Master of the End Times - Chapter 359

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Chapter 359: Organization Z’s Movements

Chapter 359: Organization Z’s Movements

It was said that a pill like this could increase the level of a D-tier ancient warrior by a small degree .

Lu Wanbao knew there was a good chance of conducting a lucrative business deal with Qin Feng!

“Mr . Qin, how many pills are we talking about here?”

“I’ll take fifty!” said Qin Feng .

Fifty pills would cost one hundred billion yuan . Qin Feng was used to splurging more than a hundred billion each time he wanted to buy something!

Lu Wanbao pursed his lips when he heard the amount . Although he knew that Qin Feng had great wealth, he did not have to spend it this way . His body would develop resistance against the pill after consuming past a certain amount .

“Alright, I’ll take the deal!”

Still, one hundred billion yuan was a huge deal . Lu Wanbao would not want to miss out on it .

Ever since Qin Feng had moved to Shadong Town, each deal that Lu Wanbao had conducted with him here had been high-value ones .

“Let me go get the goods, please wait for an hour!”

Qin Feng nodded .

Qin Feng’s communicator then rang .

“Mr Qin, the ancient warrior families are looking for you, they want to discuss something about divvying up the Xue family’s commercial assets with you!”

Qin Feng did not want to waste his time on the others . He said, ” Just send me what I requested, no need to see me!”

“Alright then, I’ll ask them to transfer the money to your account!”

When Lu Wanbao came back, the money in Qin Feng’s account had increased .

Only the Yang family had transferred ten billion yuan .

The other two families were probably unhappy with Qin Feng’s demand!

However, since Qin Feng declined to meet them, they could only go through Han Nuan . Moreover, they could not hurt her at all .

Was Xue Yumang’s ending not terrible enough?

Was the tragedy that befell the Xue family not enough as a wake-up call to the rest of them?


In the training chamber of the Battlegod Tomb .

Qin Feng popped the pills one by one into his mouth .

The pills melted in his mouth instantly . Bursts of energy began to explode in his body .

The pills were created from a mixture of numerous herbs . Different herbs, when mixed together, produced different results .

However, it was not something as simple as one plus one .

The herbs had always had a multiplying effect on the ancient warriors .

For the ancient warriors, pills were like powerful weapons were to the gunners .

His internal energy became condensed before sinking deep into his body .


Qin Feng used his ability to absorb the energy from the pills . The energy enhanced his strength and returned to his dantian .

A single pill could modestly increase the level of a normal ancient warrior . But for someone with a highly concentrated internal energy like Qin Feng, fifty pills had only increased his internal energy by 15 pools .

The pill did not only enhance his internal energy, it fortified his body as well .

Qin Feng could only feel that his physical body had reached a breaking point .

The injuries that he sustained previously had disappeared . His body was bursting with energy .


He shot out a crushing aura .

He was at D2-tier .

Not only that, but Qin Feng had also now accumulated 26 pools of internal energy in his dantian . If he were to come face to face with someone like Xue Jinkuang, he would not be as unprepared as before!

As Qin Feng was training, something big happened on the other side .


Near Qihan City was a hamlet-sized colony known as the Northward Village .

The colony was exceptionally small and poor . Passersby would hardly notice the almost barren village under the hot sun .

However, other than the slaves who lived in the village, there was a huge factory hidden beneath the city .

“The ancient elixir of awakening number D28 has been completed!”

Replied the man who dutifully looked at the person in front of him .

Qin Feng would have recognized him if he were here . The man who was known as Big Boss Guo was the leader of the Desert Eagle Group he was looking for, Guo Geng!

He was an important link to the Z Organization .

The person who was asking the question was a C-tier aptitude user .

He had short hair and a chiseled face—a very charming man .

A man of his stature often held great power and position . A person with a constant stream of wealth and women . He looked sensible and gentlemanly .

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“Hmm, how’s the effect?”

The man continued to question .

Guo Geng quickly replied,” We haven’t tested the elixir en masse yet . More importantly, this elixir is suited for D-tiers to awaken their potential . We still don’t have any D-tiers to experiment on yet!”

He knew that the elixir would have to undergo a trial, but he did not wish to capture a D-tier from the Human Alliance .

Although Guo Geng had the experimental beast emperor power of a D-tier mutant, his weaknesses were no longer a secret!

If not melded properly, an experimental mutant could lose his mind every time he triggered his abilities . In the end, his body could even explode and die .

Hence, not fighting unnecessarily became their principle .

The C-tier master seemed to have caught on to Guo Geng’s thoughts . He looked at the other people . There were ten D-tiers present there who belonged to the same organization . Strangely, however, some of them were from the Human Alliance while some of them came from the Dark Coalition .

“D-tier test subjects, huh?” The C-tier master closed his eyes . He then grinned . “There are at least two hundred D-tiers in the Shadong Town, that could be a good place…”

“Master Yan, do you…”

Guo Geng knew that Yan Shuo was planning to do something from his expressions .

“A diluted elixir would have delayed effects, but that would be sufficient to let them mutate . Shadong Town rests on the edge of the Northern Sea Deserts, they’ve always had a tough time finding water . There is a reservoir… need I say more?”

Yan Shuo surveyed the crowd .

“Master Yan, what a wonderful idea!”

It was an inconceivable brave act!

Shadong Town was not highly populated, about one hundred thousand people at most . Yet, compared to the two hundred D-tiers, what were one hundred thousand common folk?

It was an effortless plan to acquire the test subjects!

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“Rest assured, Master Yan, we’ll handle this!”

“Yan Fang did well in Shadong Town previously, leave it to him, he’s never failed!”

“Okay, remember to conceal all signals, don’t let the news get out!”

“We’ll capture all the subjects and destroy the town using ultra beasts after the experiment, no one will ever know!”

“That’s right!”

The ten D-tiers quickly conjured up a plan .

The plan to destroy Shadong Town that lived in Qin Feng’s memory was about to begin!

Qin Feng had no clue about the plan . He was still training in the Battlegod Tomb .

As night fell, all the D-tiers returned to Shadong Town . After a full day of battle, the exhausted D-tiers naturally yearned for a feast .

The water in their reservoir was quickly used up .

The reservoir was used by the people to drink and cook .

Not only that, but the water in Shadong Town that day seemed sweeter than usual . They could not resist taking another sip .

Water has always been essential in life .

The first cry occurred at midnight . The shrieking call pierced through the night sky .

The bellow of an enraged beast soon followed .