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Chapter 37

Xiao Bai ignored Qin Feng and teleported once more .

 This time it appeared at 60 meters above the ground .

 It then teleported again!

 After three teleportation jumps, Xiao Bai was extremely close to the space rift .

 “Be careful!”

 Qin Feng’s heart skipped a beat .

 Xiao Bai then trampled on the skeletal claw . To the giant creature, Xiao Bai was just a puny creature, no more significant than an ant . With a swift move, Xiao Bai jumped mid-air, turned its tail to silver, and swiped on the creature’s hand with a ring on it!

 2Seconds later, the space rift was forced to be sealed away, and Qin Feng could hear an agonizing wail that faded gradually .


 Without its power source, the giant skeletal hand shattered into pieces and fell from the sky . Thankfully, Xiao Bai managed to teleport away in the nick of time .

 Finally, Qin Feng could let out a sigh of relief . All the pressure that he had on him earlier was now lifted . It was then that Qin Feng’s communicator vibrated .

 “Mr . Qin, thank you for your report . We have detected that the space rift is now gone . However, there is still danger around you . We will now launch a space rune to stabilize the area . We deeply thank you for your contributions to humanity . 10,000 yuan has been credited to your account as a reward!”

 After that, Qin Feng could see a silver ray penetrating the sky through a few cracks . There were tiny patches of holes even though Xiao Bai had closed off the space rift for the most part . The silver ray was like an eraser, wiping off the cracks . After a long while, the threat was finally neutralized .




 Xiao Bai then jumped on top of the hovercar with a broken hand in his mouth . It was the hand that had fallen from the sky when Xiao Bai forced the space rift to close .

 6“This is…”

 Miraculously, the hand was still in one piece even though it was cut off from the creature . Silver rays emitted from it as Qin Feng took a closer look .




 Xiao Bai continued to shout .

 “Are you asking me to devour it?” asked Qin Feng in surprise .

 Xiao Bai nodded its head enthusiastically .

 After signing the contract, both Qin Feng and Xiao Bai had a better understanding of each others’ abilities . Otherwise, Xiao Bai would not have brought the hand to him .


 Without wasting any time, Qin Feng triggered his special ability and started to absorb the energy inside the hand . Even since he was reborn to this world, his special absorbing ability had gradually become more and more powerful . Now, he was able to absorb something without life force with ease . The effect that came with it, however, was potent . He could feel the energy significantly strengthening his bones .

 Then, a cracking sound came out of his bones, and silver light blasted out of them . With his bones becoming stronger, Qin Feng’s speed and strength were also boosted at the same time . His entire body had received upgrades too .


 4“What a surprise of a reward!”

 Soon, his excitement and happiness turned to frustration . There were around 20,000 dark runes in his ability core . However, he would need a mighty consciousness to fully utilize all of them . Right now, his consciousness was still at G-tier, which meant he could only utilize 1,000 dark runes .

 He was frustrated by the fact that he could not fully utilize all 20,000 of them when he had them ready in his body .

 “Nevermind . Right now, I’m an ability user and an Ancient Warrior . I will try my best not to use my special ability all the time!”

 Qin Feng was stressed as he changed the way he thought . After that, he spent more time at the location to hunt more ultra beasts for himself . Though he had absorbed the entire Hell Stone, there were still dark runes scattered which had corrupted some ultra beasts nearby . These mutated creatures were far stronger than their ordinary counterparts .

To make matters worse, the virus would infect their prey once they were killed . To restore the balance, Qin Feng had decided that he would finish up his good deed, eliminating the plague-bearing monsters .

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 Within the thick foliage of the jungle, Qin Feng was going after a grey monkey . All its skin and fur had fallen off, and it looked like a decaying corpse . Seemingly, It bore resemblence to a long-tailed macaque . Usually, the species swung from branch to branch at high speed and could do whatever they wanted in the wilderness . After the primate was hit by the dark runes, its body started to rot . This, however, did not affect its speed at all .


 Qin Feng knew that he was never going to catch up to the speeding monkey . He had to figure out another way to kill it . In an attempt to slow it down, he launched a black ray at it . A hint of red light was embedded within the black ray . It was formed by runes chosen by Qin Feng that were from his ability core . Soon, the black ray caught up with the monkey .




 The black ray burned its soul, causing it to tumble from the tree . Rolling on the ground in immense pain, Hellfire soon engulfed half of its body . By that time, Qin Feng had caught up to it as well . Without thinking twice, he took out a dagger and beheaded the monkey with one swipe .

 “This is one tough opponent!”

 Qin Feng let out a sigh .

 All the parts on the long-tailed monkey were rendered useless after it was zombified . The only thing that he could salvage was its brain . An energy core grew on its head after its transformation, serving as the energy source of the undead creature .

 Usually, it was rare to find an energy core in a beast soldier . One had to hunt down a beast general to secure the slightest chance of acquiring an energy core . However, this one was less valuable and could only be sold for 10,000 . As of now, Qin Feng had 300 of it, enough to pay off the equipment that he had asked someone to craft earlier .

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 “I should go back now!”

 Qin Feng had stayed in the wilderness for a total of nine days . He was supposed to go and get his equipment in a day .




 Qin Feng’s communicator vibrated . His eyes grew wide open in surprise when he saw the person calling .

 It was Chen Ming!

 A long time had passed since Qin Feng talked to Chen Ming ever since they graduated . Perhaps he felt guilty or embarrassed that he left Qin Feng alone when the space rift appeared before them . That was why he never contacted Qin Feng, until now .

 “Qin Feng, we have a class reunion tomorrow . Remember to join us, alright?!”

 “Class reunion?”

 4That was new . In his past life, Qin Feng had never attended an event like this .