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Master of the End Times - Chapter 411

Published at 10th of November 2020 02:50:13 AM

Chapter 411

Chapter 411: Prioritizing What’s Important

Qin Feng and Xu Qing talked for a little bit more but time was of the essence . Xu Qing was still busy with a lot of things and the two ended their meeting .

“If you have anything you want to report, you can directly contact me . The greater the power, the greater one’s responsibilities . I hope you won’t take a break yet and continue working hard!”

Xu Qing was odd with his words, maybe because when one had reached the upper class they liked to speak eccentrically!

What he meant was that he hoped Qin Feng would not rest for the next few days but continue his investigation and collect more information .

“I understand, General Xu!”

Qin Feng had his own plans and did not need to be ordered around by other people, but he did not refute as he had the same idea as Xu Qing .

Once he added Xu Qing’s number to his communicator, the two parted ways .

By the time he returned to the hotel, the others of the Fengli Mercenary Troop had already received the latest battle status notifications .

“Boss, did you really go back to that Wisdom Tribe’s place yesterday?”

“Yeah, I killed a bunch with surprise attacks . The Human Alliance will be releasing a video later, you can take a look for yourself!”

“What?!” Zheng Qian was extremely surprised . She did not think that the reason for Qin Feng being absent for an entire day was because he was out looking for Grans .

“I don’t like to sit around and wait for death!”

He tapped his communicator twice and showed everyone the video that was already uploaded onto the battle . net!

Of course, the Fengli Mercenary Troop would be the first ones to receive this news .

From the very beginning of the video, there were the Grans troops that Qin Feng had taken down . They were headed toward Colony Three . However, these people did not hear the telepathic speech of the Grans and Qin Feng did not think about revealing that information for now in order to prevent chaos .

Then, his ambush killing began, repeating over and over with the oldest trick in the killer’s manual .

The concealment from the dark ability, the explosive power of the fire ability and the strength of an ancient warrior .

Qin Feng’s combat prowess was amazing .

Even some C-tiers thought that it was impossible to achieve that level of fighting .

Everyone was watching him fight and although the battle only lasted for a short while, people were watching every moment very carefully .

After all, know the enemy like how you know yourself and victory would soon be assured .

Everyone began to study the video!

In fact, even Lei Ying was watching the video after he heard the news .

Even though he knew about the horrors of the Grans, he had not left yet because there were still B-tier aptitude users around, and he had formed a truce with Han Chengming, Liu Yi and Wang Jian . What was more was that they had plenty of subordinates who were lying in ambush .

Everyone had a grim look on their face .

“Just how strong is Qin Feng? How much power is behind a normal punch?” Liu Yi asked, his brow furrowed with worry and doubt .

They all wanted to fight Qin Feng in the beginning, but when they really looked at it they realized just how terrible that line of thought was .

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“I don’t know, but we all know just how terrifying that Wisdom Tribe is!” Wang Jian said .

Wang Jian and his people had crossed paths with the Grans before . Not only did they have energy shielding, they were also physically powerful .

“Stop studying Qin Feng and figure out where the weak spots of the Grans are so we can target them!”

Lei Ying cut the two off, seemingly unwilling to admit their fear of Qin Feng .

The video that had been released and Qin Feng’s performance in it had people in an uproar!

Way too strong .

As such, being Qin Feng’s enemy, Lei Ying did not want to discuss or hear anything about him .

“The Grans are powerful, but they’re more like the Western physical users . They have an energy crystal core in the center of their chests which might be their weak spot but the most annoying thing about them is that they can fly!” Lei Ying’s eyes narrowed before saying, “So, what do you think about using poison?”

Lei Ying’s got a point there .

Their energy shields could resist martial arts and abilities but it was impossible to isolate air . So long as there was air, it could naturally be poisoned .

However, they did not know the anatomy of this race and what kind of poison would work!

These were all the things that needed to be studied .

Before his rebirth, the fortress in the Longchuan Mountains was destroyed too quickly . There was no time to experiment and it was unknown what kind of poison could even stop them .

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That idea was left out before, if only a corpse was brought back!

Now, it was too late .

In any case, it was impossible that the Grans would launch an attack on the Colony Three now .

Qin Feng lay on a comfortable bed with Bai Li in his arms and quickly fell into a state of rest .

He was not like the rest, he was not that worried . Even if Colony Three was destroyed he did not think that would be unexpected, let alone feel any regrets .

After all, his current situation was already leagues better than his past life!


Four hours later, Qin Feng woke up and tried to order something to eat, only to realize that everyone in the hotel had been evacuated!

He simply took Bai Li downstairs and entered the hotel kitchen before beginning to cook for himself .

His difficult past life allowed him to master many skills . When making food, he could relax his body and mind, and food was extremely precious so Qin Feng was a decent chef .


Chen Xiang quickly walked up to Qin Feng, but after seeing that his boss was cooking food like nothing was going on stunned him for a moment .

“What’s up?”

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“I’ve just received the news! The Grans are on the move!”

In addition to Qin Feng’s expedition, the colony had also sent out countless drones . However, these drones flew slowly, it was possible that some would have been destroyed by some ultra beasts along the way .

If so, it would not be strange to receive news right now .

“Oh? Moving toward Colony Three?” Qin Feng asked .

“From the direction, it seems so . The Colony Four is too far away so that means we’re very likely going to be the front line . They’re fast b*stards, they can fly after all!”

Qin Feng nodded, putting down the dish he was making into a plate .

Bai Li immediately dug in with delight .

Chen Xiang continued, “Judging by their speed, they’ll be able to reach the colony by maybe the day after tomorrow provided that they’re not trying to rush at us overnight!”

Qin Feng nodded again, “Does the Human Alliance have any plans?”

“Not yet!”

“General Xu Qing hasn’t thought of a way to stop their advance?”

Chen Xiang shook his head, “Also no!”

Qin Feng knew that this sort of thing wasn’t directly in Xu Qing’s control and there were other people involved in the decision making .

“I see, the Grans would still have to take a break at night . When that time comes, I think I’ll go scout it out!”

When Qin Feng said ‘scout’, what he meant was he was going to start ambushing the Grans again .