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Chapter 36

All the dark runes hundreds of meters away were drawn to Qin Feng like a long streaming dragon . In his mind, he could feel a huge amount currently entering his consciousness and landing on his diamond ability core . Surprisingly, all these runes had only occupied one small spot of it .

 “10,000 dark runes!”

 He had not expected to have absorbed so many in one go . The power of these dark runes could be compared to a D-tier weapon . When Qin Feng looked up to the sky and discovered that it had been colored black by the Hell Stone . Dark, ominous Clouds were everywhere . It seemed like something huge was about to hit the ground .

 “I cannot let this happen!”

 Thinking about all the children that had lost their lives during the last dark rune catastrophy, Qin Feng was determined to stop the events that were about to take place . He immediately ran to the location where the meteor had crashed .

 A 50-meter wide crater dug deep into where the Hell Stone landed . Qin Feng was dumbfounded as he saw it lying there silently . No one knew the origin of Hell Stones . Since the first space rift had spawned on earth, there were already too many mysteries left unsolved .

 A long time ago, a fingernail-sized Hell Stone landed on one of the cities in a country of the west .

 Thus, began the great apocalypse!

 The entire city was infected by the virus and turned all its residents into the undead, mindless, disease-carrying zombies . The place was ravaged beyond belief, turning into a living hell overnight hence its name, the Hell Stone . Until today, the city had been ruled by a beast-king-tier zombie .

 All that cacophony had been caused by a stone no bigger than a quarter . Now, here Qin Feng was, staring at a fist-sized Hell Stone . He was incredibly anxious . Hell Stones were usually bad news to most people as it was a well-known fact that dark runes that exuded from it almost always brought forth devastating effects to .

 On the other hand, this logic did not apply to Qin Feng . To him, this was something that he longed .

 He stood only five meters away from the Hell Stone . At such close distance, Qin Feng had a good look at the rock . Apparently, there was a fire burning around it, its temperature so high that the ground around it sizzled and liquified . It seemed like the surrounding land was about to turn into magma . Qin Feng had no time to hesitate anymore .


 Qin Feng’s special ability was activated, allowing him to devour the Hell Stone with ease . Seconds later, the Hell Stone was gone, and the dark runes stopped spawning as well . Soon after, he felt something unusual going on in his body . Without going into mediation, he could see that a giant satellite had surrounded his diamond planet . It was like the earth and its moon, both connected .

 Dark runes kept pouring out of the Hell Stone to his diamond planet . Soon, it turned his diamond planet into dark red . He could also sense that his dark ability had enhanced by at least tenfold!

 “This is crazy . Ten folds of improvement! I wonder how many dark runes I absorbed!”

 Just as Qin Feng was about to bask in his excitement, a palm-sized space rift appeared at the sky and within its confines, a pale hand adorned with black fingernails came out . It seemed like a hand of a corpse, where no blood flowed through it . That had made it looked extremely terrifying .




 Suddenly, Xiaobai screamed and it activated the space rune without Qin Feng’s consent .


 Qin Feng disappeared into the thin air . This was Xiaobai’s special ability after its evolution . Not only could it teleport to a certain place, but it could also bring Qin Feng with it as well . At the same time, the pale hand that appeared in the sky started to swing around . Seconds later, countless bones were summoned, with all of them beginning to combine to form a giant skeletal hand .

 Qin Feng managed to witness the whole thing . It was at that moment that he realized that it was not a skeletal hand but the claw of a giant beast! The giant claw suddenly landed at where Qin Feng had stood earlier with force comparable to the Hell Stone that crashed . If it were not for Xiaobai, Qin Feng would have surely been killed .


After that, the skeletal claw grabbed a handful of dirt from the ground, thereby forming another giant crater .

 This was absolutely terrifying!

 Judging by its immense strength, this creature was more powerful than an S-tier creature! The skeletal claw brought the soil back to the pale hand, which started to wave around . It seemed like it was trying to summon something, but it was fruitless .

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 Qin Feng knew that something bad was about to happen to him . Clearly, the owner of this pale hand was looking for the Hell Stone . Fortunately, the space rift that the Hell Stone came out from was extremely small; the reason why the creature could not squeeze through it . Considering the strength of the giant skeletal claw, the creature should be S-tier beast king .

 After searching frantically for a while, the creature let out a roar in frustration as it could not locate the Hell Stone .

 “Who dares mess with my Holy Dark Stone?!” a booming voice roared from the heavens .


 The creature tried to squeeze its other hand into the space rift . It seemed the rift would surely expand due to the extreme force exerted by the powerful creature . It was determined to look for whoever that had so brazenly taken its Hell Stone .

 1“I can’t let him out no matter what!”

 Qin Feng knew that it was useless to run away now . Meanwhile, he managed to come up with the idea that might deal with it .

 Qin Feng turned on his communicator and sent out info that he’d gotten from his hovercar .

 “Reporting back Chengyang City’s space rift station . A space rift has spawned 300 kilometers northwest of the city . There is a massive amount of energy unleashing from it . An unknown creature is attempting to escape the rift . There’s a high chance that it is an S-tier creature . Please send assistance to seal the space rift!”

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 After the first space rift spawn on earth, humans began to work tirelessly to come up with a machine called a space stabilizing device . Usually, space rifts would disappear after some time . The space stabilizing device was used to speed up this closing process .

 Qin Feng hoped the calvary would get to him sooner than later, which was why he’d reported to Chengyang City instead of Chengbei Colony . However, they would need still some time to verify the situation . He was nervous, unsure if they would be able to close the rift in time . Presently, the creature was still attempting to enlarge the wormhole .




 Xiaobai jumped up and teleported 30 meters above the ground .

 “Xiaobai! What are you doing?!” shouted Qin Feng .