Master of the End Times - Chapter 395

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Chapter 395

Chapter 395: Tackling Problems Head-On

Qin Feng let out a sinister chuckle, as he pulled out the beast lure powder from the spatial rune equipment!

“Dark Shadow!”

He was surrounded by dark runes before they wrapped around his body, making him disappear completely!

In the distance, Lei Ying had originally locked onto Qin Feng with his consciousness but found that his target had completely disappeared!


He only thought that Qin Feng had a powerful consciousness, but it was not possible that it would be at the level where it was strong enough to shield himself from consciousness detection .

The consciousness level between the two should be similar!

As for that Bai Li girl, it was even weirder .

Who could have expected Qin Feng to disappear from right under his nose!

Qin Feng quickly scuttled through the woods while under the concealment of darkness .

His emperor-level consciousness could indeed be challenged by someone of a higher level but that would not be too big of a problem . Just simply comparing with the amount of skills that the C5-tier Lei Ying possessed, this was an astounding performance!

But Qin Feng was able to avoid Lei Ying’s detection due to his Dark ability . He was not like Thunder Knife, as he had the boons of the Hellstone! In a way, he basically did not exist .

He moved extremely quickly, and in two minutes he had passed through the jungle and reached a place where Leitang was .

Forty people came with Leitang, Lei Ying was right, even with the little amount he had he could still bring up so many people .

Qin Feng’s smile widened . He had been hiding in the shadows before appearing instantly!


A cloud of white powder floated up instantly .

Qin Feng’s movements were too fast!

The powder sprinkled onto everyone so suddenly that their faces were covered head to toe in beast lure powder!

“What’s going on?”

“Damn, what is this?!”

The Leitang members suddenly yelled out .

Unprepared, the ability users did not put up their elemental shields, the ancient warriors did not put up their internal force shields, not even the gunners had the chance to pull up their consciousness barrier .

These people were not in a combative mode so naturally they did not want to waste their abilities .

They ended up being successfully ambushed by Qin Feng!

“Gah! It’s beast lure powder!”

An aptitude user screamed .

This beast powder was especially made by them, once it made contact with skin, it would not wash off even if it came into contact with water!

And it was around them like a cocoon!


Lei Ying was not standing with them so he was not affected by the attack, but that made him exceedingly angry .

It was a provocation, a highly dangerous task such as this .

The moment Qin Feng appeared, he had himself immediately called out .

“Qin Feng!”

He shouted the name through gritted teeth .

Qin Feng’s voice came from the dark, but with internal force pushing it forward it sounded like it was coming from all directions, and it made it hard to pinpoint his location .

“A present for you, President Lei!”

Qin Feng was very pleased with himself!

Lei Ying was absolutely furious .

“Thunder Ring!”

He raised his right hand, which had on a huge glove inlaid with purple gems that instantly began to emit a light .

Within a hundred meter radius, purple spheres suddenly appeared to surround everyone . The spheres swelled to about a meter in diameter before exploding .

The spread of each Thunder Orb was twenty meters long and with more than a dozen Thunder Orbs exploding, the surrounding forest was almost destroyed by it .

It was a pity that there was no trace of Qin Feng nearby .

Lei Ying’s entire body crackled with lightning and the Thunder Shield was raised around him to protect his body .

Secretly, he was afraid of Qin Feng .

Then, at this moment, a shadow suddenly appeared behind him .

“Boss, look out!”

“Behind you!”

Everyone exclaimed and Lei Ying’s heart skipped a beat .

“Lightning Sparks!”


Lei Ying instantly flashed forward .

“Fiery Rampage!”

Qin Feng was in hot pursuit .

The speed between the two was not too different .

“Dragon Slam!”

The call of a dragon rang out before a pair of golden dragon claws grabbed at Lei Ying .

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The lightning shield flickered but it could not do anything to stop the blow from breaking through the Thunder Shield .

The Thunder Shield shattered .

“You’re dead!” Lei Ying roared as the menacing glow of thunder wrapped over the place where Qin Feng was .



Qin Feng refused to give in but him being on the offense made Lei Ying even angrier!

A bit of white powdery substance managed to fall onto his forehead .

It was actually beast lure powder!

Thunder shook his internal force shield, threatening to tear it apart .

“Lets see if you can survive this!” Lei Ying was very angry . Was Qin Feng seriously thinking about spreading beast lure powder at this time? Did he think that he would not get killed?

Under the thunder’s glow, Qin Feng smirked .

His internal strength was far more powerful than people had expected, so long as his internal force shield did not get overpowered by an attack stronger than it he would be fine!

All it took was the little effort of keeping it up .

At this time, Qin Feng had already scattered the beast lure powder and no longer wanted to entangle himself with Lei Ying, instantly retreating .

“Dark Shadow!”

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from where he was .

Lei Ying still wanted to give chase but he had no idea where Qin Feng went .


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Then came the sound of ultra beasts . All of the Leitang members were now like a served platter, exuding an irresistible fragrance that attracted all manner of ultra beasts .

“President, do we retreat?” A person asked fearfully .

Lei Ying’s face was about as stormy as his abilities were .

“Retreat? What do you mean retreat? We’re rushing toward Gao Yukang and the rest, we’ll see if these ultra beasts can tell the difference between people!”

The plan was to cause trouble!

The others were immediately refreshed, although they were worried about their strength, they were hardened criminals . These Leitang members had a strong record of many brutalities in the past .

“Let’s go!”


Lei Ying took the lead and rushed in the direction of the high slope where the Fengli Mercenary Troop was .

Qin Feng had also noticed their movements .

“Unexpectedly you’re still trying!”

He sneered before tapping into his communicator .

“Gunners, prepare to turn around and attack!”


The gunners of the Fengli Mercenary Troop turned one after the other, taking out their weapons .


Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

As Lei Ying saw the shells, a ferocious expression came over his face .