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Master of the End Times - Chapter 441

Published at 25th of November 2020 02:55:12 AM

Chapter 441

Chapter 441: Taking In Jin Fei

If intense stares could kill a person, Qin Feng would have died a hundred times over .

Qin Feng turned a blind eye to everyone around him!

“It’s over already! Bai Li, claim your bet!”

Bai Li, Qin Feng, with Jin Fei in tow, all walked toward the black-robed men .

No one else moved . The audience was silent .

Jin Fei did not even dare speak, his lips were pursed and his face was pale with fright .

The black-robed men gave the signal that it was time to claim their bets, but everyone present knew that there was only one winner .

It was Bai Li, or more like it was Qin Feng, the one who was behind it all!

They were given four very large rings . The rings contained space up to 100 cubic meters with energy credits neatly stacked inside .

It was exactly 4 trillion!

“Congratulations,” one of the black-robed men spoke with a mild mannered tone, but peered searchingly at Qin Feng .

“Young people have a bright future!”

That was merely admiration . It did not mean anything else .

Originally, if Qin Feng had gained the money, the forces of the City of Death’s duke would be definitely angry at him, but in the end, everything turned out differently .

The reason being that he had killed everyone!

Therefore, the money of these C-tier bosses were all lost .

They had invested hundreds of billions . With so many people participating, the amount of money accumulated was shocking .

10 trillion!

And Qin Feng had only just won 4 trillion, but it could be said that the black-robed men had also earned a lot .

Remembering that Qin Feng had the ability to take on C-tiers, the black-robed men understood his approach .

He was not trying to pull the teeth from a tiger’s mouth, but was being selective and careful . He sabotaged the C-tiers without tipping the city duke’s scales .

The duke of the city was a B-tier and Qin Feng did not want to provoke him, but it was impossible for other people to compete against him .

Cunning, courageous and powerful!

Qin Feng had only come to the Secret Tower of Death once and it was already impressive!

Of course, this matter would not end there . Whatever kind of revenge that would be taken out on Qin Feng depended on the C-tier .

It was impossible to say who could kill you .

“The tower has ended, do the others not want to claim their bets?”

After these words, other people finally began to move . There were some C-tiers who had bet on Jin Fei and some D-tiers who put their bets on Qin Feng after hearing the news .

But the money they received was very little, they all collectively only took away 800 billion! The rest of the money was taken away by the black-robed men!

The Secret Tower of Death had officially ended!

The spatial passage was opened up by the black-robed men!

This time, the C-tiers did not take the lead, but instead stared at Qin Feng .

Qin Feng did not care . He held Bai Li’s hand with his left and dragged Jin Fei forward by the sleeve of his shirt with the other .

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With a bright flash of silver light, Qin Feng disappeared into the spatial passage .

“That person needs to die!”

A C-tier slammed his fist into his chair’s armrest, causing the solid wood to instantly shatter .

Other people were equally angry .

“Everyone, please leave first . You may settle your grievances at your own time!” One of the black-robed men spoke up .

These C-tier bosses knew that Qin Feng had offended them today but did not offend the City of Death’s duke and even actually aided the other party .

Simply despicable!

However, these people had no choice but to get up and leave .

When they left the passage, Qin Feng, Bai Li and Jin Fei naturally disappeared .

In a secluded dark corner, with dark runes enveloping them, nobody would be able to find Qin Feng and the other two .

He took out a spatial ring and released four cubic meters of energy credits in front of Jin Fei .

40 billion!

“Right, I’d said it before . All of these are yours!” Qin Feng said, “Don’t worry about people seeing us, I have sealed away vision with my dark ability . Of course, the way forward is your own!”

Jin Fei was breathing heavily, and his heart was beating so fast that it could crack his ribcage .

He did not know what to think, maybe he had too many thoughts, but his mind was completely blank .

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It happened very suddenly, Jin Fei stirred and knelt on the ground with a thump .

“Sir, I don’t want this money . I hope I can stay with you and be your apprentice!”

It was normal to learn from a master in the City of Death, they did not have academies for it after all . Ancient martial arts was usually taught in martial arts halls but apprenticeship required a lot of money and there were many places that were just frauds .

But Jin Fei knew that Qin Feng was not a fraud .

“You have money . You can do whatever you want!”

“I can’t keep the money! Those big guys would definitely not let me go!” Jin Fei said .

That was a fact!

Even so, Qin Feng believed that Jin Fei could do better .

However, if the future King of Killers wanted to be his apprentice then it was kind of a good thing, Qin Feng would not reject him!

Jin Fei had lived in the City of Death since he was a child . He had his own rules of survival and when he saw a chance, he would cling to it with a deathgrip . Qin Feng’s appearance had changed the path of his original fate!

There was no doubt that this was a great opportunity for Jin Fei .

His gaze was firm, even if he had to risk his life, he would do it .

“Please, Sir . I’m begging you!”

“Get up!” Qin Feng reached out with a hand and hoisted Jin Fei up .

Jin Fei’s eyes suddenly lit up .

“So you’ve agreed then? Then let this disciple bow to his master one more time!”

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Jin Fei was about to kneel again but Qin Feng pulled him up .

“I didn’t say anything about taking you as my disciple, I’m younger than you!” At this point, the only excuse that existed in Qin Feng’s quiver was his age!

Jin Fei was taken aback .

Whether it was height or looks, Qin Feng had a mature look on his face . Probably not any older than Jin Fei . The most important thing was that Qin Feng was way too strong!

“I can take you into my mercenary troop, but you don’t have an identity in the outside world so we’ll discuss that when we get there!” Qin Feng said .

Jin Fei trembled all over when he heard that . “Get there? Me? I can go out, leave the City of Death?”

“Of course . The strong can travel the world!” Qin Feng said matter-of-factly .

Jin Fei was shocked to his core at those words, they resounded through his mind like an echo, or an earthquake .

His state of mind suddenly increased, reaching a new height as the shackles of the City of Death were completely removed .

“Let’s go!” Qin Feng said .

“Okay, Boss!” Jin Fei followed behind Qin Feng, who took out the Silver Bolt . Jin Fei did not know how to drive, so he had to sit in the back .

Although his mood had improved, he was still a little bit envious, like a child looking at someone with new toys .

The hovercar quickly sped to the villa area and Qin Feng returned to Liu Dong’s villa . By now, the door’s been repaired and there were a group of maids waiting outside .

“Welcome home, Sir!” The women said in unison .

Jin Fei was blocked from entering .

Qin Feng furrowed his brow and waved his hand, “Scatter . All of you!”

These women anxiously moved away, and Jin Fei was looking in all directions .