue where their house was originally located .

But now, he had discovered their place!

Many people came out to greet Xue Jinrui when his hover copter landed .

“Second Elder, did you get any news?”

“Grandpa Second Elder!”

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“Second elder…”

Xue Jinrui was getting annoyed . He was already frustrated in the first place . Now, he felt even more irritated .

“Shut up!”

Xue Jinrui shouted furiously . He pulled down his cloak and revealed a frail, skinny face . His face looked even more frightening at night .

He wanted to admonish them at first, but he felt that he did not have time after what had happened in the auction!

“Everyone, pack up whatever you can and get ready to depart!”


The crowd could not believe their ears .

The Xue family, a great ancient warrior family that had terrorized the Northern Seas fearlessly, was asked to pack their things and get ready to leave?

“Don’t you understand? Go!” Xue Jinrui screamed .

At that moment, the Sky Dweller landed on a small mound outside the Xue family’s village .

Qin Feng raised his hand and stored the Sky Dweller away .

The village was visibly well lit from afar . The dark energy barrier that was used to hide their traces had been retracted .

The energy stone that powered up the energy barrier was worth quite a bit of money .

The Xue family was packing their bags!

Qin Feng coldly chuckled . He stood on the hill without any movement .

The Xue family seemed well trained . They had their things ready within an hour .

The treasures in their vault were stored away in their storage runes . The herbal weeds and fruits that they had cultivated were also plucked, regardless of their ripeness .

Briefly, a few hundred people gathered around .

Xue Jinrui grinned as he looked at the family members . “Kill all of those who are not aptitude users or direct blood descendants of the Xue family!”

The members of the Xue family turned pale .

A beautiful-looking lady wailed, “Sir, sir, you can’t kill me! I, I have your child in me, he’s a blood descendant, he must be!”

The rest of the ladies followed suit and claimed that they were all pregnant . The Xue family had gained so many grandchildren at the very end!

The Xue family was hedonistic and authoritative . These ladies became their lovers out of greed . It was rare for real aptitude users to join the Xue family .

Now, their lives had become trivial when it came to the survival of the Xue family .

“Back off!”

A middle-aged man who was the first to be approached furiously delivered a palm strike to the lady’s temple .


The lady’s head was mutilated . Her body twitched for a moment before collapsing .

The rest of them followed his lead . Moments later, the few-hundred strong crowd was left with only a little over a hundred people .