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Master of the End Times - Chapter 405

Published at 6th of November 2020 02:50:09 PM

Chapter 405

Chapter 405: An Escape From Death

Zheng Qian clenched her teeth, her eyes were red and soaked, she raised her head up, however, she was still unable to prevent tears from rolling down .

As Zheng Qian raised her head up, she noticed that they were already being surrounded by Grans!

Within such a short period of time, they had already shrouded around!

Any possible chance to escape?

Zheng Qian was instantly struck by the idea of sacrificing herself and dying together with him!

It was at that moment, silver lights sparkled and exploded from the edge of the sky .

It was across the horizon and it was from the direction of Longchuan City!

Bai Li had also raised her head and looked up!

It was her second encounter with such a scene, her first encounter was when she was still at a weaker state and had not even transformed into her human form .

It was light from the explosion of the space stabilizing device .

Under the beaming silver lights, the massive Floating City that appeared within the pitch-black spatial passage had been shrouded by glowing silver lights, then, it shrunk immediately!

It was crucial to know that the giant Floating City had only revealed a small part of its conic base, and it was not even completely revealed!

However, it was shrinking gradually under the influence of the space stabilizing device .

Having countless numbers of past spatial lockdown experiences, Qin Feng already knew what was about to happen!

The Grans did not allow it to undermine their survival either, they began to fly out from the conic base of the Floating City, while the space stabilizing device on the edges of the city was being activated, intending to tear the rift apart .

However, with the advantage of local space, the rift was still shrinking .

A large number of Grans exited from the city again .

It was at that moment, Bai Li’s imposing aura spiked again .

Instantly, a giant silver light ray gushed up to the sky .

The silver lights were much smaller than the lights from the explosion of the space stabilizing device, however, it was much more solid and concentrated .

Nonetheless, it was like the last straw that had broken the camel’s back, almost instantly, the pitch-black spatial passage was covered with silver lights .

The silver lights sparkled and instantly disappeared!

The sky was still blue .

However, the conic Floating City was halved by the space and it fell off from the sky .

Instantly, an intense explosion struck the ground with a quake that could shake heaven and earth!


A horrifying torrent of energy fluctuation swept across the entire Longchuan mountain range .

A giant mountain that stood up high from the ground was instantly flattened by the energy .

The Floating City exploded and shattered into pieces!

The Floating City had superseded every technological advancements and energy systems of the world, however, the instant cut off from the space had triggered its explosion, and it had turned it into a wasteland that was scattered onto the land .

The single explosion had taken away countless numbers of lives of the Grans .

Also, the attack had resulted in the Grans being at a huge loss!

As for the Grans that had surrounded Qin Feng and the others, would they still remain there to continue the fight?

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They flapped their wings and cried out in alarm, and as they flew away, they were terrorized with immense fear .

Intellectual species were blatantly honest in expressing themselves!

However, without being trapped by the Grans, Gao Yukang’s team was fortunate enough to have a lucky escape!

Zheng Qian seemed to be brightened with hope, she lowered her head and smiled at Gao Yukang .

“Are you protecting us?”

The first action that Gao Yukang had taken was to send across the message, if it were not because of the spatial lockdown, the situation would be very much different from the current one .

Zheng Qian firmed up her faith and conviction again .

To survive, Gao Yukang would have wished the same!

She clenched her teeth and took down a necklace from Gao Yukang’s neck, it was his spatial rune equipment .

Zheng Qian continued to raise her hand, and Gao Yukang’s body disappeared completely!

The body was kept within the spatial rune equipment by Zheng Qian!

“Let’s go!”

Zheng Qian commanded, while everyone else obeyed and followed her .

All of them left the place with their hearts filled with despair!

Qin Feng shrouded everyone within his dark runes to avoid sudden attacks from ultra beasts within the Longchuan mountain range, everyone was leaving at extremely high speed!

Beep beep beep beep!

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Qin Feng and the others were alerted with a new notification!

“Every aptitude user within the Longchuan mountain range, leave immediately, and at the same time, briefly report your situation to the Human Alliance!”

Everyone had no time to pay attention to the instruction, they were only focusing on escaping as quickly as they could .

Beside Qin Feng and the others, there were still some other people within the Longchuan mountain range, however, they were still unaware of the life-threatening situation that they were in, and thought that it was merely an appearance of the Floating City!

Some of them even thought that the Floating City had been attacked from long range by the space stabilizing device of Longchuan City!

Only Qin Feng knew that a massacre was about to begin .

It was not just a battle, but a war!

A tribe would declare war against another tribe!

Qin Feng knew that the situation was much better than the previous one!

Before his rebirth, the Floating City of the Grans was not destroyed, and the Grans were annihilated by a mighty A-tier that had then taken control of the Floating City .

However, the Floating City had now been destroyed, whereas there were tens of thousands of Grans that had appeared on the Floating City!

Tens of thousands of C-tiers was indeed a horrifying thought!

“A response to the organization, instructing everyone from the colonies near the Longchuan mountain range to evacuate immediately, I repeat, everyone!”

Qin Feng continued to elaborate on the combat energy of the enemies .

Soon, Qin Feng was alerted by his communicator .

From a glance, Qin Feng was surprised by an official number from the Human Alliance .

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Qin Feng immediately responded to the call .

However, he was still maintaining his speed as he continued running!

The caller from the other end was shocked by Qin Feng’s surroundings and continued, “Greetings to you Mr Qin, I am the communication officer of the commanding general stationed at Longchuan City, the general would like to speak to you!”

Of course, the caller was not requesting permission from Qin Feng, and the channel was immediately switched .

A mighty B-tier aptitude user with a badge on the chest appeared on Qin Feng’s communicator!

Qin Feng knew that person .

General of Longchuan City, Xu Qing!

Xu Qing was a mighty overlord of the Human Alliance, and would achieve A-tier after two years; even during Qin Feng’s time, Xu Qing was already known as the next most qualified general to achieve A-tier .

Xu Qing asked with a deep tone, “Please explain the situation earlier!”

“The space stabilizing device triggered an explosion on their warship or aircraft that has appeared, however, even before that, they have already sent out ten thousand of their people!”

“Ten thousand, are you referring to those birdmen? They are C-tiers!” Xu Qing instantly frowned .

“Yes, they are very organized, and even offensive toward humans, also, they are of an intelligent species, and it is unknown how many we have killed, perhaps they would take on a wild revenge!”

Even before his rebirth, Qin Feng already knew clearly about the brutality of the Grans .

They were already being so offensive when none of them were harmed, hence, the situation would only be worse after so many of them had been killed .

“Understood, may all of you be safe!”

It was the best advice that Xu Qing could offer!