Master of the End Times - Chapter 407

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Chapter 407: 407

Chapter 407: Set Out At Night

Being looked at with such a serious expression, Qin Feng’s own face looked even more serious .

“You’re very much welcomed!”

He stretched his hand outward toward Zheng Qian and said, “I can’t promise you the future, but from this moment on, I will avenge Governor Gao . I hope you don’t regret this decision!”

Zheng Qian tried to smile but looked like she was about to break down in tears again!

“Thank you!”

She reached out and shook Qin Feng’s hand .

Afterward, he took out his communicator and allocated Zheng Qian as having joined the Fengli Mercenary Troop . She was then transferred to the position of deputy head, same as Chen Xiang .

This was mainly because Zheng Qian was currently the only C-tier person and the people who joined later were also Gao Yukang’s people . They would need a leader .

He believed that there was no possible way that this little group was going to affect the internal affairs of his mercenary troop!

Because these people would never be able to catch up with and surpass Qin Feng!

Based on the previous agreement, plus the beast emperor Bai Li killed, he ended up splitting the materials fifty fifty with Zheng Qian .

He even gave her the beast emperor crystal core .

Zheng Qian was truly a hard worker! Gao Yukang originally wanted to leave all his funds to her, otherwise he would not have spoken to her through his internal force .

If she had not mentioned it, nobody would have known it even if she had embezzled the money . However, she did buy nine beast emperor crystal cores from the Wanzong Auction at a high price!

In Shadong Town, a beast emperor crystal core would cause a mad scramble due to limited resources .

In Longchuan, beast emperor crystal cores had become a very popular material!

Not many would want to try and sell a beast emperor crystal core in remote places, as there could only be two outcomes .

One, they get murdered and robbed . Two, they had to limit themselves to a certain price .

Since the Grans had appeared, the beast emperor crystal cores had also become a saving grace for the D-tiers, and Zheng Qian’s personal capital definitely was not weak .

The aptitude users in Gao Yukang’s team all possessed beast emperor crystal cores . Once absorbed, their combat prowess would be greatly improved!

There was also a great amount of pressure put onto Chen Xiang and the others .

There were a lot of people, Qin Feng could not possibly personally handle all of their problems . Everything in the future depended on the capabilities of Chen Xiang and the rest .

Moreover, they had been living well under Qin Feng’s leadership . So long as they were wise with their money, they would be able to afford a beast emperor crystal core in half a year’s time!

Especially now, there were a large number of rewards for participating in resistance operations .

In one day, a large amount of rune equipment was distributed . Of course, it was only in response to the Grans situation where basic anti-consciousness and anti-signal detection equipment were issued .

They might not have an effect against the Grans but it was better to be safe than sorry, and the army had already carried out their preparations!

Plans for guerilla warfare in the city were quickly carried out, those who were going to be part of the plans were all D-tier aptitude users . They believed that they could use their numbers as an advantage and had super cannons to deal with the high-powered enemies .

The Aptitude User’s Hall had countless missions which were being announced by the Human Alliance .

Most of these were exploration missions . Know the enemy like how you know yourself and victory would be assured!

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It was important to understand the enemy’s situation!

Ten minutes of a clear video would be enough to exchange for tens of millions worth in rewards .

But nobody was a fool, the missions were too risky!

Qin Feng walked into the Aptitude User’s Hall, and even though it was already late at night it was still quite lively .

Looking around, he only saw C-tier aptitude users around . There were no more than a hundred of them!

“Oh? If it isn’t Qin Feng?” A voice said in a sarcastic tone was heard .

As a C-tier aptitude user, he had arrived at the colony much later than Qin Feng did but he received news that delighted him .

“Congratulations on making it back alive Qin Feng, too bad about Gao Yukang, who would have guessed that the poor sod would die? Haha, that’s what you get for being greedy! You’ve got a kind heart, letting him run away first!”

Gao Yukang was dead, a genius with a promising future had suddenly died in an accident .

Colony Three was small and its social circle was even smaller, naturally this was news that everyone would have known about .

People were listening in on the conversation . Looking at the man of action .

Qin Feng had been on fire for the past few days!

He killed the Ivory Crown Emperor!

A beast so dangerous that nobody actually wanted to fight!

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Upon seeing him, they realized that he was unexpectedly young and there was the devastatingly beautiful Bai Li next to him .

“Maybe you’ll be the next person to have an unfortunate accident . You should run too, leave this place before you regret it!” Qin Feng said coldly .

Such a mockery was also a retort against Lei Ying .

“Me? Hahaha, you mean yourself? You should leave instead, go back to Longchuan City, no, to that Four Cities or whatever, and be a cock of the dunghill!”*

Lei Ying was very happy and did not care about Qin Feng’s mockery .

It was just that Qin Feng’s expression remained steely calm throughout the entire conversation, regarding the insanely arrogant Lei Ying with indifferent eyes .

“Then we’ll wait and see!”

Wait and see who would be the one to die first!

If they were out in the wild, Qin Feng would not be above sabotage .

He did not even care if they were in the midst of a war .

Qin Feng walked past Lei Ying, connecting his communicator to the Hall’s network and received a task .

A reward for killing an intelligent species beast, 1 billion per head!

Exploration mission, 10 million reward for 10 minutes of clear footage!

Blockading the intelligent species’s spatial passage, a reward of 10 billion!

The missions announced by the Human Alliance were very specific, pushing out whatever they could think of and making the price high enough so that it would be worth the risk!

Qin Feng collected his tasks and left without even so much as looking at Lei Ying .

Lei Ying then rushed to the counter and asked the staff, “What tasks did he take?”

Although the staff member was not a normal person, they were F-tier, they still regarded Lei Ying with fear . “Hold on! Let me check!”

Logging into the system, the person quickly found the tasks that Qin Feng had taken and was taken aback!

Qin Feng had unexpectedly taken almost all of them! These missions would have needed deposits!

Otherwise, people would have just taken them and might not complete them . How else would the Human Alliance be gaining money?

When the staff told Lei Ying what they had learned, Lei Ying was taken aback, but then he sneered .

“I’m looking forward to seeing if he finishes those tasks!”

When the time came, Lei Ying did not even need to do anything and Qin Feng would be dead!

Too bad he could not see this for himself .

However, Lei Ying did not expect Qin Feng to actually do these tasks . Not only that, he immediately set off the moment he stepped out of the hall!

Bai Li used a spatial passage and when they reappeared, they were at the place of their previous battle!

*Translator’s Note: Chinese saying for ‘ruling a kingdom of nothing’