Master of the End Times - Chapter 372

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Chapter 372: Return to Niumeng City

Chapter 372: Return to Niumeng City

Yan Shuo’s self-destruction was devastating!

Even the Four Cities of the Northern Seas received news that an earthquake was happening .

The four cities then sent out their satellites to scan the area . They saw Shadong Town that had been leveled .

Before this, the D-tier who had escaped decrypted the jammed signals and established contact with the ability user alliance to report what had happened .

The event was catastrophic .

It was definitely one of the hardest blows the Dark Coalition had ever delivered .

The innocent people of Shadong Town had died from this assault . They had also lost half of their D-tier ability users . Even Hu Liang, the commander who was sent out by the Human Alliance, had perished!

“Qin Feng, you’re alright! That’s good news!”

Cheng Siang saw Qin Feng through the communicator . From Qin Feng’s surroundings, he immediately knew that he was in the Sky Dweller!

“Where are you guys?” asked Qin Feng .

“We are in Niumeng City, not sure if it’s safe here . Qin Feng, what happened just now? Why was there such a tremendous force, we could feel the aftershocks from here!”

“That C-tier blew himself up!” answered Qin Feng .

Chen Siang was stunned .

“And you didn’t get hurt at all?”

Qin Feng smiled . “Did you want me to get hurt?”

“Qin Feng, you know I didn’t mean that! I’m just very surprised!”

Even Niumeng City felt the impact of the C-tier’s self-destruction . The fact that Qin Feng could make it out without a scratch impressed Chen Siang .

Qin Feng did not continue to joke around with Chen Siang . His expressions became solemn .

“How’s the situation in Niumeng City? Are they sending anyone out for rescue? What actions are they taking!”

“Actions? You mean…”

“These people have been mutated, they’re probably no longer human . Their genes have been damaged and we don’t know if they could still train ancient martial arts or if their powers have been reduced . More importantly, what would the Human Alliance do to them!”

At this moment in time, anything could happen .

Chen Siang did not think that far ahead obviously . He contemplated the question seriously after Qin Feng’s round of questioning .

“I’ve heard that some of the D-tiers feel unsafe here and were thinking of leaving!” said Chen Siang . “Should we stop them?”

“Why should we stop them?”

“You’ve said it previously, some of these people could only make a living if they join the Dark Coalition . Doesn’t that mean these people are off to join the Dark Coalition?”

But Qin Feng replied,” Let them go . These are the concerns of the Human Alliance, not mine alone . Watch Yan Fang closely, he’s a key person!”

The fight had exposed too much of his powers . Even Bai Li had appeared in her beast emperor form . Qin Feng killed Yan Shuo and nine mutants to seal their lips .

Now that all the remaining traces had been shut down, they could only know the full picture through Yan Fang!

“I understand, the Human Alliance is looking at this matter very seriously . The governor may make his return!”

The Four Cities of the Northern Seas all belonged in the same district . There was a leader that oversees the four cities known as the governor .

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The governor who oversaw the Four Cities of the Northern Seas was merely a C-tier .

The governor’s role was not a cozy one since there were four ancient warrior families within the four cities of the Northern Seas . Each one of their family leaders were C-tiers .

Therefore, the governor was quite powerless .

“Hmm, we’ll see about that! Take a rest, Brother Chen, I’ll be arriving in Niumeng City soon!”

“Okay, I’m glad that you’re coming!”

The two of them broke off their communication . But Qin Feng’s communicator rang once again .

It was Han Nuan!

Qin Feng took the call .

Han Nuan was already in her hotel room . There was nobody around her, but she still lowered her voice .

“Sir, are they going to be taken away as test subjects?”

Han Nuan was most concerned about this .

The other D-tiers were more powerful and had more uses . Han Nuan was merely an E-tier, but she was developing well as a mutant . She had a higher research value than the rest of them .

Han Nuan was a little worried .

“Don’t worry!” Qin Feng said in a deep voice . He would always protect his subordinates . “Those mutants that have not developed well are more worried than you!”

After all, they would lose their mind once they’ve mutated . The Human Alliance was afraid that they might cause harm .

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“If you’re really afraid, you could leave Niumeng City and come to my colony!” Qin Feng offered . “I’ll supply all the resources you need to train at Fengli colony!”

Han Nuan was immediately tempted by his offer .

Although Fengli colony was located amongst the Three Cities along the Sun that was not as bountiful as the Four Cities of the Northern Seas, Qin Feng controlled the underground black market there . Naturally, she would not run out of resources there .

Furthermore, once she leaves for Fengli colony, she would no longer be a gun for hire . She would become one of Qin Feng’s house ministers!

Qin Feng recognized Han Nuan’s abilities .

“Very well Sir, I’ll leave for there right away!”

“Good, go now! Remember this number, give him a ring when you reach there!”

Qin Feng gave Han Nuan Xue Xingfu’s number .

After Han Nuan’s departure, Qin Feng left for Niumeng City .

There was a fixed helipad in Niumeng City . There were eight rickety hover copters there; they must belong to Chen Siang and his friends .

But before that, there was already a D-tier aptitude user waiting there .

When Qin Feng and Bai Li stepped down from the hover copter, the D-tier went to greet them . It was someone they knew .

The Lord of Niumeng City, Meng Lin!

“Finally you’re here, Qin Feng!”

Qin Feng was rather surprised to see Meng Lin here . “Lord Meng, I didn’t know you would have the time to come find me . ”

Still, the thought of hundreds of D-tiers flocking to Fengli colony did not sit well with Qin Feng!

“Qin Feng, at times like this, stop teasing me!” replied Meng Lin . He waved his hand and signaled for Qin Feng and Bai Li to get into the car . “I know you have been battling for two days . Lady Bai as well, please, get in the car . We could talk while we send you to the hotel where you can rest . ”


Qin Feng led Bai Li to the car . It was a luxurious vehicle with an elongated wheelbase . There was enough space for a small lounge .

Meng Lin was troubled .

“Qin Feng, you sure gave me some trouble . ”

Qin Feng raised his eyebrows . “What trouble did I give, it’s the Dark Coalition that has given you the troubles! I am the one who solved your troubles, or you won’t see anyone left today!”

Meng Lin felt hopeless . Perhaps he was not ready to face the facts yet .

“Shadong Town destroyed, just like this? What’s left for us to do?”

Shadong Town was at the forefront of the desert’s boundary . It was the gate that prevented ultra beasts from entering the Four Cities of the Northern Seas .

Now, everything was uncertain .

“You’re the Lord of the city, stop saying things like these!” Qin Feng admonished him .

Meng Lin shrugged . “If I had your powers, I wouldn’t say those things either . You were able to take down Xue Jinkuang and the C-tier guy from the Dark Coalition . Your power is almost monstrous, no wonder you could tame the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor last time!”

Meng Lin was bitter last time . Now, he could only be impressed by Qin Feng’s achievements!