Master of the End Times - Chapter 454

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Chapter 454: 454

Chapter 454: Have You No Shame

Naturally, Qin Feng’s consciousness had noticed these people in the shadows .

He let out a smirk .

These people were smart to not leap out and rob them . Well, even if they did that, Qin Feng would not mind killing more today . He could absorb their internal energy this way .

A moment later, the aircraft had departed .

The aptitude users that were hiding in the dark saw the machineries and got quite curious about them . After all, they were late when they got here—they only got to witness Qin Feng taking out the wolves, not how he bombarded the Deca Turtles with the aircraft .

The aircraft was not able to fly into the City of Death . So, as usual, Qin Feng parked it in the factory again before heading back to his villa with Bai Li to rest .

It was then, Qin Feng’s communicator started ringing .

It was Chen Xiang .

“Commander, Longchuan City has fallen!”

“What?” Qin Feng was surprised to hear the news .

If he remembered it correctly, in the timeline before he was reborned, Longchuan City would still be standing by this time . How could it fall to the hands of the enemies?”

That was the city where most of the important figures in the authorities lived!

“What’s going on? Didn’t they have an A-tier aptitude user? How did the city get attacked? And has the A-tier aptitude user not arrived yet?” Qin Feng asked all of his questions in one go .

Chen Xiang shrugged and answered, “Cui Lian was there but he was murdered!”


This time, Qin Feng was completely shocked!

Chen Xiang, not intending to beat around the bush, continued on, “They used that energy ray that killed Gao Yukang . And Cui Lian was too careless . He floated to the air and tried to use his consciousness on them, asking them to surrender . Yet, they took him down in one coordinated shot…”

Qin Feng was so speechless after hearing this!

Was Cui Lian retarded?!

It was quite common knowledge by now that Gao Yukang died this way . And now he was giving them the chance to pull the same killing blow on him?!

Or perhaps, Cui Lian did not know who Gao Yukang was—most A-tier aptitude users usually did not care about the death of one C-tier .

Nonetheless, the Grans’ technology was quite impressive .

Qin Feng remembered that in the timeline before he was reborn, Cui Lian was able to sneak into the Floating City and murder a lot of people there . And yet now, why had he become so thick and reckless?

Perhaps, the one that changed it all was Qin Feng .

Qin Feng was a D-tier aptitude user . And yet, he was able to stop the Grans’ invasion .

This gave the public a general perception of the Grans’ strength—weaker than a D-tier .

At the same time, Cui Lian was an A-tier aptitude user . He could obliterate an army of C-tiers . As such, he was not afraid of the Grans that were supposedly so much weaker than him .

Thus… he was shot down by the Grans in one go .

“So, how does the Human Alliance intend to handle this?” Qin Feng asked .

“I don’t know . However, I think even the A-tiers would not dare to come anymore . So, the alliance would most probably use the human wave attack?”

Using the human wave strategy would mean that there would be a lot of people dying in the battle . This meant that the alliance was desperate .

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“Or, they could just give them the land?”

This meant that the alliance would just allow the Grans to settle in Longchuan while the humans moved out of the city .

To the humans, there was not much loss if they did this . After all, Longchuan was just a city on the frontlines . And they had a lot of other cities like this one .

However, these were not something Qin Feng needed to worry about . Instead, he was thinking about the Floating City .

The Floating City… this was such an attractive place . It had a mobile fortress and powerful machineries . If he could acquire them, his personal strength might not increase by a lot but his personal army here could benefit from them .

They could literally go anywhere with no bounds .

Back then, due to Cui Lian being still around, Qin Feng did not intend to lay his hands on the Floating City . However, now with Cui Lian gone, no one was going to take down the Floating City .

If this were the case, this meant that Qin Feng had a chance to take it for himself .

Of course, to do that, Qin Feng needed to raise his strength more .

Well, that did not take long though!

“Keep an eye on Longchuan for me . Especially the Floating City!” Qin Feng ordered .

“Yes, sir!” Chen Xiang acknowledged .

After they finished talking, Qin Feng pulled his attention back to the situation at hand .

In a brief scan with his conscious energy, Qin Feng was able to see the eleven Deca Turtle cores in his training room .

“These would be enough for me to ascend once more!”

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Thus, Qin Feng put his hand on one of the cores .


In an instant, Qin Feng’s body was strengthened once more . A surge of power flowed in his body as his heart beat firmly . Each heartbeat was like the sound of drums .

Although Qin Feng was still at the peak of his prime, he could feel that his body had grown past the supposedly “prime” part of his age . All the cells in his body had become rejuvenated!

His lifespan was extended again .

Qin Feng quickly checked with his consciousness and learned that his puberty stage had been extended . Now, his body would experience puberty and continue to develop until he was twenty years old instead of eighteen years old .

This also meant that his fully matured adult form would be around fifty years old .

The potential within Qin Feng’s body had gotten bigger and deeper now . He could develop his own strength naturally even more .

And that was not all . He would not stop with just one core .

Thus, the Deca Turtle cores got absorbed into Qin Feng’s body one by one .

Qin Feng’s body had now been enhanced to its full potential . As such, absorbing these cores again would just extend his lifespan—it would seem quite wasteful to others . Still, Qin Feng did not hesitate and absorbed them all .

Getting a longer lifespan was something no one would reject .

As such, Qin Feng did not wait until he was in his elderly age . Instead, he absorbed them all now .

In an instant, his body’s strength grew stronger and stronger .


He was now D8-tier!

He had ascended twice in just one day!

It was not uncommon for people to advance several tiers in one go . So long as they had a lot of good resources, it was not impossible for one to leap from D-tier to C-tier in an instant .

Walking out of his training room, Qin Feng felt really refreshed . Now, he was planning his next destination .

He did not intend to stay long in the City of Death . This dreadful city was just one of his stepping stones .

Suddenly, Jin Fei hurried into the hallway from the living room . When he saw Qin Feng, he anxiously reported, “Boss, we have some rather… unfriendly visitors . Ms Bai is handling them right now . ”

The smile on Qin Feng’s face immediately faded as he walked into the living room . The atmosphere there was quite intense . Bai Li was suppressing the five visitors with her powerful presence .

“Ms Bai, come on now . Let’s play nice so we all get along!” a C-tier aptitude user opened his mouth, “My offer was a fair one . I am offering 300 billion credits for just one beast emperor core . It is a fair price, if I would say so myself . And you’ve got eleven cores . Come on . What’s the harm in selling us just one or two of them?”

“Yeah . And this is the best deal you could get . 300 billion credits is the maximum price you can get in the market . ”

Bai Li looked at them coldly . “Even if I sell you ten of them, the most I would get is 3 trillion credits . How pitiful . What? You think I don’t have this kind of money?”

The five visitors were tongue-tied after hearing Bai Li’s words .

“Ms Bai, if you want to keep on living here in the City of Death, it would be best for you to share things . It’s not proper manners to be this selfish!”

Bai Li responded, “These cores are my hard-earned loot . So, it’s natural for me to just use them myself . And now you want to grab them from me? Have you no shame?”

Qin Feng chuckled at Bai Li’s humorous description of the situation at hand .