Master of the End Times - Chapter 449

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Chapter 449

Chapter 449: Ability, Absorb!

Qin Feng was at the tower again for the items that were unretrievable by the others, then he returned to his villa .

Surprisingly, most of them were cores and furs of ultra beasts, and the item with the highest grade was a shattered B-tier beast king core .

With that, it was already insanely horrifying!

As soon as it was placed in hand, Qin Feng was able to feel the horrifying energy that was being embedded within!

Qin Feng took a deep breath and absorbed it directly .

The energy immediately merged into his body while his physical capabilities were constantly being enhanced .

The constant killings and practicing of Qin Feng had driven the improvements of his internal strength, and he was just a little short from achieving C-tier, however, his physical energy growth had been halted .

“Killings would only build my internal strength but not physical capabilities, therefore, ultra beasts would have stronger physical capabilities than ancient warriors!”

“Ultra beasts would have enhanced physique; however, they are lacking in internal strength, both features do not come together!”

“It is a bigger trouble for aptitude users to have too little conscious energy, and it is also difficult to get them from high tier gunners, perhaps, moving forward, it will be necessary to collect some ultra beast cores!”

Qin Feng pondered while his ability continued its work .

Massive amounts of energy were constantly accumulated within Qin Feng’s body .

Despite having a shattered B-tier beast king core, Qin Feng’s tier did not move up .

Fortunately, there was an abundance of those items .

“Ability, absorb!”



Every consumable item was being absorbed by Qin Feng .

Then, Qin Feng felt that his physical capability had arrived at a turning point .

In the next moment, Qin Feng’s aura was exploding .

It was no longer restricted and hidden, it was horrifying, and a glimpse of it was already sufficient to intimidate the others .

Such majestic presence .


Qin Feng had advanced to a higher tier!


Continuous explosions took place on his body while his aura began to consolidate .

“D6-tier, not enough!”

Qin Feng immediately took out ten cubic meters of energy cubes .

It was specially purified to contain an intense amount of energy that could promote growth on conscious energy and internal strength .

Furthermore, it was also comparable with some of the high-grade pills .

The energy cubes were constantly produced by aptitude users for rapid consumption; hence, it was fixed at a constant price and had minimal fluctuations, and it was also recognized as a physical currency .

Of course, Qin Feng was about to consume the energy cubes that he had taken out .

“Ability, absorb!”

The energy was instantly absorbed by Qin Feng, the evaporated energy cubes were like concentrated gases that were immersed into his body; then, it solidified into water, and flowed into his dantian .

There were already ninety-seven pools of solidified energy within Qin Feng’s dantian, they were all from the days of killings that he had; hence, it would not be too exaggerated to presume that Qin Feng had undergone leaps and bounds of improvement in his internal strength .

At that moment, the ten cubic meters of energy cubes had accumulated into a pool of internal strength within Qin Feng’s body .


Another ten cubic meters of energy cube had disappeared .

Then, Qin Feng took out the third batch .

Within the blink of an eye, three hundred billion worth of energy cubes were being consumed!

The amount of internal strength within Qin Feng’s body had accumulated to its maximum level .

“Asteroid Assimilation, congeal!”

Within seconds, a hundred pools of internal strength were being instantly solidified and sank underneath Qin Feng’s dantian, then it formed into a pool of deep water .

Liquified pool, internal strength advancement, C-tier!

Qin Feng’s internal strength had reached new heights .

There were still some remaining from the hundred pools of internal strength, another round increased the height of the pool by about ten centimeters .

In ancient warrior terms, it would be recognized as a double pool of deep water .

It was equivalent to the amount of internal strength being used by a C2-tier ancient warrior .

Qin Feng’s ability to absorb had allowed every of his internal strength advancements to top the achievements of all ancient warriors!

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There was no exception on it .

A hundred pools of internal energy had multiplied into pools of deep water that was ten times of the amount, it was equivalent to the peak of the internal strength of a C-tier .

In total, Qin Feng’s internal strength had not changed, and it was the capacity of his dantian that had grown massively, and his capability had also undergone qualitative change!

“I am fortunate to have the absorption ability, or else, it would be impossible to gain three pools of water by absorbing three hundred billion worth of energy cubes, an ordinary ancient warrior might require ten years to complete the absorption, and with that huge sum of money, they would most probably opt for pills!”

“Undamaged absorption ability is truly overwhelming!” Qin Feng felt satisfied with every usage of his absorption ability, for him, it was the greatest gift for his rebirth .

Without wasting any time, Qin Feng continued his practice on Godwill Atlas, Overcast Dragon, and others .

Qin Feng had also gone into ability runes research .

There was still room to magnify the explosive energy of his ability runes .

Qin Feng would need to utilize such abilities to battle against greater threats in the future .

Since then, Qin Feng had been absent from the Secret Tower of Death for an entire month, however, with the items obtained from the tower, he had been achieving steady improvements in his capabilities .

Throughout the month, his two trillion worth of investment in the firearm factory had also secured a huge success for him, the research work had produced an insanely terrifying machine .

Due to the massive size of the machine, Qin Feng had even shifted the factory from its original location to a new location at the peak of the Death Valley .


“Boss, there is a test flight to be done at the factory today! The car is ready outside!”

Jin Fei reminded Qin Feng with full respect; throughout the entire month of serving Qin Feng, Jin Fei had obtained the mantra to practice Overcast Dragon, and by utilizing the neigong, his capability had skyrocketed . Furthermore, he represented Qin Feng as his spokesperson in the City of Death .

Certainly, it had been a month, and he was already able to drive!

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“Hmm, let’s go!” Qin Feng nodded .

“Are we going to look at the new hover copter? It has taken quite some time, and I wonder what it would look like!” Bai Li was also eager to find out the outcome of the research work .

Qin Feng laughed, “It is not a hover copter!”

“Oh? I will definitely need to take a look!” Bai Li answered .

Jin Fei opened the door for both of them to enter, and he continued to drive into the City of Death, after a short while, they had arrived at the exit of the city .

The exit was strictly monitored by guards; however, they were immediately alerted by the appearance of the car and were afraid to cause any trouble .

Jin Fei immediately took out a small pouch and threw it onto the desk of the guards .

Tickets were required to pass through the exits of the city, and nobody could be exempted from it, not even C-tiers; those who thought that they could be treated differently would often end up with deaths that were associated with unknown reasons .

Of course, one could still choose not to pay, however, it would be best to not return to the city anymore .

Therefore, everyone would try not to violate the rules .

Although it was not the first time for Jin Fei to drive out from the city, he still felt excited as soon as they had passed through the exit .

Soon, they transited into combat copters and flew out from the Death Valley, where they travelled in between both sides of the valleys .

In less than ten minutes, there were rows of massive factories that appeared before the eyes of Qin Feng and the others .

Bai Li was curious about the place .

Someone else was already there waiting for the helicopter to land .

“Mister Qin!”

“Mister Qin!”

Of course, Qin Feng was welcomed by the operator of the factory, Guo Guan .