Master of the End Times - Chapter 414

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Chapter 414: 414

Chapter 414: Commotion

The thunders struck on the Grans, which electrocuted and numbed them .

“What are you guys waiting for? Fall back with a waymark now!” Lei Ying yelled .

However, not everyone had prepared a spatial waymark beforehand .

Lei Ying was surrounded by silver lights, and he disappeared on the spot the next moment .

“Lei Ying, you son of a b*tch!” Wang Jian howled angrily .

He was one of those who had not pre-constructed a waymark .

Ten Grans cornered Wang Jian and smashed his inner power shield with their sharp claws .

Wang Jian retaliated mightily by exerting all the power that he still had .

However, he realized that killing these Grans was not as simple as Qin Feng had shown in the video . They had been too optimistic about this ambush .

Wang Jian raised his weapon to his chest level to block an attack coming from his back, only to find himself sent flying by the Gran’s mere strength .

Another Gran appeared in front of him and grabbed on his shoulder .


A piece of flesh was scraped off his body .


Wang Jian struggled . It somehow only delayed the inevitable .

The next moment, the sharp nail of a Gran beheaded Wang Jian . The huge impact bounced his head high in the air, which then dropped back hard onto the ground and rolled into a puddle .

Despite being a C-tier aptitude user, Wang Jian could not even die with his body intact .

In the end, out of the two hundred people that joined the ambush, only half of them had brought along a spatial waymark and managed to escape .

Normally, a party would retreat together through a proper spatial tunnel . But the Grans did not give them any opening to prepare one .

Just like how they had brutally massacred Gao Yukang’s team the last time .

More so, the Grans did not lose a single soldier after the battle . This greatly boosted their morale .

“Oh, lord! Look at this thing that I found!” One of the Grans exclaimed .

In his hand was a silver spatial rune equipment .

“Spatial stone!”

“I can’t believe spatial stones exist in this dimension!”

“Great! We can return home with this!”

They were thrilled by the new discovery .

But soon after, they turned grim after remembering their lost comrades .

Grans were a race that thrived by war and bloodshed .

“Why not have our kind come here instead?”

The other Grans looked at each other . Immense hatred began to emerge on their faces .

“That’s right!”

“Open the channel and let our kin in!”

“We should ask for more soldiers to colonize this dimension!”

“The species that dominates this dimension is not that strong!”

“If those are the best fighters they have, then they won’t stand a chance!”

The Grans excitedly discussed their takeover strategy .

Then, they ravaged the battlefield rapidly and gathered the spatial rune equipment . The amount was too little for the Grans to execute their grand plan .

But they were now fueled to kill and snatch more of them from the weaker human beings .

The newfound purpose enthused the Grans . They continued to approach human civilization .


At the same time, Lei Ying who returned to Longchuan in a bad shape immediately rushed to the certification hall to deliver the warning .

The merciless Grans were coming at them now!

Since there were so many humans in Colony Three, it was only time the Grans would find this place following Lei Ying’s trail .

Lei Ying shouted urgently once he stepped inside the hall, “I have intel for General Xu!”

Though C-tier and B-tier were only separated by one level, there was a huge gap between the two in terms of social status . Lei Ying did not have Xu Qing’s personal contact . The only way to reach higher personnel, like everyone else, is by coming to the certification hall .

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“Please wait for a while . I will inform the general now . ” One staff member said carefully and ran upstairs .

At the same time, many aptitude users had heard about the news and were gathered at the hall . They began to question him .

“Mr . Lei, what’s all this about?”

“Han, say something! Don’t leave us hanging!”

“Where’s Wang Jian? I saw him heading out with you all!”

Han Chengming and Liu Yi did not say anything and looked on in despair .

The death of a C-tier was a huge deal . To put it plainly, they had abandoned Wang Jian to bolt like a coward . If someone were to figure that out, they would be held responsible for his death .


Qin Feng was inside the training room to coach his mercenaries when Lei Ying was making a commotion at the hall .

His members looked at him admirably . They never expected Qin Feng to have such an in-depth insight into ancient martial arts .

Of course, Qin Feng did not teach them anything regarding ability . After all, his ability was gained through the Hell Stone, his absorption ability, as well as his otherworldly conscious power .

These were not the things you could just teach to someone . Thus, he could not do anything to help the ability users like Chen Xiang, who were struggling with their powers .

“Boss, we’ve got news!” Chen Xiang reported to Qin Feng after he received the development through the communicator .

“What news?”

Chen Xiang immediately told him about Lei Ying’s embarrassment .

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Qin Feng smirked . “Come, Bai Li . This is going to be interesting . ”

“Another mission? I thought we were running out of time?” Despite the complaint, Bai Li was ready to go .

“No . It’s just a show that I cannot miss . ”


Inside the certification hall, Xu Qing walked down and was shocked to see Lei Ying covered in blood .

“What happened?” Xu Qing asked solemnly .

Lei Ying gripped his hand and told him what they had gone through in the past few hours .

Xu Qing pulled a long face .

“Show me the video!”

“Sorry general . I didn’t get to do the recording just now as everything happened too quickly . Let me ask my men whether anyone got it on video . ”

Xu Qing was bemused to the point where he found this rather amusing .

“Lei Ying! Why didn’t you stay put to protect the colony in such a critical time? What’s going on in your goddamn mind? Ambush the enemy, really? If you can pull it off, then fine . But you came back to tell me that half of your team, including Wang Jian, are dead! Can you bear the consequences? It seems to me you are actually giving freebies to the enemy!” Xu Qing fired at him ceaselessly .

Lei Ying’s face could not be any darker . He had not been scolded like this for years . He resisted the urge to talk back . Veins could be seen pulsing visibly near his temple .

“Please use your f*cking brain! Qin Feng warned us yesterday that those monsters would not stop moving even though they had been attacked the night before . Do you think they would stay at the same place like an idiot to be bombed the second time?” Xu Qing was maddened by Lei Ying’s dumb action .

Some people among the crowd felt the heat too . After all, there were people like Lei Ying who had planned to take the same action . The only difference was that ly difference was that they did not move as fast as Lei Ying .

After all, they had seen how easily Qin Feng had managed to crash the Grans’ camp . If they were already injured, was it not a golden opportunity to finish them off with more people and more bombs?

No one had ever considered the possibility that the Grans could still easily overwhelm humans even when they were not in their best shape . They were relieved that Lei Ying, but not them, was the one who figured it out in the most tragic manner .