Master of the End Times - Chapter 381

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Chapter 381

Chapter 381: Challenging the Drake

An attack like that against the Pyric Drake was too weak!

It was a king level beast, and considering that it had the draconic classification meant that this beast was many leagues above other similar level beast kings .

However, the Behemoth Beam Cannon attacks managed to enrage it!

Its throat swelled up, heat began to emanate from its belly as the Pyric Drake began to open its mouth .

It was a no-brainer what the dragon was going to do .

“Dragon Breath!”


A massive wave of fire and lava was sprayed out, blanketing the sky .

Dawn Town’s shield flared with a painfully bright light, turning on its most powerful defensive setting in order to defend from this attack .

But it was not enough!

This kind of attack was just too powerful!

In the matter of seconds, the attack broke through the shield!

Then, it rained fire .

The saying, ‘Disasters come from the sky’, seemed too perfect for this scenario!

Fire came down like a rainstorm had just hit, covering all of Dawn Town .

At this moment, a green light wrapped itself around the towering trees of Dawn Town . This light was similar to the shield that was supposed to defend the town .

However, that was the only place that was shielded . A small place compared to the other places in town which had been engulfed in flames .


The people let out terrified screams .

The flames had burned away roofs and whatever else that was flammable . All of Dawn Town was burning .

Qin Feng had not expected something like this to happen and was stunned for a moment!

Based on all of his years of experience, he knew that the appearance of such a powerful king-level beast would mean the complete destruction of Dawn Town .

Maybe it would leave some places still standing, like the places that the trees were at .

It was the only safe place .

The drake’s rage obviously had not subsided . Its wingbeats only fanned the flames, and it was heading right toward the town’s city wall .

That was where the beams came from . It remembered!

“Quick! Ready a counterattack!”

“Idiot! The planting area is over there!”

“Instead of fighting in town, prepare a squad of expendables and lure the dragon away!”

Kaelin roared out loud .

The D-tier aptitude users had originally been feasting and partying with him earlier, who would have expected such a disaster to occur .

Dawn Town had not experienced such a terrible attack for many years!

The fluid of the tear flowers was very strong, no matter how strong the ultra beast was it would drive them away without fail .

Qin Feng just so happened to catch these people talking . When he heard the words ‘planting area’, he scowled .

“Damn it!”

He originally came to buy tear flowers . Now, he wanted to know how powerful this Pyric Drake was, and he also knew that if it were to destroy everything, his plans would be ruined!

With that in mind, Qin Feng jumped out of the window!

His hotel was at the outskirts of town, not in the center, and surrounded by giant mutant trees .

When the fire happened, people collectively fled toward the woods to seek shelter there .


Qin Feng’s consciousness was mobilized and the surrounding flames gathered toward where he was .

The flames were immediately sucked into him, leaving behind the blackened and charred remains of what it had been burning . There were not even embers left .

These flames were made out of fire runes, even if these were not his own runes, the control he had over his consciousness allowed him to make these runes his own .

“Fiery Rampage!”

Qin Feng moved quickly, jumping from building to building as flames trailed behind him . Almost as if forming into a serpentine dragon .

He soon reached the edge of the city wall .

There already was a squad of expendables trying to grab the drake’s attention .


The Drake’s massive body collided with the town wall and immediately crushed an energy cannon . With just one claw swipe, it pretty much cleaved the wall in half .

A huge body gave it the ultimate advantage!

At this time, Qin Feng had finally arrived!

The Verdant Emperor Saber appeared in his hands!

He hopped a few steps up and fell toward the Pyric Drake’s back .


He swung his blade with all of his might . The momentum of his swing, combined with the weight of his body, allowed him to rip through a ten meter long gash on the Pyric Drake’s back .

The Pyric Drake reared back, feeling a great pain .

The Verdant Emperor Saber had just cut through the Pyric Drake’s skin and pierced its flesh . How could that have not hurt?

A huge tail swung out toward Qin Feng .

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“Fiery Rampage!”

Qin Feng blasted himself out from the trajectory of the tail .

In a flash, he had already reappeared in front of the Pyric Drake .

The drake felt that its dignity had just been challenged . How could such a weak looking creature, something no bigger than its smallest claw have done so much damage to it? The very thought infuriated it to no end .


The Pyric Drake opened its massive maw, and spat out a five meter wide fireball toward Qin Feng .


Qin Feng did not try to dodge, and a bright light erupted from the Verdant Emperor Saber .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

A ten meter long fiery blade extended from the sword tip, instantly splitting the fireball in half .


The fireball was originally structured by runes, but once the runes had been separated, it immediately exploded!

Qin Feng leapt out of the flames and aimed his attack at the Pyric Drake’s snout .

“Burning Sky!”

A terrifying light exploded from Qin Feng’s hand .

This burning light directly connected with the Pyric Drake .


The Pyric Drake let out a pained whine, pulling away in a retreat as if it was trying to get away from this light!

At this moment, Kaelin and the others who had arrived could not believe their eyes .

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“Jesus H . Christ!”

“I can’t believe my eyes right now!”

“Is… is he taking on a beast king alone?”

Everyone was stunned!

The Pyric Drake had been attacked, it was pulling away and taking flight .

The sky was their domain .

However, Qin Feng also had dominion in the air .

“Fiery Peacock Wings!”

As blue flames erupted from his body, he also soared into the sky .

These flames were so dazzling that the Pyric Drake could not help but look at Qin Feng, staring at him with hatred that bored into his bones .

The drake was about to use its breath attack again .

“Shut your mouth!”

He moved extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye he had reached the Pyric Drake’s mouth .

“Overcast Dragon Technique!”

His body began to make violent cracking sounds .

“Dragon Slam!”

The internal force turned into a golden light, forming into a huge dragon claw and forcibly slammed into the Pyric Drake’s mouth .

This caused the Drake to misfire!

Since Qin Feng was so close to the Pyric Drake, the drake felt that it was simply a golden opportunity!