Master of the End Times - Chapter 460

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Chapter 460

Chapter 460: A Mountain Out of Nowhere

“Welcome, my distinguished guest . It was thanks to your help that we could handle this rare occurrence of the beast horde . I have prepared a small gift as a sign of gratitude . Hope you will like it . ” Ah Psai signaled for his man to hand out the gift to Qin Feng .

It was a wine that was filled in an elegant crystal barrel . Of course, this gift did not come cheap .

The wine was brewed using special spirit fruit found in Psipur City . One bottle of this was priced at a few ten thousand in the outside world . One barrel might be worth at least 10 million, which happened to equal the reward for killing an E-tier plow worm .

“Thanks, Chief . ”

Ah Psai laughed heartily . “I wonder why an aptitude user of your caliber is here in Psipur? Perhaps you are also interested in the treasure rumored to be hidden in the heart of the mountain ridge?”

“To be honest, that’s exactly my purpose here . ” Qin Feng admitted calmly .

Jin Fei and Guo Song were not told anything and thought that was the true objective of Qin Feng coming to Psipur .

Ah Psai’s laugh became louder and he said, “Haha! Then I hope you get what you come here for!”

Qin Feng raised his cup and drank merrily with Ah Psai .

But on the inside, Qin Feng had long seen through the chief’s true skin and scoffed at his pretentious generosity .

There was only danger lurking in the mountains of Psipur . All the fake news about the hidden treasure was purportedly spread by none other than Ah Psai himself .

For instance, there was a record on the battle net claiming that an F-tier had infiltrated the mountains before . He discovered a bone in the process, which he later found belonged to an A-tier beast emperor and earned a few ten billion .

Another case recorded that a small expedition team went into the mountains and came across rare wild herb there . The team members turned against each other for the herbs and all ended up dead inside the mountain and were never seen again .

Information like this was aplenty from multiple sources but Qin Feng knew they were all just smokescreen .

A diversion created by Ah Psai . He did so because Pispur did not belong to the human alliances . He was afraid that some powerful aptitude user might fancy his colony and rob it from him .

Thus, he diverted these aptitude users’ attention by claiming that there were treasures in the mountains .

If needed, he would even go as far as to poison the visitors to protect his throne .

Simply put, the chief of Psipur was a narrow-minded man . He clung tightly onto the position and did not want to surrender it to anyone .

Qin Feng did not expose the man . After all, he had his own Aircraft outside of the city and had no interest in moving in .

Ah Psai suspected nothing or perhaps he did not see Qin Feng as a great threat . Hence, he did not poison Qin Feng’s wine .

It mattered not whether Ah Psai applied the poison or not . Because anyone who entered the mountains almost always encountered miasma that was highly lethal to humans . Qin Feng would not live long anyway if his intention were really those fake treasures .

These incidents were revealed when the Human Alliance finally decided to hunt down Ah Psai for his crime .

But this had nothing to do with Qin Feng . Different people had different means to gain power . In exchange, they needed to prepare to face the potential consequence .

Eventually, what goes around comes around .

After the feast, Qin Feng did not stay for long and returned to his aircraft .

Ah Psai’s subordinate reported back to Ah Psai immediately after he escorted Qin Feng back to the aircraft .

“Chief, I don’t think that guy has any ill-intent against our city . But he owns an aircraft that I have never seen before . It looks rather high-tech . ”

The subordinate then showed Ah Psai the aircraft through a communicator .

The communicator technology of course had long reached Psipur City . He just never allowed it to popularize among his people . He had to keep people in Psipur uninformed about the outside world to maintain his authority .

Ah Psai saw Qin Feng’s aircraft and was drooling over it . But then he shook his head regrettably .

“It’s too huge . We have no use for it even if we raid it from him now . Just wait and see what he is up to . ”



After Qin Feng returned to the aircraft, he ordered his members to walk around freely and hunt as they like . He also gave them permission to keep the rewards .

People from the City of Death were mostly penniless . They were especially motivated when allowed to earn extra income .

Even Guo Guan had picked up his gun and walked toward the mountains .

Qin Feng did not touch the gaea crystal in the meantime . He wanted to let it accumulate first then only harvest them altogether .

The next morning, seismic movements once again erupted from all directions . The quake area was even larger this time and it approached Qin Feng’s aircraft fast .

The highway near Psipur had completely collapsed as a result of the shock .

Numerous insectoids emerged from the ground and once again formed a monster wave .

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Qin Feng reached the frontline earlier as always .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

Qin Feng burned the insectoids rapidly . He wanted to prevent the gaea crystals from being swallowed wastefully by the monsters .

However, it was hard for Qin Feng to spread his consciousness too deep into the solid ground . Hence, he could not really grasp the actual situation underground .

Still, Qin Feng was able to garner more crystals than he did yesterday .

The same thing repeated on the third, fourth, and fifth day…

Qin Feng continued to pile up the crystals and accumulated up to a trillion by the end of the fifth day .

On the sixth day, an unprecedented earthquake broke out and shocked everyone .

It was midafternoon and the shockwaves reached as far as Psipur City . The residents there were deeply terrified and fell into chaos .

Qin Feng stood on top of the aircraft and looked at the far side .

Jin Fei, Guo Guan, and Guo Song were baffled by what they saw on the horizon .

An elevation raised from the plains out of nowhere .

The giant mountain spanned as far as the eyes could see . Dense energy emanated out from the abruptly appearing mountain and chased numerous monsters nearby toward Qin Feng’s direction .

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Jin Fei rounded his eyes . “This, this is…” He once again felt overwhelmed and was completely oblivious about the situation around here .

The number of insectoids bursting out from the mountains was atrocious .

“Stay here . Bai Li, let’s go!”

Qin Feng did not have Bai Li by his side in the last few days . After all, the battles before were largely effortless . However, this here was on an entirely different scale now .

The gaea crystals emerged in a large quantity along with the mountain’s appearance .

“Quick! Gather as much crystal as possible,” Qin Feng said to Bai Li .


It might be difficult for others but this was just a piece of cake for Bai Li .

Qin Feng began to climb the mountain . The peak was still elevating and a lot of rocks were rolling past him .

He suddenly spotted a basketball-sized crystal not very far ahead .

Qin Feng rushed to it the first time .

This was when a bulge appeared on the ground and sent a crystal high up into the air .

A giant plow worm emerged from the bulge and directly swallowed the large crystal into its stomach .

The plow worm transformed instantly after it consumed the giant size crystal . Its initially soft exterior was now covered by a shell . Scales began to extend out from the shell and its head also transformed drastically from having a huge maw into a featureless face .

The monster had evolved on the spot . It became exceptionally daunting as compared to before . From an E-tier, the plow worm had directly evolved into a D-tier beast king .