Master of the End Times - Chapter 450

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Chapter 450: 450

Chapter 450: Aircraft Launching Flight

Despite having weaker capabilities, Guo Guan had always been a helpful aid for Long San with his widespread knowledge that could surpass the science researchers .

He was the main contributor in the machine manufacturing that was ordered by Qin Feng .

“Mister Qin, I am confident that you will not be disappointed this time!”

Guo Guan seemed to be assured by the outcome of his work, and he was like a mad scientist that was obsessed with his experiments .

He pressed gently onto the remote control that was in his hand, the rooftop of a factory instantly folded back, while the walls that they were facing began to curve and were stacked onto each other, the machine that was centered in the factory was revealed and showcased to everyone .

Surprisingly, it was an elliptical aero-dynamic bodied aircraft!

“This is the result of our research, an aircraft that is three hundred meters in length, forty meters in height, has four layered decks, and is capable of carrying up to a thousand passengers!”

“Of course, this is not a commercial aircraft for guests, and it has its own extremely powerful firearm systems!”

“Centered with the most powerful central cannon, combined with three sub-canons, and thirty impact cannons, it is also equipped with countless numbers of openings that will allow additions of large caliber firearms to take on close combat!”

“It is also equipped with solo combat openings, of course, for space saving purposes, I am only using combat aircrafts that are only compatible with spatial rune equipment . ”

“Distance travelled by the combat aircrafts would usually be calculated in hours, however, with the strong hovering capability of the aircraft, it would be calculated in days . ”

“Furthermore, the consumption is highly affordable, with such top-tier transporting equipment, you can be anywhere in the world!”

Guo Guan could not resist his urge to explain and showcase every feature of the aircraft .

Qin Feng raised his hand and took a glance at the time shown on his communicator, and he interrupted Guo Guan’s explanation .

“Alright, enough of the features, it is better to take a look myself!”

Guo Guan was enjoying his time explaining the features, after all, it was his first flight on the aircraft, obviously, he was bouncing off the walls .

“Alright! Boss, this way!”

Guo Guan led the crowd and entered the aircraft .

It was well equipped with all sorts of facilities, the luxurious accommodation on the highest deck was definitely for Qin Feng and Bai Li, there were still other four suites available for guests, or it could also accommodate other higher management personnel .

There were also single rooms and dorms, locked up rooms for slaves, main operation room, and other facilities .

Despite its small size, the aircraft had definitely put every available space to full use!

Perhaps, warships that were travelling the ocean would look similar to this!

Then, Qin Feng went into the cockpit that was filled with countless buttons and dials, furthermore, it was also equipped with conscious energy sensing facilities that were specially prepared for gunners .

Guo Guan took a seat on the pilot seat and instructed another E-tier aptitude user to take on the co-pilot seat, soon they were about to take off .

Such a massive machine would certainly require a strong gunner to drive out its full capabilities .

Qin Feng was assigned to the commanding seat, however, there were not any controlling options for him .

It was genuinely the spot for the commander, however, at the moment, it was still a sweet spot to observe .

However, the spacious seat was enough for both Qin Feng and Bai Li to sit together .

Jin Fei found a corner seat for himself .

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“Preparation completed, your instruction please!”

Guo Guan informed Qin Feng that he was ready for the take off .

“Let’s fly to the east for a while!” Qin Feng casually commanded .

Guo Guan also casually turned on the aircraft .

It was a very stable aircraft that could even keep a bottle still without any swaying, it ascended from the ground and began to fly up to the sky .

Despite its limited speed, the overall flying experience was very comfortable and there was no interruption of unpleasant noise .

It was all because of the massive engine that was provided by Qin Feng, and it was from the Floating City!

Indeed, it was such a waste to mount the engine of the Floating City into an aircraft .

Then, the aircraft went full speed toward the east direction, coincidentally, there was a bunch of E-tier flying ultra beasts .

Guo Guan did not plan to avoid them, and he reacted with an arrogant suggestion, “Boss, should we take these ultra beasts down?!”

Qin Feng smiled, and he did not wish to reveal Guo Guan’s intention .



Guo Guan immediately controlled the side wings to initiate the weapons, there was a glimpse of shining light and the flying ultra beasts were instantly penetrated by the lights and killed .

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There were more than three hundred of them, and they covered a large area in the sky; usually, even the D-tiers would choose to avoid clashing with such a large group of ultra beasts .

However, it had only taken about ten minutes to wipe them off, and it had definitely showcased the powerful combat system of the aircraft .

Then, Guo Guan sent down another two combat aircrafts to collect the loot!

Of course, it was rather time consuming to collect the loot as the aircraft would need to descend to hover at twenty meters above the ground, it was about the height of a building with six floors, even the plants from outside of the windows were easily reachable .

In terms of its features, it was an all-rounded and perfect aircraft .

As Guo Guan was the one who had manufactured the aircraft, it would be logical for him to think that he would be the captain of the aircraft, and Qin Feng would only be his boss, or the commander above his position .

Guo Guan had even imagined himself in the future, flying the aircraft, and nothing could be in his way for his legendary achievements, and he would be like Sail King from the island nations!

Amid his wild imaginations, the aircraft was alerted by a sudden beeping siren!

Guo Guan was shocked, he thought that there was something wrong with the aircraft that could put him in an embarrassing situation, however, he immediately realized that it was not the case!

At that moment, Qin Feng and the others were also alerted by their communicators .

“Beep beep beep, attention, head toward 1078-meter, spatial rift has been identified!”

“Beep beep beep, attention…”

The aircraft had received an alert that shocked Guo Guan, he did not expect to have such an unfortunate encounter .

“Combat aircraft return to the aircraft, full speed!”

As soon as Guo Guan had given his order, he then realized that Qin Feng was there, he instantly turned around and tried to please Qin Feng . “Boss, we should retreat now, rifts have appeared!”

Qin Feng was no longer feeling casual about the flight experience, he commanded, “Since it has appeared, let’s just take a look, if it is just a small one, take it down and we will leave!”

Guo Guan wished to curse silently on Qin Feng’s decision . Although he was already in the Dark Coalition, he was still acting as if he was still in the Human Alliance, it was contradicting for him to risk his own safety and care for the others at such a crucial time .

However, rifts in the wilderness varied in terms of their severity, as spaces around the City of Death had always been stable, hence, there should not be any worrying concerns .

With that in mind, Guo Guan calmed himself down .

However, he was struck by a scene that immediately changed his expression!

From a thousand meters ahead, white clouds were absent from the soul-soothing blue skies, a giant rift had appeared .

A pitch-black rift extended across the sky in a horizontal shape, and it was more than three hundred meters in length .

The massive scale of it was extremely horrifying .

Then, the rift widened, as if a mouth was opening wide in the sky .

A bizarre looking creature crawled out from the rift .

Everyone was alerted by their communicators again .

“Beep beep beep, detection of D-tier beast emperor ahead, you are 1078 meters away from a D-tier beast emperor!”