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Chapter 4

A logo with the words ‘F1’ appeared above the medal on this person’s chest, which meant that this person’s strength was at least ten tiers above Qin Feng’s and Zhou Hao’s .

 4Of course, he would not have counted for much when compared to the Qin Feng in the previous life .

 One other thing was that, besides this F-tier logo, this person also had a medal of the patrol team’s vice-captain .

 The patrol team had the highest authority in a colony . How could anyone blatantly disregard a high-ranking officer?

 “No, no . This is all Qin Feng!” said Zhou Hao, not wanting to wait for the powerful people from the patrol team to start asking questions . Instead, he immediately attempted to set the record straight, not wanting to take any credit at all .

 The officer, with all his experience, knew that it was all Qin Feng’s handiwork . The surveillance video had told him that already .

 3“Not bad . Is your name Qin Feng? I’m Xue Xingfu, captain of Twelfth Street in the colony!”

 2Qin Feng cocked his eyebrows when he heard the name .

 Xue Xingfu?

 This person would become a notoriously crooked businessman ten years later . Who knew that he was actually a vice-captain ten years ago .

 “How are you?” Qin Feng nodded .

 2Xue Xingfu grinned at Qin Feng, his eyes glistening and his voice gentle . “Thank you for your help . ”

 2In one sentence, he had reduced Qin Feng’s matter of life or death combat to mere help!

 Whenever a rift appeared threatening the safety of the colony, those who extinguished the threat would receive a special reward . What more a dangerous thing like this .

 Qin Feng had no intention of exposing the guy .

 “We were just defending ourselves . Otherwise, we would’ve died as well!”

 Xue Xingfu maintained his smile, but deep inside, he wondered why Qin Feng was so calm . Too calm, in fact .

 “It’s like that—you can collect the fangs and heart’s blood of the razor-fanged infants and sell them for a nice price, but because considering you’re so young, if you sell them on your own, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t make a profit . ”

 Qin Feng smiled thoughtfully at that .

 If it was Zhou Hao who was standing there, he might have fallen for Xue Xingfu’s trick .

 Fangs and heart’s blood may not sell for much, but an entire body could be counted as a significant contribution . If he wanted to, Xue Xingfu could have actually claimed that he was the one that killed all of them .

 These were all behind the scenes, under the counter dealings . In this world, the strong wielded the scepter . The ones who were powerful had a say in everything .

 Qin Feng did not beat around the bush either and said, “Eight bodies for eight G-tier strengthening potions!”

 Xue Xingfu’s smile froze, his gleamy pleasant demeanor replaced by one of seriousness .

 1The price of G-tier strengthening potions was not too high . One tube only costs about 10,000 yuan, but in the colony, the average wage a month hovered around a very humble 1,000 yuan .

 Eight tubes of that potion would cost 80,000!

 As an official, however, Xue Xingfu could purchase them at an ‘insider’s price,’ saving himself half the cost .

 40,000 yuan was the exact amount that Qin Feng had received as a reward for killing the razor-fanged infants .

 If that was true, wasn’t that too much of a coincidence?

 “Either way, you won’t make a loss!” Qin Feng added .

 Xue Xingfu was about to probe him further, but his questions were already answered .

 It appeared that this kid really did know things!

 “Fine . You got it!”

 “Then, thank you, Captain Xue!” Qin Feng answered in a happy, congratulatory tone .

 “Hahaha, there’s no need to thank me . You’re not bad all, all . If you come across something good next time, you can come see me!” Xue Xingfu added Qin Feng to his communicator . He might have use of it in the future .

 4If this boy could kill razor-fanged infants now, he might just be powerful enough in the future . He might just be useful in the time to come .

 Xue Xingfu might not be a merchant now, but he already had the potential of a successful businessman!


 Xin Feng gave half of the potions he had received to Zhou Hao . The latter merely stared at the thing that they never even dared imagine having .

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 3“Why did you ask for so many? Aren’t these things ridiculously costly?” Zhou Hao asked .

 “Members of the patrol team get them for half-price . ”

 “Wow . Being part of the patrol team sounds great . Governments will always be governments . It’ll be great if we could make the team next time!”

 “You can join if you want to, of course!” Qin Feng nodded in eagerness . Zhou Hao had died for him before . Now that Qin Feng was reborn, he would make sure to treat this brother well .

 6As for that Chen Ming…

 1Perhaps human hearts are fickle . Perhaps after losing a brother, Qin Feng wanted to have a friendship so bad that his eyes were blinded to the fact that he was, for all intents and purposes, a wretch!

 “Wait, Qin Feng, take these two back . I don’t need so many . Also, I only killed two . If you hadn’t saved me, I would’ve died just now!”

 Zhou Hao warmly pushed two vials into Qin Feng’s hands .

 “You can earn it back once your abilities or ancient warrior talents have awakened!” Qin Feng gave them back . These potions were not very useful to him since his abilities had already been awakened . He did not just dump everything to his friend only to avoid raising Zhou Hao’s suspicion .

 Qin Feng did not plan to tell anyone about his rebirth .

 9“Alright, brother . Once, I’ve awakened, I would even buy you A-tier ones if you that’s what you want!” Zhou Hao said, thumping his own chest .

 3Of course, it was just a young man’s irresponsible crowing, filled with hot air!

 Only a few A-tier strengthening potions were issued every year .

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 As the pair chatted on, the ambulance finally arrived at the scene to help the injured . Because Qin Feng helped fight off the razor-fanged infants, he was given a hero’s treatment .

 “It’s alright . I can do it myself . Go ahead and tend to the severely injured . I’m fine!” Qin Feng stopped the nurse tending to him and picked up a bit of gauze to bandage his wounds .

 When the nurse saw how deft his movement was, she nodded and left to help others . They couldn’t afford to be distracted on the battlefield . For every extra minute saved was another minute that could be used to save someone’s life .

 On top of that, special ability users in the colony were rough and tough . This surface wound was nothing .

 No one knew that Qin Feng’s special ability allowed him to heal his wounds rapidly .

 Since the hastily set up triage tent by the ambulance team was tight and cramped, Zhou Hao did not come along . He waited outside for Qin Feng, and when he saw his friend’s arm and calf wrapped in thick, bloodstained bandages, he could not help but feel sorry for him .

 “Qin Feng! Surely, a miserable day for you!” Zhou Hao muttered . “You fell down and blacked out this morning, then you were bitten by the razor-fanged infants . Should you go find a light ability user and ask for a blessing or something?”

 “Are they that easy to find?” Qin Feng chuckled .

 He did not think that he was unlucky today . In fact, he felt extremely fortunate .

 How many people in history could start afresh, respawning like in some video game after they had died?

 16“Alright, I’m just saying, you know!” Zhou Hao smiled .

 “Mm . Oh, right, I have something I need to do . You should go back to school first . ” Qin Feng stopped suddenly .

 “Qin Feng… are you still going to work? Don’t go yet! This is the best time for awakening . You don’t want to delay it . ”

 Zhou Hao’s statement caught Qin Feng by surprise . He pondered for a bit before remembering that he did indeed have a job ten years ago .

 Zhou Hao’s parents were still around and healthy . He even had a brother . While they were considered of average status in the colony, they had jobs that paid them well enough to raise Zhou Hao comfortably, albeit, minus some comforts in life .