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Master of the End Times - Chapter 456

Published at 2nd of December 2020 03:20:10 AM

Chapter 456

Chapter 456: B-Tier Incoming

“But how are we going to get out? The City of Death is currently locked down!” Jin Fei said worriedly .

Qin Feng gave Bai Li a glance, who then lifted her hand and caused a crack of silver light to appear mid-air as she opened up a spatial passage in front of them .

Jin Fei was shocked when he saw this!

Although he knew that Bai Li possessed a spatial whip, he did not expect that she would be able to make spatial passages with a wave of her hand .

He stepped through it in a daze and found himself standing in front of the factory outside of the city .

This still was not very far from the City of Death, the city duke could catch up to them at any moment .

Qin Feng scanned the area with his consciousness and found that Guo Guan and Guo Song were both inside the aircraft . One of them was practicing in the training room while the other was inspecting machinery .

He poured his consciousness into their minds .

“I plan to leave the city immediately . Do you two want to go with me?” he said, “Hurry up and make a choice!”

After saying that, Bai Li instantly took him and Jin Fei to the control room .

Guo Guan jumped, completely unaware of what was going on .

“What’s the matter Boss, why are you leaving all of a sudden?”

Jin Fei immediately said, “The city duke sent someone to grab the Deca Turtle’s crystal core, but Boss didn’t agree to it!”

Such things were very common in the City of Death . Guo Guan never had such incidents before but Qin Feng was letting him make the decision .

Originally, Guo Guan was just waiting for his retirement in the City of Death, but that was before . Qin Feng built the aircraft . If he went with Qin Feng, then he would be driving the aircraft most of the time .

It could be said that this kind of aircraft was Guo Guan’s ultimate offense and absolute defense .

This kind of question would only have one answer .

“I’m naturally following the boss of course!”

At this time, Guo Song rushed over and quickly asked what was going on .

After Guo Guan explained, Guo Song naturally went along with it and did not hesitate to join Qin Feng .

Even if Qin Feng was just a D-tier now, it would not be long before he had a breakthrough into C-tier .

They recognized his strength .

“Then, let’s set off now!” Qin Feng said before immediately clicking a button to open up the map and pointing at a location, “To Psipur!”


Guo Guan quickly set in the coordinates and they began their journey .

Psipur was not in China’s region . After the apocalypse, their civilization regressed for almost a hundred years due to their jungle conditions . All established settlements were tribalistic in nature and they had also established a system based on heredity . The chiefs were the strongest of them all and would gain the lion’s share of all the resources .

In terms of language, it was difficult to communicate effectively with them but it was a place where the Dark Coalition and the Human Alliance could enter .

There was no other reason other than the fact that communicators had no signal there .

As such, the Bounty Hunter Network could not operate there and the Human Alliance went there because the best spirit herbs were sold there .

Qin Feng did not plan on going there because he wanted to hide or buy herbs, it was because he could remember from his past that there was opportunity there .

As he got stronger, the places he could go to gradually increased .

Psipur was such a place .

As the aircraft lurched forward, a siren began to sound within half an hour .

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“Boss, there’s a copter right behind us!”

The aircraft was not as fast as the speed of a hover copter . It was a large machine afterall .

Qin Feng looked at radar and realized that there were five hover copters hot on their tail .

He instantly spread out his consciousness .

The people operating the five hover copters all felt a tingling sensation as they felt themselves getting scryed on .

Up to thirty people had been deployed in the hunt for Qin Feng .

Not only that, there was a B-tier in the centermost hover copter .

After this person felt the influence of consciousness, he immediately opened his eyes and unleashed a powerful aura . The burst blocked out Qin Feng’s further attempts to scry .

However, this person would not do much against Qin Feng .

That was because he was an ancient warrior!

Qin Feng could not find any useful information, but that would not stop his movements .

He shooed away the E-tier gunner in the co-pilot seat before sitting in it and putting on a consciousness controller .

From that instant, the entire ship felt like it was part of Qin Feng’s body .

Right after that, an alarm sounded .

The combat hover copters began to launch their attack and five incredibly powerful missiles were shot toward his aircraft .

He did not even activate the protective shield, the machinery under the aircraft was quickly exposed and also shot out five intercepting missiles .

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Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Flames erupted from the explosions all around them!

Qin Feng’s consciousness locked onto the five hover copters around them and sent out another volley of missiles which were intercepted again .

The hover copters were not foolish and stopped their spray and pray attempt .

Qin Feng’s face remained stoic, save the small smirk that was slowly creeping up the corner of his mouth .

When the missiles collided with one another, his consciousness surged and the aircraft’s secondary cannon popped out and unleashed a beam of bright light .

The beam travelled quickly and hit a hover copter in the blink of an eye .

By the time the pilots realized what was going on it was already way too late!


Their shields immediately hit its threshold . It could hardly maintain itself for more than a second before the protective shielding was broken through and the beam speared through the hover copter .


One hover copter was taken down!

Even the people inside were seriously injured .

Qin Feng’s attacks were fast, the moment the first one was destroyed, the second one followed .

The pilots of the hover copters were all C-tier gunners, and could not believe what they were seeing when they saw Qin Feng’s attack .

“Consciousness Refraction?! How is that possible?”

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Refracting shells was something they understood, gunners could control their projectiles with their mind .

Refracting energy beams? That was impossible for them!

When they tried to avoid the energy beam, Qin Feng used his consciousness to reflect the beam from one direction back toward its target . They could avoid the first attack but not the second one!

They were taken aback by this situation .

Kaboom! Bang! Boom!

Three more hover copters were destroyed . Now there was only one left and that was the one carrying the B-tier!

“Trash . All of them!”

The city duke’s face hardened .

“Rush at them! Full speed ahead!’

The duke of the City of Death was furious, but so long as the hover copter could get close enough to the aircraft, he could jump from it and land on top of the aircraft . He believed that if that happened, then everyone in the aircraft would die within a few minutes .

He had no doubts about his strength .

The C-tier piloting this hover copter was extremely talented, being able to keep his cool even under these stressful situations where his comrades were being blown up left and right . He skillfully flew the hover copter with an uncanny agility .

However, with all other four hover copters being destroyed and no more additional firepower, Qin Feng naturally directed his attention to the remaining target .

He pointed all of the aircraft’s weapons toward the last hover copter .

The next moment, he unleashed a full volley of everything the aircraft had at his target .

The target had to exhaust every option, shielding, deflecting missiles and every maneuver before finally being blown up!

The B-tier naturally would not die from something like that and the city duke directly fell out of the hover copter .

Immediately, Qin Feng’s consciousness locked onto his opponent .