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Master of the End Times - Chapter 398

Published at 2nd of November 2020 02:55:08 PM

Chapter 398

Chapter 398: Gao Yukang’s Presumption

When Gao Yukang said it like that, he was worried that Qin Feng might have thought he was being unreasonable .

“Qin Feng, what I meant was that, maybe you should change targets?”

“No worries Governor Gao, when we work together again the next time you shouldn’t worry so much!”

Qin Feng knew what Gao Yukang was saying .

He was skeptical about Qin Feng’s ability to take down the Ivory Crown Emperor .

This kind of ultra beast was part of the classification that traveled in huge herds .

The only reason why Leitang let go of Qin Feng and the others so easily was because they saw that they were being attacked by D-tier Ancient Elephants .

They were afraid that the attack would draw the attention of the Beast Emperor!

The Ivory Crown Emperor was the strongest emperor class among all of the Ancient Elephant herds . It was twenty meters in height and had the body length of forty meters . It was the terrifying overlord of this mountain!

This kind of creature was only hunted by well-prepared B-tiers .

Even then, they were afraid they might get trampled to death!

Qin Feng was only D-tier, Gao Yukang thought that he was being too arrogant .

Qin Feng did not change his mind, the more he studied the maps, the more he felt like the idea was feasible .

Since neither of them changed their minds, in the end the decision for another co-op outing was dropped .

On the next day, Qin Feng took his mercenary troop and went deep into the mountains .

When Lei Ying received the message for a second time, he began to sulk .

“President, should we follow them?” A subordinate asked .

“And for what? Come back with nothing?” He immediately bellowed, angry at his subordinate .

The subordinate was so frightened that he did not say anything else other than, “Yes, understood!”

He quickly withdrew from Lei Ying’s office to inform the others of his intentions .

The Leitang Organization’s people all looked at one another for a moment .

“This Qin Feng is way too strong!”

“He killed Lei Chang, based on the president’s temper this person should have already been dead!”

“So we can’t kill him now?”

“Shh, watch your mouth, don’t let the President catch you saying that!”

They knew just how bad it would be if their boss were to hear these words .

Even if he did, Lei Ying merely let out a frustrated sigh .

Five of his men were injured on the way back when they were being chased by ultra beasts and it would take them a month to recover . Lei Ying’s frustration and sulking mood did not seem to want to go away .

It was just that he understood that Qin Feng was not the type of person to be provoked .

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“I just don’t know if this kid’s going to be a threat or not when he grows up!”

His eyes were narrowed with uncertainty .

He still had not made up his mind on whether or not to join forces with other people in order to kill Qin Feng!


Out in the wilds of the Longchuan Mountain range, ultra beasts were gradually growing in numbers and slowing down the general approach .

Qin Feng did not wish to have time wasted while they were on the road .

“Everyone stop! Get the front gunners to get back here too!” Qin Feng ordered .

Everyone gathered and the gunners dropped down from the trees to join the group!

He turned his gaze onto everyone .

There were exactly forty D-tiers who had followed him . After a week of battling together, Qin Feng knew them very well!

The most important thing was that these people would become Qin Feng’s subordinates in the future and be extremely loyal to him!

They were mutants . The Others . Only Qin Feng, who rescued them, could give them a sense of belonging .

Qin Feng thought about it for a while and said, “Before, I’ve been hiding something and I hope that doesn’t bother you . Of course, I assume that some of you would have already guessed it, so I don’t want to hide this any longer!”

He raised his hand, calling upon his consciousness as a fist-sized black Dark rune appeared in on his fingertip .

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“When I awakened, I received two abilities . The second one was the Dark ability, but because the Dark ability was special I only revealed my Fire ability!”

The people of the mercenary troop saw the Dark rune in Qin Feng’s hand and were taken aback . Some finally had a sense of realization while some were genuinely surprised and some were impressed .

A mutated Blue Peacock Fire was already impressive but having two abilities could only be a miracle!

“I used to think that ‘Yeah, Boss’ fire has a weird color’ and that he kept calling it ‘Hellfire’ . I thought it was just a mutated Fire ability, but it’s been a fusion this whole time?”

“Boss, this isn’t concealment . It’s called having an ace up your sleeve!”

“Yeah! The Dark ability is just a power, what’s important is who uses it that matters!”

Qin Feng nodded with satisfaction when he saw everyone’s reaction .

When Qin Feng awakened, he did not expose his abilities because the people of the Z Organization were like sharp blades hanging over his head . He was worried that he was not strong enough and those people had ill-intentions, so he did not want to make the same mistake .

Now, he was very powerful and had no need to hide it .

What was more, a week ago, he fought against Thunder Knife who also used the Dark ability . Since his opponent used it so openly, why could he not do the same?

“Okay, that’s all I wanted to say . Gather around a bit closer for now, I’ll use the Dark ability to hide us and speed up our journey!”

Qin Feng’s plan was a big one and it needed a lot of time .

No other team had paid them much attention but once Qin Feng took action, the news would spread .

What he wanted to do was make the time difference, as it would take people three days to reach their current position from the colony once the news had circulated .

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That was why Qin Feng wanted to arrive faster!

His conversation with Gao Yukang earlier was not confidential either, it was better to be safe than sorry!

“Lets go!”

Once he gave the order, the Dark ability floated from his body and shrouded everyone like a faint mist .

While they could see their surroundings with no issues, the ultra beasts would no longer be able to detect their auras unless they were in close proximity . They would only feel and look like a shadow!

Their speed had also greatly increased .

With Qin Feng leading the way, it only took them twenty four hours to reach their destination .

It was a canyon that was sixty meters deep but only thirty meters wide . The length of the canyon was about three hundred meters and its walls were made out of an extremely hard and special material .

The ores here were even E-tier materials!

What was more, there was a terrifying Steel-Limb Broodmother that lived here!

Of course, it was not like the F-tier that Qin Feng fought in Han Town but a D-tier!

A D-tier Insectoid Broodmother .

“Now, I’ll tell you the plan!” Qin Feng said as he unfolded the map on his communicator .

“My goal this time is the Ivory Crown Emperor . It has a herd of around two thousand, a massive group . Therefore, this time we’ll be using this terrain to set up an ambush!”

Everyone was listening attentively to his plan .

While Gao Yukang had no confidence in him, he had these people’s undying confidence .