Master of the End Times - Chapter 377

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Chapter 377

Chapter 377: Purchasing Tear Flower

The Neil Forest was not the same as the North Sea Desert, therefore, Qin Feng was reluctant to activate his Sky Dweller, and the vulture that had attacked him earlier had the capability of a C-tier!

Qin Feng could only take on the journey by foot, fortunately, he was travelling swiftly, and with his full speed, it would only take him slightly more than an hour to arrive at his destination .

“Whoa whoa whoa!”

Swoosh swoosh!

Cool breeze swept over the forest, and it was unknown whether it was the noise of leaves brushing against each other, or there were wild beasts that were moving around .

A small team of aptitude users that was settling down was alerted and immediately turned around .

“Hey, did you see the human shadow that just passed by?”

“Are you daydreaming? Stupid, there was nothing!”

“Stop daydreaming and finish up your food, the battle will take place soon!”

The entire group of people did not know that there was indeed a shadow that had passed through, and it was Qin Feng’s shadow .

It was already near the edge of the Neil Forest, teams that roamed around had even been downgraded from E-tier to F-tier teams, and they were all extremely weak .

In other words, it was getting closer to Dawn Town!

Soon, Qin Feng saw a highway before him .

Obviously, it was a man-made highway, and it was located within a secured area .

Qin Feng raised his hand and released a ray of silver coloured light; his hover tank was activated and he started travelling along the highway .

However, after only five minutes of travelling, Qin Feng could see features of a small town appearing before him .

Unlike the small towns of other places that Qin Feng had been to, the small town was indeed beautiful!

It was like an imaginary land of joy and plenty, the outer part of the town was circled and protected by a stream of river, and surprisingly, the surrounding walls were all built with logs that were all densely covered with vines . Furthermore, there was also a skyscraper tree that stood up high at the centre of the town .

The giant tree was about fifty meters in height, it was like the crown had penetrated into the clouds, there were also small houses that were built above the branches of the tree, and all of the houses were occupied .

Also, the giant tree was releasing the aura of a C-tier mutated plant .

However, Qin Feng knew that the giant tree was the mayor of Dawn Town, a conversion from a C-tier ability user .

It could be considered as the contract beast of the mayor!

Qin Feng drove his car into town, everyone was surprised by the luxurious looking car and its brand, and some even whistled .

Everyone around was tall and had a well-built physique, they had blonde hair, bright blue pupils and dark skin tone .

They were from a totally different race .

Qin Feng scouted around from his car and immediately found his target .

Mutated plant sellers were commonly seen at Dawn Town, similarly, spirit herb sellers were also commonly seen at the Three Cities along the Sun or the North Sea!

Qin Feng stopped his car and took a glance at the plants that were displayed behind a bullet proof window, only then, he went ahead and entered the shop .

Bells jingled, and a middle-aged person in the shop was looking at Qin Feng .

“Welcome, oh, surprisingly, an easterner, anything for you? You seem to be an underaged kid . ”

The tone of the shopkeeper was slightly irreverent .

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“I am looking for the tear flower!”

Qin Feng did not speak with his own voice; however, he released his conscious energy to convey his thoughts .

It was a common behaviour that could also be used by ultra beasts .

Being an A-tier king of mercenary before his rebirth, Qin Feng had been all around the world and he knew exactly how to converse by using the western language .

Although he did not have an ability core at that time, his powerful conscious energy was strong enough to allow him to master a language within a short period of time .

However, he had now purposely chosen to use his conscious energy to display his intimidating strength!

Indeed, such a suppressing conscious energy had shocked the shopkeeper and caught him off guard .

“Alright, good looking young man, tear flower, is that what you are looking for? How many millimetres will you need? How about an extra crystal perfume bottle for free?”

Qin Feng smiled and pointed toward the tear flower that was placed at the bay window . “I’ll take this, one for 50 power credits!”

The shopkeeper was shocked and asked cautiously to make sure, “You mean, all of it?”

There were more than twenty tear flower plants that were displayed at the bay window .

Actually, the shopkeeper did not own them all, there were some that were being consigned for sale by others . After all, tear flowers would only be valuable when they were alive; however, they would be easily stolen by thieves if they were to be placed in homes!

Nobody could afford to hire designated guards to protect them .

If tear flowers were sold all at once, the shopkeeper would definitely earn an enormous amount of profit .

Qin Feng remained silent and turned his hand around, a pocket appeared on his palm and dropped onto the counter .

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The shopkeeper immediately took it up, and it was filled with sparkling and translucent solidified energy cubes that were in cubic centimetres .

They were all power credits .

If the credits were to be converted into Qin Feng’s monetary term, it would have the conversion rate of one to ten thousand .

There were several reasons that had caused the westerners to prefer trading with power credits such as low population, geographical environment restrictions that had made cross-barrier movements extremely difficult, communication barrier, unsecured monetary value on the communicator, and also, Dawn Town itself was already a highly-ranked town!

The shopkeeper counted the power credits and it was exactly the amount needed to purchase all of the tear flowers that were on the bay window .

He winked and said, “The amount is insufficient; these tear flowers can only be sold at 55 power credits each!”

It was indeed a premium price charged onto products that were highly sought after!

Qin Feng let out a cold sneer and instantly activated his massive amount of conscious energy to showcase his power .

The conscious energy of a beast emperor instantly exploded .

“Do you believe that I can just take your life right here and it would be as easy as the twist of a hand?”

The shopkeeper was shocked and his face turned pale-white, he fell back to his seat as he was terrified and wet himself .

Despite being a shopkeeper, he still had the capability of an F-tier, however, he was being cocky just because he had a patron that could support him!

Unfortunately, he had messed with the wrong person!

Obviously, Qin Feng was not the right target for him to bully .

“Where are my items?” Qin Feng asked .

“Yes, oh God, customers will always be God, please hold on!”

The middle-aged person was scared witless and immediately took out the tear flowers from the bullet proof glass and handed them over to Qin Feng .

Qin Feng raised his hand, and all of the tear flowers were immediately transferred into the Battlegod Tomb .

There were twenty pots of them in a single purchase, and it had only cost ten million, however, Qin Feng was after more than twenty .

If possible, Qin Feng would want to have two hundred thousand of them, and it would only cost him a hundred billion!

Before coming here, Qin Feng had already converted his funds into power credits worth a hundred billion .

However, it was still unknown whether he could source for such a huge amount of supply .

Qin Feng walked out from the spirit herb shop and moved on to the next shop with his car .

However, as soon as he left, the shopkeeper that was scared witless immediately made a call on his communicator .

“Boss, I have identified a wealthy prey that you might be interested in!” The middle-aged person smiled and let out a vicious expression .

Qin Feng spent a day traveling around the entire Dawn Town, and he had only managed to find a thousand pots of tear flowers, however, he was informed about a useful tip .

Since a long time ago, the special product of tear flowers had been scaled up to mass production, and the production was located in the northern area of Dawn Town .

Most probably, it would have been incorporated with the local plantation to prevent attacks from the ultra beasts .