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Master of the End Times - Chapter 458

Published at 2nd of December 2020 03:20:05 AM

Chapter 458: 458

Chapter 458: Psipur’s Crisis

Kong kong kong!

Someone knocked on the door of Qin Feng’s luxurious room .

However, he ignored it as he was still in the training room, absorbing the internal force of the B-tier ancient warrior .

20 clusters of internal force were compressed into 4 clusters .

He composed himself and walked out of the training room .

By then, Bai Li had already opened the door .

“Jin Fei said that we’ve arrived at Psipur, but if we keep going forward we’ll end up passing the Psipur’s sentry towers . He’s asking if we should keep going or not!” Bai Li said .

Qin Feng flipped on his communicator and issued a command .

“Find a place to land!”

“Roger that!” Guo Guan replied .

The channel these two were on was the aircraft’s own communication channel .

There were many people on the aircraft, but there was not enough food for everyone, so stopping for some resupply in Psipur was in order .

After finding a safe place to land outside of Psipur, Guo Guan immediately ordered the men on board to release beast repellent powder in the surrounding area to ensure their safety .

Qin Feng took Bai Li with him and got off the ship .

Compared to the oppressive environment of the City of Death, the outskirts of Psipur was almost like paradise on Earth .

“We’ll take a break here, and send someone ahead to buy some supplies . We left so quickly that we did not have time to prepare anything!” Qin Feng said .

When the people on the aircraft received the news, they all began to move . Jin Fei did not idle and volunteered to join the mission and to head off to Psipur to buy supplies .

Not long after the group left, Qin Feng suddenly felt the ground beneath him shake violently, causing the trees to sway .

Guo Guan, who was also outside, was taken aback by the situation .


Yes, it indeed felt like an earthquake .

Qin Feng was a little shaken!

‘How could it start now? It should be at least a week or so before that would happen!” He thought, but he did not slow down .

“Get back to the aircraft!”

The people who came out to spread the beast repellant quickly ran back into the airship and Guo Guan began to raise the aircraft .

As soon as they left, the ground stopped shaking again .

“Maybe it’s just a small earthquake?” Guo Guan did not understand what was going on .

“Hold your position . Assess the situation first and don’t lower the aircraft!” Qin Feng said .

“Right!” Guo Guan nodded . Although human beings had evolved into a powerful state, they were still afraid of natural disasters .

As such, in order to avoid any incidents, the aircraft had to stay levitated!

Qin Feng had a lot of capital, this kind of energy consumption did not even phase him .

An hour later, Qin Feng’s aircraft received an incoming call from Jin Fei, who reported that the road was blocked .

“Boss, the road’s blocked . There’s a small bug wave heading toward Psipur . What’s weird is that they’re all plow worms!”

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Plow worms were basically gigantic earthworms . They could be found anywhere and the strongest ones were E-tier .

E-tier plow worms were also very scary . If these monsters were to enter a city, they could break its foundations within a day .

What Jin Fei found as strange was that these creatures did not live in groups .

Qin Feng immediately understood when he heard the news . It seemed that he had not guessed wrongly .

That event really happened! Perhaps he had just witnessed a sign of it .

Qin Feng clearly remembered that in the year before his rebirth, something important happened to Psipur .

A huge spatial rift appeared underground, near the city .

Rifts could appear anywhere, even underground .

Not only that, a type of mineral was also squeezed out of the rift .

This kind of mineral was very valuable, at least on Earth . They were called Gaea Crystals, and just a nail-sized piece would be worth 1 billion!

These squeezed veins would cause earthquakes to occur and countless amounts of insectoids to appear after .

These insectoids all had the ability to burrow through the earth, destroying the land!

The underground outside of Psipur ended up becoming a massive passage, extending in all directions that eventually led to the spatial rift in the middle .

As such, more and more insectoids appeared in Psipur, but more and more people arrived as well because of the crystals .

As such, fierce combat arose between the two forces . Combat that was as intense as Longchuan’s .

It was not until three years later that someone would get caught by some ironclad ants and be brought to the center of the underground labyrinth that they had discovered the location of the hidden spatial rift and reported it to the Human Alliance .

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Since there were no more Gaea Crystals at that time, the Human Alliance sent a space stabilizing device to completely solve the issue there .

And now, it seemed like the problem had just begun .

“You don’t have to force your way through, I’ll see to this myself!” Qin Feng said .

“Okay, thanks Boss!”

Letting Jin Fei force a way through on his own, Jin Fei did not have the guts for it .

The E-tier plow worms were really strong and too big, he did not dare try to fight one .

After ending the call, Qin Feng issued an order to Guo Guan .

“Keep afloat, Bai Li and I will go and meet up with Jin Fei!”

He then took out the Sky Dweller and flew out .

After only five minutes of flying through the air, they could see Psipur’s outline . The walls were made out of giant trees which were very strong and released an aura like tear flowers did that deterred ultra beasts . There were few beasts that would try to harass Psipur’s walls .

And now, the ground swelled a thousand meters away from the city . One by one, the worms moved through the earth and the sentry tower that was close enough to notice was wrapped up by one and began to collapse .

“Aah! Help! Someone help me!”

The sentry was only an F-tier aptitude user, very weak in terms of strength . He had only been sent to man the tower .

Now that disaster was on the horizon, he was unlucky person number one .

Qin Feng’s Sky Dweller swooped in, its cannons flashing .


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Two rays of light shot out .

Boom boom!

The light rays instantly sliced through the plow worm, causing it to break in half from the middle .

The two sides were still moving as if they were individuals . They sensed danger and immediately burrowed back underground .

The sentry tower was temporarily relieved from the crisis .

However there were more of those worms moving around underground . Earthquakes would occur at any time .

If one were to observe more closely, they would notice that the ground had become uneven . The burrowing of the plow worms would make people think that the ground had been loosened .

As such, they naturally could not have discovered the secrets underground .

“Bai Li, sense whether or not there’s a spatial rift underground!” Qin Feng said .

Bai Li closed her eyes then nodded . “There’s a small spatial rift that’s fusing to the underground!”

As expected!

Now, fusion was only one step . This kind of fusion took time and did not happen in a day!

Communicators were not popular in Psipur, this meant that even if there were an ultra beast outbreak then Psipur would not have received news of it .

Because Qin Feng shot out the artillery fire, the watchman from the sentry tower felt extremely grateful toward his savior and desperately tried to hail him .

Qin Feng lowered down a rope and rescued the man .