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Master of the End Times - Chapter 385

Published at 27th of October 2020 02:40:11 AM

Chapter 385

Chapter 385: Massacre

Many aptitude users were charging toward Qin Feng .

However, Qin Feng’s facial expression did not change as he continued to gather his conscious energy .

The Snake Wood’s roots only extended to a region of a hundred meters . However, there were easily over a hundred seeds in this region .

Through Qin Feng’s manipulation of conscious energy, each seed hovered in the air and quickly gathered in front of Qin Feng . Soon after, all seeds disappeared .

Meanwhile, the ability users nearby had surrounded Qin Feng .

Qin Feng looked calmly at these people

Snake Wood’s discovery was not exactly a secret . After all, although the Neil Forest was a very large region, it had been explored over the years and the only object which had not changed was this one .

Moreover, Qin Feng did not exactly end the battle hastily . Since the Snake Wood was very powerful, and Qin Feng did not get very close to it, the duration of battle was longer than usual .

It was long enough that other people were able to make it there in time .

The first group of people, which consisted of ten people, had arrived by noon .

Later, more and more people arrived . By now, there were at least fifty D-tier aptitude users .

Indeed, it was a large number .

Moreover, most of these D-tier aptitude users came in groups .

Based on Qin Feng’s conscious energy, it was impossible for him not to have discovered their presence . This was despite the fact these people believed that they had kept themselves hidden and even hidden their conscious energy signal .

The fifty people who suddenly appeared were shocked by each other’s presence as they began to examine the other groups .

Clearly, these people from Dawn Town and Neil Forest knew each other .

“Black Bear, I can’t believe you guys are here too!” Someone exclaimed .

“Ah, Baroq . You are like a dog who won’t stop following us!” Another person shouted .

“This yellow monkey belongs to me . Whoever fights me for him will die here!” Someone added .

However, right then, some of the people who wanted to fight for the Snake Wood’s seeds gradually backed away .

“Damn it, why are we so unlucky? These are people from the Dark Coalition, including the Black Bear’s mercenary group, the Death Scythe Group, and the Necromancers!” Someone said .

“Let’s leave,” someone said .

These people came in groups of two or three and were much weaker compared to the three other strong forces .

In fact, they also belonged to the Human Alliance . They were only here to get additional benefits with no intentions of killing Qin Feng .

Right then, Qin Feng appeared very calm .

The three groups of people were staring each other down and clearly already treated Qin Feng as a sitting duck .

Qin Feng began smiling coldly as he released a killing intention .

“I’ll give you three seconds . If you don’t back away, you’ll bear the consequences!” Qin Feng’s voice was loud and clear with the use of his internal force .

“Three!” Qin Feng said .

The three groups of people were all stunned as they turned to look at Qin Feng .

“Two!” Qin Feng said again .

By then, all three groups of people from the Dark Coalition had become angry .

“Kill him!”

Before Qin Feng could speak, the battle had already begun .

After Qin Feng had stayed in a battle for an entire day, the others believed that Qin Feng’s conscious energy would have been close to depletion .

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Besides, having strong ability powers did not mean having great strength . Even if he could have both these qualities, they did not believe they were incapable of taking Qin Feng down .

As such, these people eagerly began attacking Qin Feng once the command was issued .

The first person to kill Qin Feng would be able to claim his corpse and spatial rune equipment!

It was normal for people to fight over such earthly possessions for the sake of survival!

A physical user immediately inflated his body and leapt into the air like a moving tank as he charged toward Qin Feng .

However, Qin Feng’s facial expression did not change .

It was as if fighting for an entire night had not bothered Qin Feng at all . The amount of conscious energy Qin Feng received from the dead plant was enough to replenish his energy fully for the entire day he spent in battle .

As for not having rested for thirty hours, one should note that Qin Feng was not a normal ability user . He had an ancient warrior’s body which was far more resilient than normal physical users .

Without hesitation, Qin Feng drew out his Verdant Emperor Saber .


Qin Feng struck his opponents with his Verdant Emperor Saber .

A blade of flame expanding over ten meters tore these groups of people apart .


The first person to charge toward Qin Feng was instantly cut into half .

The people behind him were sent flying .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng dived into the groups of people and began killing them with all his might .

“Vine of Thorns!”

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A Wood ability user suddenly summoned his wood runes to attack Qin Feng .

“Are you dumb? Have you forgotten that I am a Fire ability user? How dare you?” Qin Feng snorted sarcastically . However, he did not stop attacking .

“Get lost!”

A flaming halo appeared around Qin Feng’s body which instantly burned the green vines away . After turning into soft-glowing green light, the vines were engulfed by Qin Feng’s fire runes .

Not only was Qin Feng agile in his movement, he was also very daring .


The Verdant Emperor Saber instantly cut one of the men’s heads off .

“Phantom Motion Steps!”

At that moment, Qin Feng turned into a shadow along with his Verdant Emperor Saber . Strips of blue ribbons appeared . Anyone touched by these ribbons were instantly torn apart .

Qin Feng was too powerful!

In the blink of an eye, eight corpses lay dead on the ground .

The wounds on these corpses had turned black . However, very soon, blood began spurting out from the wounds .

The dried ground turned moist once again after the blood had seeped in .

Everybody was in a state of fear .

Now, they began to hesitate when attacking Qin Feng . Clearly, they were pondering if they wanted to continue fighting against this demon .

However, Qin Feng did not wait for them to retreat as he began to attack them ferociously .

“Hell Magma!”

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Suddenly, the entire land within a hundred-meter radius had turned into magma .


“It’s a magma skill . This is magma . Run!”

“I don’t want to die!”

With such a large area of effect, the physical users had no choice but to run away . Although some of their shoes began to melt away quickly, others activated their runes to protect their feet .

However, Qin Feng was not going to let them escape just because they wanted to .

In the next moment, Qin Feng took out his decomposing blaster . This was a high-grade decomposing blaster he had acquired some time ago .

“Zap, zap, zap!”

Beams of light were fired at the escaping aptitude users . They were all brought to the ground .

“Fiery Rampage!”

Suddenly, Qin Feng travelled across the hundred-meter distance at the speed of lightning .

He continued to kill these people with the Verdant Emperor Saber in his hands .

Although over thirty of them were all terrifyingly powerful D-tier aptitude users, none of them could fight against Qin Feng .

Qin Feng had an absolute advantage in terms of speed, strength, and abilities .

Within half an hour, all of these D-tier ability users had been killed by Qin Feng!


Qin Feng activated his conscious energy to collect their spatial rune equipment . Gradually, the Hell Magma was also reabsorbed . The land which remained had turned dark from being roasted .

Thereafter, Qin Feng slashed the Snake Wood with his Verdant Emperor Saber .