Master of the End Times - Chapter 389

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Chapter 389: The Establishment of Mercenary

Chapter 389: The Establishment of Mercenary

“The Human Alliance has issued the order to disengage the danger alert of Shadong Town . Your duty here has been relieved . You will also no longer enjoy special treatment from this point onward!”

Qin Feng spoke sternly and glared at those under him .

The D-tier aptitude users inside the room were prepared for it but still could not help but buzz .

“General, there are still a lot of beast herds yet to be cleansed around the desert . To lift the alert after only a month is too rash!”

“That’s right . If we leave just like that, what will happen to Shadong Town, or even the four main cities if those bastards out there suddenly trigger a monster wave?”

“How about us? Are we allowed to leave?” One of the aptitude users that his body altered by the Z Organization suddenly spoke up . His question brought the hall into pin-drop silence .

Among these D-tiers, only twenty of them had not been injected with the genetic drug, while there were also ten normal aptitude users deployed by Gao Yukang .

The remaining more than sixty aptitude users were all mutants . Gao Yukang intended to absorb them into his troop when he asked Qin Feng to help him out at Longchuan .

On the other hand, the Human Alliance still had their reserve regarding these mutants . On paper, the alliances had employed medics to observe their development while helping them to recover from the induced mutation . Though they had not exhibited any adverse change during this period, their existence was still a problem the alliance wished to be rid of .

Qin Feng explained, “I am more than pleased if anyone of you is willing to stay put and fight for Shadong Town . I will also distribute shares of Shadong Town to those who stay accordingly . Besides, I will also be going to Longchuan soon . So, anyone who wishes to take another step further can go with me . ”

Everyone was stunned by what Qin Feng had just declared .

One person from the crowd hesitated and asked, “General, do you mean we will be collaborating with you, or…?”

Before he could finish his sentence, Qin Feng knew what he was trying to ask .

“I will be constructing a mercenary troop for the time being, which I wish to develop into an organization in the future . I will be the sole leader of this mercenary . Anyone who wishes to join can tell me directly now . Those who want to stay in Shadong Town will also be automatically enlisted under the mercenary . I will be the one paying your salary . ”

As such, the others confirmed Qin Feng’s intention . He did not mean to work with them as equals but Qin Feng was recruiting them as his underlings .

That did not usually happen between people from the same tier .

In the past, Yan Fang which was at D8-tier had also created the Freemen Alliance to recruit subordinates . In the end, he only managed to persuade five people to follow him .

At present, other than the ten subordinates under Gao Yukang, how many from the ninety would be willing to work under Qin Feng?

The key point here was that Qin Feng was only a D4-tier user .

They would rather choose Gao Yukang, a C-tier governor, over Qin Feng .

But at the same time, they also understood that joining Qin Feng now was not the same as joining him after he had become established . They would be more appreciated if they fight alongside Qin Feng from the very beginning .

Xue Xingfu, who was in charge of Shadong Town’s finance, was the best example . They learned that Xue Xingfu started off as an F-tier troop leader . Now, not only had he become stronger but he was also given substantial power by Qin Feng .

“General, I am willing to join your mercenary!” Surprisingly, Gao Li, who questioned Qin Feng earlier, was the first to express his loyalty .

“General, me too!” Chen Xiang stood up and did the same .

These two were considered close to Qin Feng .

The aptitude users around them regretted not being the first to speak up and joined in succession . In the end, thirty attendees took Qin Feng’s offer in the meeting .

Qin Feng was only a D4 tier and not even the highest rank in the room .

However, his capability and leadership were undeniable .

Perhaps, he had a brighter future than Gao Yukang since he was only a seventeen-year-old teenager . His growth potential was seemingly infinite .

“Alright, I will confirm the count later . Meeting adjourned . ” This was probably the last official D-tier meeting in Shadong Town .

After this, most aptitude users in Shadong Town would be relocated . Even those from Wanzhong would most probably withdraw from the town .

However, the second underground market was already brewing in Shadong Town .

After the meeting, Qin Feng headed to the aptitude certification hall .

Every staff in the hall recognized Qin Feng but they did not expect him to be there . Was he here to spot check them?

“General Qin!”

“General Qin is here!”

“Good morning General!”

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The staff saluted Qin Feng .

“Get back to your position . I am here to form a mercenary troop,” Qin Feng directed the latter words to one of the staff .

The person was first stunned, then excited by the news .

‘Qin Feng is going to form his own mercenary here!’ She believed this troop was going to make a name for itself real soon under Qin Feng’s guidance .

She wondered what might be the prerequisite set by Qin Feng to join the mercenary .

“General, what name should the troop be registered under?”

“Fengli Mercenary Troop!”

“Okay, that name is still available . I will process your application now!”

A few minutes later, Qin Feng’s mercenary was officially registered into the Human Alliance database . It was common for these parties to mushroom every year, but the number of mercenaries being disbanded every year was equally high too . However, Fengli Mercenary was destined to be a powerful troop . This was because the group already had forty D-tier aptitude users at the time of registration . This was almost on par with an organization comprising a C-tier and ten D-tier aptitude users .

Hypothetically, it was entirely doable if Qin Feng wished to upgrade his troop into an organization now .

But Qin Feng did not do so . An organization needed physical assets . Qin Feng’s assets would be food supply, which was yet to be established .

Food was probably the most expensive commodity in this apocalyptic world .

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Other than the D-tier aptitude users from Shadong, Xue Xingfu, Han Nuan, Zhou Hao, as well as the entire management team of Fengli colony were also included in the registration list . The current number of members in the troop was around sixty persons .

Among them, there was a huge portion that had undergone mutation . Though they had rehabilitated considerably, they realized they were no longer the same man after one month .

Suddenly, they had lost the ability to evolve .

They could still generate and store inner power but their physique could no longer develop . Because their body had been utterly deranged by the mutation .

These people panicked when they learned that Shadong was going to be shut off from them, but Qin Feng emerged as their ultimate savior .

Even if they could no longer break through their current height, their future would not be too bad if their chief was Qin Feng .

That was the reason Qin Feng’s mercenary managed to assemble these many D-tier aptitude users the first day it was established .

This was the best-case scenario Yan Fang was dreaming of back then .

Unfortunately, this had materialized in the hands of another person . Qin Feng got the last laugh eventually .

After he was done with the mercenary application, Qin Feng packed his things and was ready to move to Longchuan .