Master of the End Times - Chapter 442

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Chapter 442

Chapter 442: Returning Once Again

Jin Fei quickly frowned .

He whispered, “Boss, why are you here? You offended so many C-tiers and this person lives in such a remote place . His strength shouldn’t be considered very strong, right?”

The City of Death had a strict hierarchy, and only C-tiers could live in villas .

Jin Fei recognized C-tiers from the first glance and remembered their faces, but he had never known the locations of where they lived .

After all, he could not come here . If he were found, he would definitely be killed!

Qin Feng replied, “No, this is my villa now!”

Jin Fei was surprised .

“Aren’t villas only exclusively meant for C-tier big bosses?”

“Well, the previous owner was indeed a C-tier!” Qin Feng had a faint smile on .

“Then, is he your friend?” Even if that was the case, it was still impossible to fix the amount of trouble Qin Feng was in right now!

Qin Feng obviously did not care . “No, I killed him!”

Jin Fei was speechless .

The conversation carried on to other things as the two walked into the villa . It was very spacious and luxurious and Jin Fei had noticed it from the outside .

Even if Jin Fei was an E-tier now, he was still alive because he was cautious . When in the City of Death, unless one had a proper network of eyes, ears and hands, they could die at any time .

“Boss, the one who died, it couldn’t be Liu Dong could it?” Jin Fei’s mind raced as he recalled what happened yesterday .

Several of Liu Dong’s men died in an alley and in the end Liu Dong himself was killed by a newly arrived D-tier!

A D-tier killing a C-tier, something like that was horrifying news, yet equally exciting .

It was an event that defied the established order of things .

“Yes it is!” Qin Feng replied .

With that affirmation, Jin Fei became excited all over but he quickly cooled down and became nervous .

“Boss, even if you could kill Liu Dong, it would be best not to stay in the City of Death . Earning this bit of money should be enough and it’s better if we leave!”

Leaving the capital with that much money would still leave them with plenty of it to squander!

“Don’t worry, everything will be handled by tonight!” Qin Feng said .

Jin Fei still had questions but Qin Feng did not feel like continuing the conversation . He arranged a room for Jin Fei and went to the practice room, sitting down cross-legged .

He killed too many people today!

Now, Qin Feng’s dantian was already full of clusters of internal force! Fortunately, he had enough clusters already . These newly added clusters could not be moved yet .

He killed more than two hundred people today . Among them, only a dozen were ability users but there were a whole slew of ancient warriors . In the end, he did not even get to absorb their internal force .

His entire dantian was filled up already!

“Ability, Consume!”

The clusters of internal energy in his dantian began to flow out, passing into the meridians and widening them while some seeped into his consciousness and flowed back in .

His internal force surged again .

70 clusters of internal energy!

This number was already comparable to a C7-tier ancient warrior!

After stabilizing his turbulent internal force, Qin Feng checked his earnings for today .

There were many things! None of them were cheap!

Having hunted down and killing everyone and almost getting 10 trillion could be considered as a good haul . He also remembered that there were still plenty of things that he had not cleaned out from the tower .

Those were the most valuable!

Even if the event was over, Qin Feng was not sure if the people in charge had left, so it was not convenient to enact his plan just yet .

Meanwhile, somewhere else, there were a group of people gathered around one another .

They were all C-tiers .

“This Qin Feng’s got an extensive background!”

“Definitely not a weakling!”

“Has everyone finished thinking about it? Sending some D-tiers to him would just end up with them being killed . We need to take action!”

“He killed Liu Dong . In order to make this foolproof we need to send some more!”


After going over their plans, everyone decided that tonight was the best time to strike .

Time passed by very quickly . It was different from Longchuan City, but it was summer back then and it would be a long time before it was dark, but in the City of Death, it was dark out by 4 o’clock .

Night had come .

Qin Feng walked out of the practice room .

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“Bai Li . Lets go!” He said .

Bai Li’s eyes lit up in that instant and she said, “We’re going to look for treasures?”

Whatever Qin Feng called treasure were definitely good things . It seemed that Bai Li had also sensed that there were good things inside the Secret Tower of Death, and those were not the items that Qin Feng had received . Those were just damaged D-tier and C-tier materials .

Qin Feng originally wanted to go somewhere else, but after hearing Bai Li’s words he asked, “Can you feel if there’s anyone still in that space? Or if they have any place to monitor it?”

Bai Li shook her head . “No one’s there . The place we were at today was a connected space . Uh, how do I put this…” She gestured, trying to describe it, “The place people go to before they enter the Secret Tower of Death and the Secret Tower of Death itself are two different spaces . That space is floating, but only when the tower opens a spatial passage would it be connected to that small patch of space . Now that the space is gone, that means that nobody’s there!”

Qin Feng had not really understood how space worked, but so long as nobody was there to pass on the news to the city duke then everything would be fine!

“Then, let’s go now!” Qin Feng said .

Bai Li nodded quickly and with a flash of silver light, a spatial passage appeared .

Qin Fen and Bai Li stepped in .

In the blink of an eye, Qin Feng stepped into the Secret Tower of Death again .

Since afternoon, the destructive storm around the tower had become even wilder .

The safe space where the audience was before had disappeared and it seemed that the ashes and trash in the area were gone as well, destroyed by the storm .

There were still some things being tossed around in the gale and were under the threat of total destruction under the constant rotation . These things emitted powerful energy and even Qin Feng did not have a name for some of them .

“Go . I can’t move from here or else the storm will get stronger!”


Qin Feng did not hesitate as he wrapped internal force around himself . His power had doubled since he last entered the tower and his consumption rate had been reduced . His feet suddenly moved!

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“Dragon Steps!”


The hurricane that he rushed into seemed to carry with it the roar of a dragon .

He was met with huge resistance, as if being blocked by a powerful repelling force, but his body was as solid as stone, his strength infinite and his feet moving quickly, carrying him past ten levels in the blink of an eye!

20th level!

30th level!

40th level!

Within half a minute, he had reached the 45th level!

This was already the center of the storm and things were flying around him .


Qin Feng locked onto an object . It seemed so familiar!


The forever indestructible dawnstar!

Then his consciousness abruptly spread out .

“Eversun Steel? Geo Heart? And this…this is Hongmeng fruit?”

These things could not be measured by the standards of this Earth, the strongest ones would be placed as S-tier .

Qin Feng’s heart was moved and he grabbed everything he could!