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Master of the End Times - Chapter 426

Published at 16th of November 2020 02:55:08 PM

Chapter 426

Chapter 426: The Return of the Grans

To the Fengli Mercenary Troop’s surprise, a hover copter appeared behind them ten minutes after they left in the combat hover copter .

“It’s Sky Dweller!”


“Captain has sent us a signal . Let’s descend!”

The mercenary troop landed quickly and surrounded Qin Feng when he alighted the Sky Dweller .

Because Qin Feng was currently being listed as a wanted criminal, everyone took down their communicators and hid it in their spatial rune equipment .

Of course, none of them would betray Qin Feng . But the communicator would automatically expose Qin Feng’s location to the bounty hunter network when it comes near the listed target .

Anyone could have easily tracked them down if they were paying close attention to the network . Guang Wei probably still had not given up on capturing Qin Feng, too .

“Captain, what’s going on? Why are you wanted all of a sudden?” One of the members asked cautiously .

They were very dependent on Qin Feng .

Qin Feng told them everything without any reserve .

Their faces changed drastically after listening to Qin Feng’s story .

“I did not think that Guang Wei would be such a b*tch!”

“I can’t believe he teamed up with Lei Ying of all people!”

“What an as*hole! I am reporting him to the Human Alliance!” Zheng Qian was the first to hear the news . She could not hold back her anger after learning the truth from Qin Feng .

Every member of this troop knew that Qin Feng was the biggest reason they were able to resist the Grans . However, not only did the Human Alliance not rightfully reward Qin Feng for his contribution but instead had asked him to surrender the spatial whip and 5 trillion as compensation . Utter nonsense!

Qin Feng, on the other hand, was unexpectedly calm . “They collaborated because they happened to have a common target, me . Guang Wei has his eyes on the spatial whip but he won’t be able to get it from me through brute force so this is his only way . On the other hand, Lei Ying would become the only dominant force around here once I am gone . The North Sea Desert has been declared safe and has the potential to develop into a great colony . It’s only natural that he yearns to take control of it . ”

“We can’t just let them have their way . There are still rules and regulations in the Human Alliance!”

Indeed, there were ample rules and written laws but these things were considered non-existent most of the time .

Only the strong one would have the final say .

Qin Feng did not bother to explain this and said solemnly, “Shortly speaking, I am unable to stay at this place for long . Guang Wei is perhaps still lurking around somewhere nearby . So it’s important for you all to listen carefully to what I have got to say next . ”

Everyone else shut their mouth and looked at Qin Feng attentively .

“Before my communicator was canceled, I managed to transfer the captain position to a trusted friend of mine . His name is Zhou Hao . He has just reached E-tier and wouldn’t be able to lead you all . When I am gone, you are free to leave the mercenary . I don’t wish for my predicament to affect anyone in this troop . ”

The troop immediately objected after Qin Feng said that .

“What are you talking about! How could we leave you at such a moment?”

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“We won’t leave the troop! Just take it as a temporary hiatus for the mercenary troop!”

“Captain, we follow you because of governor Gao . After you avenged him, we have vowed not to follow anyone else other than you!”

Some of them were also concerned about Qin Feng’s next step . Gao Li walked out and asked directly, “What are you going to do? Since you are being wanted by the Human Alliance, does that mean you only have one place to go to?”

Though the Human Alliance appeared to have the most control over the world, the Dark Coalition had a large territory as well .

Only that the condition there was viler and more unforgiving .

“Captain, are you going to the Devil Capital?”

The Devil Capital was a place as mysterious and legendary as Dragon Capital .

Qin Feng laughed . “I am not fit to go there just yet . ”

The strongest aptitude users, the S-tiers, gathered at both the Devil and Dragon Capitals . Unless he had reached B-tier, otherwise Qin Feng would not risk his life going to such treacherous places .

“I might be going to the City of Death instead . ”

A fitting city for the deserters that had nowhere else to go .

It was a city of crime . A lot of felonies from the Human Alliance would seek refuge there . So bounty hunters from the Human Alliance do visit the place frequently to hunt down wanted criminals .

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Other than that, the biggest threat there was not more than B-tier . So it suited Qin Feng better .

“Captain, bring us there . The Human Alliance might eat their word when you are not around!” Gao Li requested .

It was pretty straightforward for Gao Li . He was no longer a normal human but a mutant, although he had not experienced any repercussions for the past few months .

Thus, he felt safer alongside Qin Feng rather than living in the Human Alliance’s territory . He no longer felt like he belonged to the human society .

But Qin Feng replied to him coldly, “Do you think I will never make it back?”

Seeing that Qin Feng was irked, Gao Li immediately shut his mouth . Others dared not speak another word too .

Qin Feng vowed solemnly, “I will definitely repay them for what they have done to me today!” He suddenly felt that it’s rather merciful to kill Lei Ying just like that . The sweetest revenge would be to strip everything he ever had, including his dignity .

“If you insist on staying, then lay low and build on your strength while I am away . I will be back in less than half a year . I will not let others take what’s rightfully mine!”


They were all staring at him admirably . Though he was still only a teenager, they were willing to bet on his limitless potential .

“We should dismiss now . Remember, don’t ever go back to Colony Three, even when there is impressment . Understand?” Qin Feng reminded them coldly .

They thought that Qin Feng was worried about them being caught by Guang Wei and might be used by him to further smear Qin Feng’s name . They did not wish to become Qin Feng’s burden by any means .

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Qin Feng and Bai Li left hastily in the Sky Dweller .

The rest of them then left reluctantly, wondering when only would they rendezvous with their beloved captain .

Some of them took out the communicator and were shaken by the emergency transmission on it .

“Look! Something serious is happening at Longchuan!”

The others quickly took out the communicator, which was emitting a deafening alarm now . Longchuan Colony Three was in a state of emergency, and a video had been sent to every communicator .

The horrifying Floating City had arrived above Colony Three . Their army was massive with a few hundred thousand soldiers seen surrounding the city .

Other than the video, they also received a telepathic signal delivered by the invaders .

Surrender to the Grans!

The humans wondered whether “Grans” was the name of the intelligent species or their civilization . But this daunting word had reached the Human Alliance by now .

Zheng Qian and Chen Xiang looked at each other after receiving the emergency call for reinforcement .

“Do you think our captain has actually foreseen this?”

“I think it’s just a plain coincidence . ”

“Then, should we go back?”

That was undoubtedly a huge dilemma .