Master of the End Times - Chapter 399

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Chapter 399: 399

Chapter 399: Set Into Action

They had seen Qin Feng fight Yan Shuo before .

Yan Shuo’s Titanblood mutation meant that his strength was almost on the same level as a D-tier beast emperor . What was more, there was also the mysterious and unpredictable Bai Li who had spatial manipulation .

Besides, Qin Feng was never without a plan .

Once he told them his plan, they believed that he could carry it out .

“Now, prepare to clear the canyon of steel-limb spiders!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Everyone responded in unison .

The ancient warriors changed to the appropriate weapons while the gunners pulled out their pyrotechnic guns and everyone arranged themselves into a battle formation!

Qin Feng even wrapped Dark runes around them so they would not get swarmed by a large number of spiders .

As soon as they entered, everyone saw D-tier steel-limb spiders that were five meters in size and a large group of E-tier steel-limb spiders that were three meters in size .

The entire canyon was covered in spider web .


The pyrotechnic guns spewed out flames, burning away all the spider webs . Hundreds of steel-limb spiders detected movement and began to approach .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

Qin Feng had made his move!

Hundreds of meters in front of them were surrounded by flames!

A large thread of steel-limb spider silk latched onto the canyon wall as a spider swung itself toward the group, dropping down from the air .

He raised his hand, and unleashed a Firebeam .

A column of flame that was a meter in diameter shot out and instantly knocked the spider away .

This was only the beginning .

Following that were countless steel-limb spiders dropping down from the sky .

Bai Li cracked her whip and silver light covered the area above them .

Now they did not need to worry about spiders falling on their heads!

The slaughter continued!

Qin Feng continued to press inward as the steel-limb spiders were getting devastated, their lives snuffed out .

The Dark ability seemed to be everywhere, Qin Feng was consuming the energy of the Spiders after they died but the growth of his body was very slow .

After all, if he wanted to rank-up at this point of time, he would have to consume a lot of ultra beasts to do it!

These steel-limb spiders were just appetizers .

Soon, he reached the center of the canyon and saw a huge spider web that stretched up to fifty meters as it connected from wall to widest wall .


Qin Feng let out a murderous bellow .

The people around him were frantically fighting as countless spiders were rushing in and hindering their path!

Qin Feng rushed out of the crowd, carving a path as he got closer and closer to the Steel-Limb Broodmother beast king!

Three hundred meters, two hundred meters, one hundred meters!

“Fire Dragon Technique!”

Qin Feng condensed his consciousness before unleashing a huge fiery dragon that soared into the sky . The broodmother’s nest was immediately burned away and the broodmother itself was entangled by the fire dragon .


The fire dragon exploded, wounding the broodmother beast king!

It was a powerful attack that came from the powerful consciousness of a D-tier beast emperor .

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“Fiery Peacock!”

Dozens of flaming peacocks began to appear, constantly rushing and pouncing on the Steel-Limb Broodmother .

The beast king tried its best to run away, steadily retreating .

But how could Qin Feng just let it run away?

The Verdant Emperor Saber appeared in his hands .

“Burning Skies!”

His internal force burst out with a terrifying aura!

A blade of light rose up into the air before piercing through the D-tier Steel-Limb Broodmother beast king’s abdomen!


He had completely crushed and dealt with the broodmother!

The very moment the broodmother died, it was as if a signal was spread throughout the entire canyon and the countless spiders no longer tried to attack but instead scattered themselves .

Abruptly, there were no more ultra beasts in this huge canyon . Only corpses from what they had killed and materials they had yet to pick up!

The sky was already getting dark .

“Clear the battlefield, set the mines and rest for the first half of the night, prepare for an attack on the second half!”

“Yes, Sir!”

There was no complaint in everyone’s response .


Qin Feng’s communicator rang .

It was news from Gao Yukang .

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“Qin Feng, are you going to kill the Steel-Limb Broodmother beast king in that big canyon?” Gao Yukang asked .

“Mhm, yeah!”

“Haha, it should have been like this a while ago . With your strength, if you reach C-tier, you’ll definitely be able to defeat D-tier beast emperors . Don’t worry!” Gao Yukang thought that Qin Feng had changed his mind and decided to not fight the Ivory Crown Emperor .

Qin Feng smiled faintly, naturally not telling Gao Yukang that the broodmother was already dead and he had only just begun his plan .

“It just so happens that my team’s heading out into the wild again . I think we’re going deeper this time around to look for another beast emperor . When you’re done on your side, you can join us and we’ll split the profits!”

“That depends on the situation, there might be casualties on my side!”

“Well, actually, I think you can just bring yourself!”

Qin Feng smiled again . “That’s fine too!”

The two went on with idle conversation before hanging up .

Gao Yukang was strong and conceited, but Qin Feng did not want to explain anything!

Everything was best explained with facts!

An hour later, the materials were accounted for .

Two hours later, the mines had been set in their designated locations . They valued up to 50 billion .

The rewards of this hunt would be ten times that amount, so it was worth the risk .

Besides, Qin Feng could pay off that 50 billion from his coffers .

By midnight, everyone had rested for about four to five hours . They were full of energy, excited even .

They were hunting a beast emperor together, moreover, their commander was not even C-tier .

An equal playing field tended to heighten spirits and raise the stakes .

Qin Feng exuded Dark runes from his body and his whole person looked like he had melted away into darkness .

He had already figured out where the elephant herd was, but the distance was beyond three peaks away .

In the blink of an eye, he and Bai Li appeared there .

In fact, the Ivory Crown Emperor was guarding this place due to an extremely rare spirit herb here!

Moon-tempered cress!

This special kind of spirit herb had a peculiar effect . So long as someone was illuminated under moonlight, their training speed would increase extremely fast .

Moreover, the effect might be permanent!

On the battle net, it was stated that a person who had obtained this spirit herb could maintain the effects of rapid cultivation for twenty years!

However, since it did not directly increase combat effectiveness, it was far less attractive to humans as it was not something that was a truly game-changing spirit herb that deserved attention .

The Ivory Crown Emperor was also so powerful that it did not seem like it was worth it .

Qin Feng and Bai Li walked into the forest where the elephant herd was located . This piece of land was flat and had a small slope, it was more like a huge valley . Thousands of giant elephants were gathered here, not even large trees could be able to block their path .

There was a mild aura here that would have made any other person uneasy .

This was not a problem for Qin Feng or Bai Li .

“Oh, there’s something good!”

Bai Li sniffed the air before disappearing with a swish .

The Moon-tempered cress attracted moonlight, making it fall into the forest like a white beam .

The moment Bai Li disappeared, so did the white beam of light!

Qin Feng instantly felt a terrifying aura rush right up to his face!