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Master of the End Times - Chapter 419

Published at 12th of November 2020 02:50:05 PM

Chapter 419: 419

Chapter 419: Post-battle Conflict

The remaining Grans had also sensed the unfavorable situation that they were in, and they immediately stopped diving down!

At that moment, the sun had already risen from the edge of the sky, darkness was casted away, and the land was brightened up by the lights .

Colony Three was filled with fresh blood and corpses, and it was like a dire battlefield .

Most importantly, the Grans who looked up to the sky had noticed that they were only left with several survivors .

“Ah ah ah ah!” The Grans cried out in an unusual way .

It was only after the long battle that they had noticed that the majority of them had not survived!

“Let’s fall back!”

The Grans broadcasted their conscious energy signal .

It was also received by the humans that had survived .

Everyone was shocked and in dismay .

Their communicators were immediately adjusted to capture the situation on the outside via the remaining drones .

Some of the Grans were seen again in the ruins of Colony Three, their numbers were easily identifiable by rough calculation .

Surprisingly, there were only about three hundred Grans that had survived .

Guang Wei and Xu Qing were still dealing with some Grans, and their movements were slowing down .

However, they still maintained their dominance .

As soon as the Grans began to fall back, Xu Qing and Guang Wei instantly felt relieved .

The Grans flew up high into the sky, and the B-tier aptitude users were also unable to pursue any further .

At that moment, aptitude users that were hidden gradually came out, however, they were shocked by the scene and forfeited the idea in pursuing further .

After all, they were only left with tens of C-tier aptitude users and more than a thousand D-tier aptitude users .

“General Wang, are you alright?” Qin Feng looked toward Wang Zhou and evaluated his condition .

Wang Zhou took a deep breath, and all he could feel was numbness, and the pain on his shoulder that had intensified to an unbearable level .

“I am alright, glad to have your assistance on this, you may check on the battlefield now!”

“It was my responsibility to contribute, now if you’ll excuse me!” Qin Feng nodded and immediately raised his hand to set the corpses of the Grans on fire, and the remaining energy cores were taken away .

As soon as the battle had ended, aptitude users returned to the scene again, they were energized and began to go for their loots .

As the looting spot had already been assigned accordingly, hence, there was an unspoken rule on the loot distribution .

However, there was nothing left on the streets where Qin Feng’s Fengli Mercenary Troop was at!

The reason was because of Qin Feng’s practice to burn off the corpses and retrieve the cores .

However, a large number of C and D-tiers had died within Colony Three .

Many of the streets were empty!

At that moment, the default was to distribute the remaining spatial rune equipment from the D and C-tiers that had died among the survivors .

Although it might seem to be cruel, however, it was an ideal compensation for the aptitude users that had gone through the tough battle .

Fortunes from the dead!

It was the most horrifying reward among all others .

The crowd acted quickly to be the first to claim their entitlement .

Members of the Fengli Mercenary Troop went toward different directions .

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As Qin Feng had played the core role throughout the battle, the Fengli Mercenary Troop had rarely appeared during the battle . Hence, they were able to secure zero casualties with only three heavily wounded members, and the mercenary outnumbered the others .

Compared to other mercenaries that had suffered plenty of losses, the Fengli Mercenary Troop was in a better state .

Qin Feng had cleaned up another street while there was no one there .

Vigorous flames burned down several corpses of the Grans, while several bodies of other aptitude users were being checked on .

Qin Feng frowned a little .

He had made sure that there was no one around before he got there, however, there was no spatial rune equipment left .

Only those that were still equipped on the body of the aptitude users were left .

Unfortunately, the majority of the spatial rune equipment was broken!

Qin Feng was struck by something, he remembered the spatial rune equipment that he had obtained during the bombings of the Grans’ camp .

All of a sudden, he had a bad feeling about it .

“Hopefully nothing bad will happen!”

At that moment, Qin Feng was alerted by his beeping communicator .

“Commander, we need you! We are facing the people from the Leitang Organization!” Gao Li reported the news .

Longchuan Colony Three was not a huge area; hence, Qin Feng was able to locate Gao Li’s location by spreading his conscious energy across .

Qin Feng travelled separately with Bai Li, and Bai Li was the first to arrive!

“Are you looking for trouble?” Bai Li drew out her spatial whip from her waist . “Do you have any idea what you have gotten yourself into?”

Lei Ying seemed to be extremely agitated .

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Being an ultra beast herself, Bai Li was also deceptive in nature, and her attractive appearance had protected her from exposing her powerful capabilities .

Also, those who were less capable would perceive Bai Li as a mighty figure, however, it would only take several days for them to forget all of it!

Hence, her presence would often be regarded differently!

Her solo encounter with Lei Ying had left him mad with rage .

Qin Feng was not the only one with great arrogance, and it was shocking for Bai Li who had always been calm and unbothered by anything to make such a provoking statement .

“Totally arrogant and conceited!”

Lei Ying was in high dudgeon .

All of a sudden, a gigantic arm protector equipped with a massive energy core appeared on Lei Ying’s right arm; from the appearance of it, it would at least be a D-tier emperor level item .

The entire spatial rune equipment was overflowing with imposing dominance as it gleamed with beaming purple lights .

“Try me, and I will strike you into charcoal!”

Bai Li seemed to be unbothered .

In the next moment, her spatial whip had already been lashed out .

Silver lights flickered and a spatial gap was formed .

Lei Ying was instantly shocked and stepped back .

“I dare you!!!”

Bai Li went ahead to attack!

A crucial mandate by the Human Alliance was to prohibit fights driven by greed for loot at the end of battles .

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At that moment, a terrifying presence shrouded everyone .

An ice cold aura struck everyone on the face, it was like mornings in the month of May, and it was as cold as the winter season .

“What are you doing? Tired of living? Unsatisfied with being a survivor of such a battle? I can fulfil your wish to end your life!”

It was Guang Wei .

The aptitude users immediately turned toward Guang Wei and greeted him .

“General Guang!”

Lei Ying seemed to have found an aid, an evil sneer was immediately reflected on his face .

“General Guang, as you have seen, it was them that have made the first move!”

At that moment, Qin Feng approached in a calm manner .

“She was just having fun with you; it’s surprising to see Director Lei being such a coward!”

Lei Ying immediately looked irritated and stared lividly at Qin Feng .

“Qin Feng, stop changing the topic, you have broken the rules, and you shall be punished!”

Qin Feng let out a cold sneer and answered, “What sort of rule, I did not know that such rules existed!”

“Are you really trying to break the rules? Conflicts driven by loot from post-battle are prohibited, is this your attempt of flagrant violation of the rules?”

Gao Li immediately shouted furiously, “Actually, we were here first, it seems like you are the one who is attempting to violate the rules by demanding that we leave!”

Lei Ying instantly targeted Gao Li with his conscious energy, and he was about to suppress Gao Li with his domineering energy .

However, he recalled the rules that had just been stated by himself and immediately stopped, and he gave Gao Li a cold stare .

It seemed to indicate his intention to take on his revenge at a later time .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng acted like he was genuinely surprised . “Is there such a rule? My apologies on that, those who were not aware of it should be forgiven, we should be the one at fault, my girlfriend and I have just awakened last year; being an elder yourself, Director Lei, could you just give a little leeway?”