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Master of the End Times - Chapter 412

Published at 10th of November 2020 02:50:11 AM

Chapter 412

Chapter 412: A Persisting Ambush

If it were before the video’s release, maybe Chen Xiang would have asked Qin Feng to be careful but now he did not have anything to say!

Strength represented everything .

Qin Feng was really amazing!

The night was getting darker and the Grans had stopped their advance .

Due to Bai Li’s attack on them, three thousand of them had perished . That was almost one third of their numbers . After they regrouped, they no longer tried to gather resources!

They must move .

While this pack had no leader, they quickly appointed a genius level Gran as their new commander . The individual they selected agreed to this role without much objection .

Soon, they left their original point of gathering before heading for Colony Three, and along the way, there were no more powerful ultra beasts that came to harass them .

What was more was that the closer they were to the outskirts, the weaker the ultra beasts became, which allowed them time to regain some energy .

Failure was not terrifying, what was scary was that possibility of never recovering .

There were only seven thousand Grans left and none of them wanted to die in an alternate plane .

“It’s getting dark, there might be unfamiliar objects in this gloom!”

“Best if we find a place to rest . ”

“Patrol team, prepare to mobilize! No more incidents!”

Such a large number naturally would make a lot of noise, but the outskirts of the Longchuan Mountain range was filled with normal D-tier ultra beasts . They did not even have time to avoid this army, let alone try to approach it .

After having rushed all the way here, everyone was tired .

But shaky morale was not ideal for an army .

Soon, the Grans had set up camp and were getting some rest .

In the middle of the night, with exception of the countless patrol squads, everyone else fell asleep .

An agile figure bounded through the darkness before jumping out of the trees .

“Dark Shroud!’

Qin Feng unleashed his abilities .

“Dark Ray!”

“Blossoming Flame!”

The patrol team did not even see Qin Feng coming, nor did they see when he left!

The reason was because they were all slain!

Qin Feng put some of the corpses into his spatial rune equipment, hoping that they would be useful to the Human Alliance .

The other patrol teams eventually met a similar fate and were slain by Qin Feng .

When the sixth team lost contact, the Grans realized that something was wrong . The numbers of their patrol teams were decreasing, even a fool would know what was going on .

Qin Feng immediately began to retreat!

After an hour, the Grans tallied up their numbers and realized that fifty of them were missing, they were on the verge of breaking down!

“This land is truly devilish!”

Disappearances without a trace, ultra beast attacks, that was enough to make anyone be on the edge .

This time, the number of teams sent out were doubled!

Ten per team with twenty teams in total with cross patrols . Once an incident occurs, the other team would know about it immediately .

However, tonight Qin Feng was feeling bold .

He did not hesitate to choose another patrol to sabotage .

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“Spatial Lock!”

Bai Li unleashed a silver light, blocking out all surrounding noises and preventing any noise from spreading .

Qin Feng suddenly rushed in .

The Verdant Emperor Saber burst into a terrifying flame as it tasted the night air .

“It’s you!”

The Grans saw Qin Feng but did not recognize him as a slave who had escaped before but as the one who killed their comrades .

By now they did not have a chance to warn the others!

Perhaps, maybe it was because these Grans thought that they could take him .

Their hands suddenly sprouted sharp claws and they swooped down, ready to tear Qin Feng apart .


A pulse of darkness erupted from Qin Feng’s body onto the closest attacker, instantly making them feel lethargic .

The Gran suddenly felt extremely ill, so weak that it did not even have enough strength to lift its arms!

His sword flashed and the Gran’s head was removed


“Slay him!”

These Grans cried out in arrogance, but they were no match against Qin Feng and his saber .

Qin Feng had gotten stronger after absorbing the crystal cores of the Grans that Bai Li killed before . It could be said that every rank-up he achieved at this point made him even more terrifying in combat!

Ten or so combatants, with Bai Li’s help, meant that Qin Feng’s fight did not take much effort .

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In less than five minutes, all ten were slain .

When Bai Li unlocked the space, the second group was already incoming so she transferred the lock onto them .

With this rinse and repeat method, Qin Feng managed to take down up to one hundred more Grans .

“Another attack!”

“Contact lost! Contact lost again!”

“I found him! There he is!”

A Gran called out before a whole slew of them began to rush toward his position like a tidal wave of darkness .

There were at least a hundred of them and many of them took out their weapons .

Zap zap zap!

A volley of energy bolts were fired in Qin Feng’s direction, but with a flash of silver light Qin Feng and Bai Li disappeared from where they were at the same time .

The Grans were very angry but there was nothing they could do!

They felt that everything that could go wrong went wrong the moment they landed here and feared that they would die here too!

Qin Feng did not run away in the midst of the chaos, but reached the other side of the camp instead .

Then, it was another series of fights in the dark .

As they say, a man with nothing feared nobody . Qin Feng basically came in with nobody else besides Bai Li, taking on the fights all by himself, but he was facing against a thousand enemies and he was throwing them for a loop .

In just one night, he had hunted down and killed another two hundred of their numbers . Now the Grans did not dare send people out for patrol . They began to gather together as a group, leaving Qin Feng with no openings to engage .

He sneered, did they really think that tactic would be enough to stop him?

He stopped on a hill that was a thousand meters away and pulled out a massive cannon .

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A shell was loaded into the cannon with a satisfying noise .

That shell was the strongest shell the Fengli Mercenary Troop owned . It was designed to take down beast kings and had enough power to wipe out a small colony!

Just one shell was worth tens of billions, that was enough to emphasize just how deadly the thing was!

“Eat this!”

Qin Feng’s eyes glinted with a chilling murderous intent as he pulled the trigger .

The crystal energy shell let out a roar before it soared through the air .

Under the guidance of consciousness, the shell accurately landed on the Grans’ encampment .

As they no longer had their machines, other than a general protective cover and a type of communicator device that warned them of dangers, they had no way of reacting to Qin Feng’s attack at all .

It was completely unexpected!


The darkness was illuminated by a bright white light, a ring of energy expanded from the epicenter of the attack .

Then, a huge mushroom cloud rose from the point of impact after the light subsided, rising up into the air .

Such destructive power was shocking!

Bai Li took Qin Feng and they instantly reappeared next to the enemy’s camp .

The scene of the aftermath soon came into view .