Master of the End Times - Chapter 424

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Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Qin Feng the Wanted Criminal

Fu Wenjue had a slight smirk on his face as he said, “Guang Wei has his own plans . He’ll definitely commission you later as an apology, just bear with it!”

“Enough!” He Liming said coldly, “I don’t want his money . As for this incident, if there are any consequences, do not drag me into it! You and I are not allies!”

He then left in a fit of rage, but he knew that he had already been dragged into this debacle already .

At the very least, he was a silent participant of it .

Even he had a hunch that it was not something that would be resolved quickly!

If Guang Wei did not take down Qin Feng today, Qin Feng was going to come back stronger in the future!

Meanwhile, Qin Feng’s consciousness was disconnected from the consciousness connector, then he instantly took it off and stuffed it into his spatial rune equipment .

In the next moment, the communicators of two of the three people present suddenly rang .

Bai Li took a look at the notification and her eyes widened, as if she had just seen something unbelievable .

[Attention Bounty Hunters, Criminal: Qin Feng has been locked in!]

Before Bai Li had time to see what crime Qin Feng had committed, Li Zishan who had been sitting opposite the two abruptly laughed .

“I didn’t expect you to go down this road, Captain Qin!”

“You should have guessed what my choice would have been a long time ago!” Qin Feng sneered .

In fact, the moment she entered this room he had been on guard against her! This woman was known as the Human Alliance’s executioner .

Before his rebirth, that was, when he was 27 years old, Li Zishan was A-tier as well, a famous A-tier Gold rank bounty hunter . She did not distinguish between black or white, only figures .

And now, based on his memory, she should at least be C-tier in terms of strength .

That was why she was hiding her strength this entire time and came here pretending to be a special agent!

Just how much of this ploy was Lei Ying’s and how much of it was Guang Wei’s he did not know!

Qin Feng had instantly become a wanted criminal . He was on the bounty hunter network . Even his communicator and personal account were locked . Although it was impossible for people to take money from it, he could not either!

There was still 4 trillion in there and Qin Feng could only rejoice in the fact that he had already distributed the Fengli Mercenary Troop’s salaries!

As for Li Zishan?

She was going to pay for her overconfidence!

The two went on the offensive at the same time .

Li Zishan mobilized her consciousness and sent out a strong gust of wind that knocked aside everything in the room . In that burst of strong wind, two tornadoes wrapped around Qin Feng and Bai Li’s bodies .

Qin Feng had already wrapped his body with internal force by then and sent his body forward .

The tornado around him spun at breakneck speeds, his internal force letting out a harsh noise from the violent friction .

But this did not slow Qin Feng down .

Li Zishan’s heart skipped a beat, feeling that something bad was going to happen and immediately let the wind runes surround her body before backing away .

She moved very quickly!

But it was too late!

Qin Feng’s fist was faster and it crashed into Li Zishan’s abdomen!


Li Zishan felt her stomach concave before her internal organs were squished inside her . She had never suffered this much pain before, let alone experience such a powerful blow .

A terrifying surge of internal force raged through her body, and not only that, a tremendous force slammed her against the wall .


Even the solid wall could not withstand the impact of Qin Feng’s strength . Li Zishan was sent flying through the wall, leaving behind a large hole that led to the next room .

Qin Feng’s next door neighbour was Zheng Qian .

Before that, the vibrations of the two’s battle could be felt and Zheng Qian was shocked, completely unsure of what was going on .

Qin Feng zipped into Zheng Qian’s room . Needless to say, he was chasing Li Zishan .

Li Zishan suffered a lot of internal damage from Qin Feng’s punch, but aptitude users were extremely difficult to kill so she was not dead . However, she let out a scream the moment she saw him .


A violent gust of wind shattered Zheng Qian’s window, carrying Li Zishan out with it .

“What’s going on? What happened?” Zheng Qian was dumbfounded and asked, “Wasn’t that the person that was delivering the consciousness connector? Why are you fighting?”

Qin Feng coldly said, “There’s no time to explain . I’m afraid, starting today, I will become a fugitive . The role of Captain of the Fengli Mercenary Troop will be transferred to someone else under me . You can quit if you want, I won’t stop you . But don’t you worry, I will take back the future as governor of the Four Cities on the North Sea sooner or later!”

As soon as he finished saying so, he felt a terrifying presence .

It was Guang Wei .

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Murderous intent flashed in Qin Feng’s eyes but he knew that now was not the best time to take on Guang Wei .

“Bai Li, lets go!”

Bai Li nodded, and the two reappeared one hundred meters away in the next moment .

By the time Guang Wei had arrived, he had left empty-handed!

Qin Feng used internal force to carry his voice, “Today’s revenge will be repaid in the future, but don’t any of you start being arrogant . Whoever lays a hand on what’s mine will not see tomorrow’s dawn!”

The aptitude users who had not left Colony Three were all stunned .

Guang Wei’s face paled . He never expected Qin Feng to be so unscrupulous as to openly declare this matter to the public and embarrass him!

“Qin Feng, it’s still unclear if you will see tomorrow’s dawn!” Lei Ying looked at Qin Feng with a dark expression in the distance .

Qin Feng let out a chilling laugh, “It looks like you no longer want your hands!”

Bai Li’s power activated and the two immediately appeared beside Lei Ying, who was three hundred meters away .

Qin Feng’s internal force erupted abruptly .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Such an oppressive internal force, it definitely did not belong to a C-tier!

There was not a moment to show weakness against a C-tier like Lei Ying!

Lei Ying’s body froze and he instantly lost his balance .

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A weak point!

Qin Feng pulled out the Verdant Emperor Saber .

“Blazing Sky!”


This terrifying blade gave off an aura that Lei Ying was unable to evade from .

Lei Ying’s arm was sent flying .


When Guang Wei caught up, he was surrounded by icy blue runes . A cold current came and it was freezing cold in an instant, chilling to the bones!

A silver light enveloped Bai Li and soon Qin Feng and her shifted into another plane, avoiding this powerful attack before appearing elsewhere .

Li Zishan, who had already fled five hundred meters away in an instant, stared ahead at Qin Feng with horror .

Qin Feng had a bone-chilling grin on his face, it was like staring directly at a dead man .

“Blazing Sky!”


A powerful horizontal swing!

Li Zishan tried to maneuver out of the blade’s trajectory but the attack still connected!


A pair of legs fell down from the sky!