Master of the End Times - Chapter 364

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Chapter 364: Yan Fang’s Little Tricks

Chapter 364: Yan Fang’s Little Tricks

With their current situation, the aptitude users had unintentionally understood what it really meant by “finish each other off” .

These mutants were indeed powerful, but if they had completely lost their minds and attacked wildly, would that not be killing each other?

Qin Feng understood what these people had in mind and finally said, “Do as you please! If you want to follow me, then follow . ”

The group immediately rejoiced gleefully .

But soon, someone made a disapproving sound .

“Are you sure that it was a spatial blockade that you saw last night? Maybe the blockade has been removed now, I think it’s better that we go and check it out!” Hou Yangsheng said .

The edge of Qin Feng’s lips hooked into a smirk as he looked indifferently at Hou Yangsheng .

“I’ve said this earlier, those who want to follow me, do it . For those who don’t, do anything you please . ”

Qin Feng did not even need to make sure that he was right anymore, as Bai Li could report on the situation to him at any moment .

Hou Yangsheng was strong and he was from an ancient warrior family . Since he was used to being in charge, this time he had expressed his discontentment to Qin Feng’s plans, but Qin Feng simply did not care!

Qin Feng took a step forward, and the crowd immediately made way for him to approach the tusked hog mutant .

Qin Feng took a look at the hog, and the hog had completely lost its will to fight . Its bloodshot eyes had gradually returned to black and white .

If he continued to leave the hog like this, it would probably be dead before it could recover .

Qin Feng used his consciousness to lift the tusked hog’s body, then he proceeded to scan his surroundings with his consciousness and found an area with a flatter ground .

The others stared at each other before quickly followed behind Qin Feng .

The place Qin Feng had chosen was nothing more than the front square of a shopping mall, with a smooth ground that was shaded from the blazing sun .

Moreover, since it was far away from the central area, Hu Liang’s previous explosion had not destroyed this place, which was a relief .

Qin Feng placed the tusked hog mutant on the flat ground .

“Are there any water and light element-based ability users here? I need some help with healing this hog . ”

“Mr Qin, I’ll do it!”

“A little bandaging on this part will do!”

Two people quickly emerged from among the crowd to treat the humongous tusked hog’s wounds .

Qin Feng swept through the crowd and found that Yan Fang was actually following him .

Instead, Hou Yangsheng and the Tieh family went out of the city to see if there would be anything new .

Half an hour later, the tusked hog’s body suddenly twitched and its boar-like features began to disappear . Its huge body shrank into the size of a normal human being .

“Chubby Kong, it’s actually you!”

The crowd was shocked .

The water elemental ability user immediately came to his aid, and all of his injuries were all healed .

But Chubby Kong was still weak . After sustaining such serious injuries together with the internal injuries caused by the genetic mutation, there was no way he could recover without half a year’s time .

“It seems that Qin Feng was right, these mutants can indeed recover!”

“I just don’t know what might happen after that!”

“That’s not our concern for the moment, let’s save the mutants first, or else the entire Shadong Town will definitely be destroyed!”

Before this, Shadong Town relied on over two hundred D-tier aptitude users to protect the town . Not only was Hu Liang now dead, there were actually only twenty or more aptitude users left . With just one massive attack from the ultra beasts, the entire Shadong Town was flattened and destroyed!

“Bai Li, bring back the mutants, and remember to not kill them, just leave them half dead!” Qin Feng ordered .

“Alright! It’s dangerous outside, so I suggest you all wait here!”

After that, Bai Li left with her heels on!

The others were all surprised .

“Mr Qin, it’s not a good idea to let Ms Bai go by herself!”

“If you guys feel queasy about it, you can still catch up with her, but it’ll just be a waste of time!”

As he was saying that, a roar was heard coming from a distance . Apparently, a violent battle had taken place, and screams were heard all over the place .

In less than ten minutes, Bai Li had returned . Not only that, she used her consciousness to drag not only one, but three mutants back to the base .

The three mutants looked weird .

With Qin Feng’s previous approach, the crowd naturally understood what to do . With some careful treatment, not only would the mutants not die, they would not get hurt either .

Just at this time, Yan Fang had returned from the mall with two shopping carts .

“Well, I didn’t even have a good meal yesterday, and since it’s been a busy day today, let’s have a tiny feast!”

Yan Fang handed out some meat jerkies, some compressed rations, and a bottle of water to each person .

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“This is our only way to cope with hunger for the meantime during this special occasion,” said Yan Fang as he unscrewed a bottle of water . Then, he saw Qin Feng beside him, and he stammered before offering the bottle of water to Qin Feng .

“Mr Qin, have some water!”

Qin Feng batted an eye at Yan Fang, yet he did not take the bottle of water, leaving Yan Fang’s hand in mid-air . For a moment, the atmosphere was a bit awkward!

The people around seemed to have noticed the awkwardness in the air and had their eyes set on the two men .

They all stopped chewing their food and stared on .

“Heh, Mr Qin, are you not going to drink? I’ll leave it here for you!” Yan Fang withdrew his hand and screwed on the cap of the water battle .

The expression on Yan Fang’s face turned ugly, but the others did not suspect much . After all, whoever that was humiliated this way would not feel good either .

“Mr Yan, there’s no need to worry about me, you drink first!”

This time, Qin Feng picked up the water bottle and handed it to Yan Fang .

Only, Yan Fang did not take it . “No, I’ll go get one for myself!”

“There’s no need for that much trouble!”

“What’s the trouble with that?”

Looking at them, it was apparent that they were faking their politeness and were being sarcastic .

“Yan Fang, why don’t you drink the water first, and let me see what’s the matter?” Qin Feng snickered .

“What’s the matter? Mr Qin, what are you talking about?” Yan Fang chuckled uncomfortably .

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The expressions of the two men changed once again .

Qin Feng’s look became even colder .

On the other hand, Yan Fang’s expression was filled with panic mixed with guilt . Sweat broke out on his forehead .

“What am I talking about? Before this, you were the leader of the Freemen Alliance, and now you’re being courteous and polite? What’s more, the people present here are all D-tier aptitude users, all of whom are equipped with spatial rune equipment . How would they not have food and water prepared in their equipment? Are you trying to buy your way with them using these cheap food and water?”

As Qin Feng was speaking, those who ate the food given by Yan Fang were shocked .

Qin Feng was right, these beef jerkys and crackers might not be made of low-grade ingredients, but they were still different from what they would usually eat, more inferior even .

But now that Shadong Town was almost at the brink of complete destruction, they had entered the age of desperation and instead did not feel that there was anything wrong with the food .

But now, it seemed that there was a big problem .

It seemed that Yan Fang still had not given up yet and had something to say .

But Qin Feng was not going to let him waste his time .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Qin Feng raised his hand and a huge suction vortex was formed on his hand . Although Yan Fang was a D8-tier ancient warrior, he was still instantly pulled to Qin Feng’s side under his full power outburst .


Qin Feng landed a mighty punch on Yan Fang’s stomach .