Master of the End Times - Chapter 390

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Chapter 390: Cooperation With Gao Yukang

Chapter 390: Cooperation With Gao Yukang

The Long Chuan battlefield was a completely different environment from the North Sea Desert, and under strict scrutiny, it was almost the same as Neil Forest .

It was a high-risk area that was connected with countless numbers of mountains around, and the establishment of colonies around had forced an extra layer of protection to be formed . However, only small-sized villages were formed instead of towns .

Perhaps, it should be recognized as strongholds, and there were already nine of them that had surrounded the Long Chuan battlefield .

Qin Feng had brought along more than forty D-tiers with him, separated into two combat aircrafts, and they had arrived at the massive and bustling city, the Long Chuan City!

In terms of its geographical location, the Long Chuan City was located at the west of the Four Cities of the North Sea, where the Long Chuan battlefield was also located, and all three locations were on the same longitude .

Among the crowd that had arrived, there were also others that were not part of the Fengli Mercenary .

Lu Wanbao!

Due to the transformation of Shadong Town, Lu Wanbao was deeply worried that the town might not be prosperous again, and the underground market might also dominate the businesses, therefore, he made a decision to return to Long Chuan .

Under the influential presence of Wan Zong, Lu Wanbao had taken complete charge of it and began to help make arrangements for Qin Feng .

The combat aircrafts did not enter the city and descended onto a landing pad outside of Long Chuan City, Qin Feng kept his Sky Dweller, while another escort combat aircraft sent by the Zhongcheng Organization immediately returned .

“Manager Lu, welcome to Long Chuan!”

An E-tier aptitude user noticed that Lu Wanbao was coming down from the aircraft and instantly welcomed him!

Lu Wanbao nodded and asked, “Is the motorcade ready? Let’s all get in!”

The E-tier aptitude user remained smiling, while he wondered to himself, why would there be so many D-tiers?

However, Long Chuan had never lacked powerful figures, and it was even frequently visited by C-tiers, hence, it would not be shocking if minds were kept open, combined with a broadened view .

“Mr Qin, I am open to any opportunities in the future, please remember to count me in!”

“Manager Lu, you are being too humble, when the moment comes, I might still need you to access other great things!”

“Hahaha, you are always welcome, anything will do!”

Both of them shared and enjoyed a conversation on the vehicle .

As they had travelled on the hover copter for quite some time, Lu Wanbao had arranged for Qin Feng’s stay at a high-end hotel . It was impossible to have such a glorious and grand architecture in the previous city!

The others had settled down to rest, however, Qin Feng still had to take care of something else .

Qin Feng was contacting Gao Yukang on his communicator .

“Mayor Gao, I have arrived at Long Chuan!”

Gao Yukang seemed to be delighted and replied, “Let’s meet up, we will have to talk about our cooperation!”


Qin Feng had partnered up with Gao Yukang, and it was unlike his previous plan to recruit Chen Xiang and the others under him .

Qin Feng brought Bai Li along and went out to meet with Gao Yukang .

Gao Yukang had specially arranged the meet up at The First Peak, a top-tier restaurant in Long Chuan City, it had eighty eight floors in total and was the tallest building in the city .

Though they were at the sixty-sixth floor, it was still a perfect place to capture the entire Long Chuan city view, hills were connected into a far distance, while countless numbers of plants surrounded the entire Long Chuan mountain range .

That location was overly crowded with fierce ultra beasts!

Any first-timer here would have been amazed by the experience of dining at such a high-rise building, while accompanied by its surroundings and ambience .

Excessively extravagant!

The place was often visited by Gao Yukang, a C-tier that was ranked above average within the Long Chuan City .

There were not more than five B-tier aptitude users in the entire Long Chuan City, and they were all top-tier generals, while the duke was an A-tier that was rarely seen and did not contribute much, and would only return by using the spatial waymark if there was any uncertainty on the battlefield situation .

Hence, influences within Long Chuan were rather complicated .

“Premium D-tier beast king frog meat, I had someone specially reserve this for you!”

“I shall begin to enjoy my meal!” Bai Li was having a good time enjoying the delicious meal .

Qin Feng smiled, and was less interested in his meal .

Gao Yukang waved his hand and ordered the waiter to serve red wine .

“Try it!”

Qin Feng lifted up his wine glass in an elegant and casual manner and clinked his glass with Gao Yukang’s .

“You do know how to enjoy yourself!” Gao Yukang spoke .

He did not have much interaction with Qin Feng from their previous meetings, however, he had noticed that Qin Feng did not behave like any other ordinary 17 year old .

And it had become even more obvious!

“Ignorance should never be displayed, also, in the entire world, who would have higher ranks than ability users? It will only be… ability users who are more powerful than the others!”

Hence, it was possible to have such self-confidence .

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“Ha!” Gao Yukang was delighted by Qin Feng .

“Let’s talk about our cooperation!” Qin Feng made his intentions clear .

Gao Yukang nodded and agreed, “Although I do not own an organization, however, to remain on par with large-sized organizations, I do have a troop of mercenaries with more than twenty D-tier aptitude users, and they have already identified their target!”

Gao Yukang accessed his communicator and sent across the relevant information to Qin Feng .

Qin Feng looked at the recordings of a gigantic lake, and a giant python that was a hundred meters in length slowly surfacing on the lake .

It might also be a dragon .

“What’s its tier?”

It looked powerful and extremely horrifying from the recordings, however, Qin Feng was unable to have the actual sense of it .

However, Qin Feng assumed that it would not be a low-tier creature .

“D-tier beast emperor!”

Qin Feng nodded, and it was close to his own assumption .

“A mayor should be able to handle such creatures!” Qin Feng answered .

Gao Yukang nodded and replied, “However, I do not want to follow the footsteps of Cheng Dacheng!”

Then, Gao Yukang remembered something and explained further, “Have you heard about Cheng Dacheng? The one who built the Dacheng Organization, and almost lost his life when he killed a beast emperor, I still remember that it was you who bought the beast emperor core!”

Qin Feng knew what Gao Yukang meant .

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“You want me to prevent the others from stealing it? Qin Feng asked .

“I heard that you killed Xue Jinkuang, and I do think that you have such capability!”

Qin Feng nodded . “No problem!”

Gao Yukang continued, “Once it is done, I will share one third of the reward with you!”

“That is a little too much!” Qin Feng replied .

“You are also welcomed to lend your helping hand!”

Qin Feng laughed, “Well, nice to work with you!”

With Qin Feng’s current capabilities, I was still unknown whether he could take down a D-tier beast emperor, and Qin Feng had a slight disadvantage of being a human being .

Moreover, such a dragon would have all sorts of precious items, there would be a beast emperor ability core that might be worth up to 300 billion, and with the other materials, it would at least be worth about 500 billion .

If one third of those were to be allocated to Qin Feng, he would have 150 billion for himself .

Indeed, it was quite a huge sum for a D-tier aptitude user .

It seemed that Gao Yukang had positive expectations toward Qin Feng .

“A toast to our partnership!”

Gao Yukang replied and raised his glass, and both of them clinked their glasses again .

The gentlemen had arrived at an agreement!

It was a pleasant dining experience and Qin Feng was happy to have such close ties with Gao Yukang, an arrogant person that had also retained his straightforward and upright behavior . During ancient times, he would have been well-recognized with his heroic and chivalrous character!