Master of the End Times - Chapter 438

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Chapter 438: 438

Chapter 438: Charge Through The Secret Tower of Death

They were all instructed by the black-robed men to intercept Jin Fei, they did not expect that the three people that had tried would be killed by Qin Feng!

Of course, now they saw that Qin Feng was not a force to mess with .

So that meant they could only target Jin Fei .

A group of aptitude users rushed forward, surrounding Qin Feng .

Jin Fei was pale with fright . When attacked by a group of D-tiers, it would be impossible for him to fight back, he would not even get a chance to make a move .

But he would soon find out that he was worrying too much!

Qin Feng’s internal force was abnormally strong!

Seven people attacked him, yet nobody could break through his defenses but when Qin Feng made a move, a person would lose their life .

Since he was tied to Jin Fei, he was worried that the other would not be able to keep up with his speed . That was why he did not use any airhopping footworks nor did he use Dark Shadows .

He completely took everyone head on!

“Fire Dragon!”

With a roar, a huge fire dragon appeared out of thin air .

The dragon spiraled around Qin Feng, whoever was too close was knocked away by it .

The fire dragon was under Qin Feng’s control, and unreasonably hard to get rid of . His consciousness was on the same level as a beast king’s . The moment the fire dragon exploded, all seven people had their defenses shattered before the entanglement effect even took place .

Without hesitating, he raised his hand .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

All the seven were pulled toward Qin Feng, the internal force in their dantian flowed like water from a broken dam .


Qin Feng’s body shuddered and sent everyone flying .

Boom boom boom!

Seven ancient warriors crashed onto the ground and died .

It was not just that, since their bodies no longer had energy in them they were quickly eaten away by the destructive storm around them .

Qin Feng kept on moving forward and was about to reach the 5th level but suddenly a wave of water rushed toward them .

This time, Jin Fei was even more terrified .

“That’s Zhao Miao, a D6-tier ability user, get out of the way before we get knocked off the platform!’ Jin Fei exclaimed .

On the Secret Tower of Death, jumping straight down definitely did not increase the speed of a person’s descent . By the 20th floor, the terrifying destructive force would have reached a point where it was difficult to complete

If someone were to rush straight toward the 25th floor, if they did not have enough strength to climb back up they might as well be dead .

But Qin Feng abruptly grabbed Jin Fei’s arm, and in the next moment, the wave crashed into both of them .

As this was from top to bottom, the impacting force was very strong . They ended up crossing several hundred meters .

When Qin Feng stood up again, he found himself standing on the 8th level in the blink of an eye!

Not only did he just pass through the 5th level, he also went through two more additional levels and had become the first person to reach the 8th level .

And it just so happened that the C-tier beast king crystal core that was rotated away had returned!

With a twitch of his consciousness, Qin Feng plucked the core up and dragged it into his hands .

After being grinded against the stairs and the wind, Qin Feng noticed that the core had become noticeably smaller and its energy was fading fast . If it were not for Qin Feng picking it up, then this item would have become even smaller and lost even more power .

Qin Feng looked up, seeing the dumbfounded water ability user staring back at him .


Qin Feng hoisted Jin Fei up and continued to move .

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The people behind him all stared daggers at Qin Feng, as he just took away what they were dreaming about .

They started to pick up the pace, rushing downward as well .

But Qin Feng was still taking things slow, even waiting a long time for the steps between the 8th and 9th level to align properly before descending .

On the 9th level, there was a piece of material with D-tier king-level rarity . There was a lot of good loot on this level so Qin Feng would naturally clear it out!

“Wow, this is… good stuff!”

“Hmm . This is probably worth 40 billion . ”

“The priceless Juntian Steel, this is rare!”

Qin Feng was casually inspecting what he found, like he was at a supermarket .

Jin Fei on the other hand kept looking left and right .

“Sir, sir, they’re coming, lets go!” Jin Fei urged .

At first, he hated Qin Feng for dragging him down here . Now he was urging Qin Feng because he just wanted this to be over already .

Qin Feng nodded and hopped down, stepping onto the 10th level!

This was a new checkpoint .

Jin Fei arriving here had increased the bet by ten fold .

The black-robed men started to become nervous . They checked their records and found no sign of anyone having bet that Jin Fei would reach there and suddenly felt relieved .

The others who have placed their bets were starting to regret their decision . If only they had known number 177 was so incredible, and he was bringing number 444 along, they would have bet on him a long time ago!

Qin Feng’s speed increased, and the force around him was getting stronger and stronger .


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Some items were picked up by the storm and flung outward .

The people in the Secret Tower of Death, due to the constant rotation of the tower, were soon separated by the moving platforms . They were also hoping that they would get lucky and have materials roll their way as well .

But it was at this moment where the materials all seemed to roll back toward where Qin Feng was .

“That’s consciousness manipulation!”

“B*stard! How is his consciousness so strong?”

“Isn’t he only D-tier? He could even use runes while under the consciousness suppression of the Tower, and normally it would only reach tens of meters!”

The others were puzzled by this .

If it were someone else, ten meters of reach would be expected but Qin Feng was different .

Qin Feng’s consciousness, even when suppressed, could reach up to one hundred meters .

“Lets kill him!”

Everyone locked onto Qin Feng .

“Boss, run!”

In his moments of terror and hopes of survival, Jin Fei had changed from despising Qin Feng to trusting him wholeheartedly for the sake of not dying .

He did not even think that they would reach the 10th level of the tower .

Qin Feng did not delay, bringing Jin Fei with him as he went down .

11th, 12th, 13th…

Qin Feng was picking up his pace!

14th, 15th!

When Qin Feng reached another checkpoint, the bet on Jin Fei had skyrocketed by fifty times, but nobody bet on him from the start!

Now, those people would have to sit with regret in their bellies .

The others who wanted to attack Qin Feng no longer tried to go forward .

The 15th floor was essentially a whirlpool of horror!

They would have to brace against that destructive energy and return from it . If they were not careful they would die on the spot .

Moreover, among the five hundred people descending the tower . Half of them would never be able to withstand the 15th floor .

They all hovered around the 10th floor, eyes shining with greed .

‘Let him go and see how far he can get!’

‘It’s way too early for a hard fight anyway!’

‘When 177th comes back with the loot, I’ll kill him and all the treasure will be mine!’

That was what went through most people’s minds, giving up their chase but paying attention to him once in a while to see if he would come back!

Besides these people, there were some who had to descend .

They were heavily betted on by the C-tier bosses . They were all lackeys!

So all they needed to do was reach a certain point in the tower .

For a while, the people on the tower jumped down and marched on, the further forward, the fewer the numbers .

Qin Feng was still moving forward . In the blink of an eye, he had reached the 20th level .