Master of the End Times - Chapter 393

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Chapter 393

Chapter 393: The Battle Begins

Qin Feng did not need to use his ammunition reserves, and instead could borrow some from the gunners nearby . It was why Gao Yukang had chosen this kind of distribution, for the sake of cooperation, even if Qin Feng were to criticize him for having spent too much money!

With enough ammo to take down the enemy without the users suffering from bodily harm was a great gain .

The Fengli Mercenary Troop had already made their preparations

Qin Feng also moved himself into position .

Very quickly, his expanded consciousness had already scanned the surroundings .

At this time, Lei Ying also stopped in his tracks!


The others did not know what was going on and they looked at Lei Ying .

His originally scowling expression seemed to have darkened even more!

“Stay here and don’t go over there!”

Lei Ying naturally would not have said it, but he knew that his entire group had already been discovered!

The consciousness acted like a surveyor’s pole . Qin Feng’s consciousness had fought against Lei Ying’s before, he would know who Qin Feng was!

“Qin Feng, you’ll definitely die this time!”

If Qin Feng were to tell Gao Yukang about his presence, then his ambush would be completely ruined!

Little did Lei Ying know, the lakeside battle had already begun .

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The artillery shells were fired one after the other .

In the blink of an eye, the shells soared through the air and crashed into the lake about a kilometer away .

There were no sounds of an explosion but mist began to appear on the water’s surface as a purple light flashed .

A Giga-Volt Electromagnetic Cannon!

This kind of weapon was specifically used to fight underwater creatures .

It was not just home to the Water Drakon Emperor . After the Giga-Volt Electromagnetic blasts connected with the lake, countless creatures rolled onto their bellies and floated up onto the surface .

Even these extras were very valuable loot .


The Water Drakon Emperor let out an angry roar, and from the mist a huge body soared out of it .

The Water Drakon Emperor had taken flight .

This was not unexpected .

After all, it was an ultra beast with abilities, if it had consciousness it meant that it could probably fly .

Its body floated through the air, blocking out the sun with its sheer size before rushing toward the mountain top with a gathering of mist billowing in its wake .

“The Wind Cannon is ready to shoot it down!”

The gunner quickly swapped shells and began to fire .

In an instant, strong winds began to blow forth and the moment the shell exploded, countless wind blades began to pierce toward the Water Drakon Emperor’s direction .

The flying drakon was constantly being battered by a barrage of wind blades . These wind blades were not strong enough to pierce through its skin, but the consistent barrage forced it to retreat .

After another round of bombing, the Water Drakon Emperor had exhausted a lot of ability powers to deflect the attacks and it greatly reduced its combat effectiveness .

These shells cost around 100 billion .

“Prepare to engage!”

Gao Yukang was the first to take action, his whole body was wrapped in internal force . When he kicked himself into the air, he shattered the ground beneath him .

As he soared through the sky, he slashed at the Water Drakon Emperor’s body with his longsword .

“Bai Li, watch those people . I’m going in to help!” Qin Feng ordered .

Bai Li nodded, turning her back on the rest, but her consciousness was locked onto Lei Ying and his people .

Her consciousness was so powerful that those who felt her presence could not help but shudder .

Lei Ying gritted his teeth, enduring Bai Li’s lock-on, holding up a telescope to see what was going on .

Qin Feng was already taking action!

“Fiery Peacock!”

A bright blue flame appeared, forming the shape of a two-meter wide Blue Flame Peacock . Not only that, this peacock began to split into two, then four, before taking flight .

Multiple Fiery Peacock attacks!

The Blue Flame Peacocks morphed into fiery energy as they rushed toward the Water Drakon Emperor .


The first Firey Peacock blast collided with the Drakon’s chin, knocking its head up .

Boom boom boom!

The remaining three all flew at different angles but in the end they all collided in the same place .

Gao Yukang who originally came in with a defensive posture was taken aback for a moment, but then his eyes lit up .

“Slayer’s Blade: Slashing Flurry!”

He aimed at the exposed lower abdomen of the Water Drakon Emperor, his sword skills moving in a dazzling display .


Clang clang clang!

The internal force around Gao Yukang’s sword cleaved away the weakened scales before drawing blood .

A resounding hit!

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“Threeek!” The Water Drakon Emperor screeched, finally looking to Gao Yukang and opening its mouth .


A large spout of water erupted from its maw, like water bursting out from a dam!

The surrounding trees that were flooded by this blast of water all toppled over!

It was at this moment, a pair of flaming blue wings could be seen carrying a figure toward the Water Drakon Emperor


That was the sound of a head-on collision .

Immediately, the massive drakon was hit and was sent flying more than twenty meters into the air .

It lost control of its abilities out of sheer pain .

This time, Gao Yukang’s form flickered as he rushed out of the water, leaping high up .

“Slayer’s Blade: Reckless Slash!”

Gao Yukang leapt higher than where the drakon went and so the blade fell onto the Water Drakon Emperor in the blink of an eye .

Boom boom boom!

If it were not for the fact that the Water Drakon Emperor was a beast emperor, it would have instantly died from the attacking power of this C-tier aptitude user .

Of course, Reckless Slash was very powerful and the drakon was not an easy opponent . Its body rolled through the air, coiling around before swatting Gao Yukang away with a tail swipe .


With that hit, the collision sent rocks tumbling down from the hill .

“Watch out!”

“No . Watch me!’

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“Skyquake Hammer!”

Zheng Qian, the D9 ancient warrior that had followed Gao Yukang from before, lifted up his hammer and charged at the drakon .

After landing a blow, the Water Drakon Emperor was forced to retreat again before coiling around in a circle to knock Zheng Qian away .

“Blockade fire!”

Yan San quickly issued another order .

Boom boom boom!

The artillery fire blocked the Water Drakon Emperor’s escape, forcing it to stay in place .

After the barrage ended, Gao Yukang had returned . While he had taken some damage, it did not look like it hindered his combat prowess at all .

Qin Feng unleashed another Fiery Peacock, not to steal the glory but to give Gao Yukang more openings to attack .

Then the battle was joined by more and more aptitude users .

In the distance, Lei Ying’s face paled as he watched on through his telescope .

“Boss, if this goes on, does that mean that they actually think they can kill a D-tier beast emperor?”

“Zheng Qian is about to reach C-tier . Gao Yukang wants to surround himself with capable subordinates and raise Zheng Qian’s power by one more level . If they really take down the beast emperor, that would be detrimental to the Leitang Organization!”

“Looks like Zheng Qian’s a problem now . ”

“These dogs killed a lot of our people!”

The members of the Leitang Organization were obviously not on friendly terms with Gao Yukang, or they had deep grievances .

Lei Ying naturally understood the current situation .

“Hmph, easily taking down a beast emperor? There’s no such thing!” Lei Ying thought to himself .