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Master of the End Times - Chapter 391

Published at 29th of October 2020 02:45:05 PM

Chapter 391: 391

Chapter 391: Lei Ying

However, it was obvious that someone else was against the continuation of their plans!

“Yo, Mayor Gao!” A man greeted in a peculiar manner .

Qin Feng was alerted .

An unusual looking person came up, he had an aquiline nose, triangular-shaped upturned eyes, and an extremely fierce look; however, he had a well-built physique, an aptitude user badge was on his chest, and C5 was printed on it!

A C5-tier aptitude user!

Furthermore, he had a lightning logo displayed on his outfit .

Undoubtedly, it was a logo that was unfavored by Qin Feng .

The only reason behind it was because he was a member from the Leitang Organization .

There was only one C-tier aptitude user in the Leitang Organization .

With that, the identity of the person had already been clearly announced .

Lei Ying—Leader of the Leitang Organization .

Actually, it was not surprising to have a leader’s presence here .

It went without saying that most of them would be active around the Long Chuan area .

“I thought that it was someone else! I am surprised by your presence, Chairman Lei!”

Obviously, Gao Yukang did not want to meet with Lei Ying, he sounded unwelcoming with his greeting and had even remained seated .

They might be ranked differently, however, not everyone would be bothered to get certified to showcase their actual ranks .

Gao Yukang’s actual capability would most probably be higher than his current rank, and he would not hesitate to go against Lei Ying .

Therefore, the simple and short-lived greeting had showcased their unfriendly relations .

Lei Ying was aware about it too, however, he did not care, and his only aim was to shame Gao Yukang .

Lei Ying shifted his eyes and looked toward Qin Feng .

“A newcomer under you again? Mayor Gao, you really are favored by many, there would always be someone there to serve under you, unlike me, without my wealth, I have nothing else . Well, wealth is what I am left with!”

It was obvious from his expression that Gao Yukang was starting to feel irritated .

Lei Ying’s capability was nothing to write home about, however, his open-door policy had allowed him to involve half of his operations with the dark organizations . With his combat power contribution at Long Chuan, the Human Alliance had turned a blind eye on him, therefore, most of his income originated from the dark organizations .

The source of income had funded the constant expansion of the Leitang Organization, and as a result, Lei Ying had become insanely wealthy .

With that, Lei Ying had the advantage over many of the others .

“Lei Ying, do you know that you are such a spoiler for appetite? Could you just allow us to have our meal peacefully!” Gao Yukang warned in a cold voice .

Lei Ying let out an evil grin .

“I am very happy to see that you are annoyed!”

Gao Yukang looked even more annoyed .

Lei Ying was being very shameless .

Certainly, it would not look good to be caught in a deadlock situation, and Lei Ying had also lost his interest .

Lei Ying moved his gaze away from Qin Feng and noticed Bai Li who was enjoying her meal .

It was at that moment, despite his past experiences and various encounters, Lei Ying was instantly shocked by her beautifully breathtaking looks .

Lei Ying instantly took out a golden-colored entrance card to his room and tossed it onto the table .

“Come to the Royal Grand Hotel tonight, room 88!”

Lei Ying said and pointed toward Bai Li .

Bai Li raised her head innocently and could not understand his intentions .

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She licked her lips and looked at Qin Feng, as if she was trying to figure out what they were up to .

Bai Li’s reaction had amplified Lei Ying’s itching urge to take her away immediately!

Qin Feng had been ignoring Lei Ying the entire time; however, he was instantly angered by his intentions .

“Excuse me, I am afraid that my girlfriend will not be able to entertain your request!”

Qin Feng let out a cold sneer and answered, while his conscious energy took control of the golden card and it flew up in the air and blasted toward Lei Ying .

Lei Ying instantly switched his smile to that of an eerie expression and stared coldly at Qin Feng .

Conscious energy was activated and the golden card stopped mid-air .

“Are you trying to insult me? Are you aware of the consequences?”

Lei Ying stared at Qin Feng in a deadly manner .

“I would also like to show you the consequences of having bad intentions toward my girlfriend!”

Qin Feng remained emotionless while his urge to kill was exuding from his eyesight .

Both of their conscious energies were spiking continuously!

The golden card was stuck in between the intimidating pressure from both of them .

Lei Ying was more infuriated as he felt challenged by the D-tier aptitude user who was unafraid of going up against his conscious energy .

Lei Ying was an ability user famously known for his powerful thunder abilities .

It was indeed an act of looking down on a powerful opponent!

With that in mind, silverish-purple lightning began to appear around Lei Ying .

Qin Feng reacted with a cold sneer; an emperor D-tier might not necessarily lose a conscious energy battle against a C-tier who was higher in rank .

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Air flow began to bend around Qin Feng while flames flickered!

Both of them were surrounded by runes, while strong presence of conscious energy expanded and flooded the surroundings, the intense pressure was unbearable by the others .

Aptitude users who were having their meals in the restaurant were shocked and looked toward the same direction, while ordinary civilian workers immediately fled the scene, it was as if their body would explode if they were to remain in the area .

The environment was insanely dangerous!


Suddenly, a clear sounding and dissatisfied groan was heard, it was Bai Li!

She raised one of her fingers and pointed forward, it was as if she had poked onto the golden card .

Within split seconds, the golden card was destabilized and began to vibrate at high speed .


The golden card was instantly blasted toward Lei Ying .

Lei Ying’s conscious energy was destroyed and diminished, and the card flew directly onto him .

Lei Ying was caught off guard .

He immediately raised his hand subconsciously and blocked the card from moving further .


The golden card instantly pierced into Lei Ying’s palm .

“Ah!” Lei Ying immediately shouted, fortunately, despite the premium material of the card, it was still insufficient to pierce through a human bone .

It might even be crushed into pieces if it were to be put under immense conscious energy .

However, the outcome of it was already jaw-dropping enough .

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Qin Feng recollected his conscious energy as Lei Ying’s conscious energy had definitely been dispersed by Bai Li .

Lei Ying lowered his head and looked at his hand; it was already dripping with fresh blood .

Lei Ying was afraid to look at Bai Li

Bai Li slammed her hands onto the table, while every cutlery floated in the air and was aimed toward Lei Ying .

“Go away, or I will kill you now!”

Bai Li warned, while her urge to kill began to fill the surroundings, it was as if she would really go for the kill unless Lei Ying were to leave immediately .

Lei Ying was shocked and infuriated by such a transformation .

Firstly, he had not thought that Bai Li would threaten him this way .

Secondly, he was surprised by Bai Li’s capability to cause harm to him .

It was indeed unbelievable .

At that moment, the manager of the restaurant immediately rushed forward with his sweating forehead .

The manager was only an E-tier assigned to look after the restaurant for a C-tier restaurant owner .

“Master Lei, stay calm, we have a lot of delicious ingredients available today, this way please, this way please!”

The manager was fully aware that he should not mention anything about Lei Ying’s injury, or else, it would have fueled Lei Ying’s anger and made it into a fight .

“Alright, great, both of you, watch out!”

Lei Ying let out a death stare toward Bai Li and Qin Feng .

Bai Li immediately rolled her eyes and seemed unbothered .

Qin Feng let out a cold sneer and replied, “Looking forward to your visit!”

Lei Ying turned and left abruptly!

As soon as Lei Ying had left, Gao Yukang who had been seated before Qin Feng roused and surprised everyone with a great laugh .