Master of the End Times - Chapter 463

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Chapter 463: 463

Chapter 463: Entrance Fees

An idea soon lit up in Ah Psai’s calculative mind .

If he were to charge entrance fees of 10 billion per person, then one hundred aptitude users would earn him 1 trillion!

This would surely be a lucrative business since the gaea crystal was such a rare and limited resource at the moment .

Ah Psai laughed satisfyingly and said, “Mr . Qin, I like your suggestion . Since we are friends, I am willing to accommodate and let you through . ”

Qin Feng nodded . To him, 10 billion was not a significant amount . He casually took out one cubic power credit and passed it to Ah Psai . Whether Ah Psai would have the chance to spend the money was not of his concern .

Qin Feng entered the Holy Mountains while Ah Psai did not stop his activity on the outside . He recruited a large band of construction workers to build a wall surrounding the mountains .

The walls were poorly constructed . Ah Psai only needed a symbolic structure to mark his territory . Arrow slits were introduced to the wall at short intervals and Ah Psai had also applied poison at spots he deemed vulnerable .

Even though the mountains were still elevating and the wall structures were being destroyed constantly by the uplifting land, Ah Psai kept the construction going on and on .

Nevertheless, his method did work . Ah Psai could not stop the C-tiers but the price of the entrance fees did discourage the majority of the D-tiers .

Some D-tiers needed the crystal desperately . They had reached the bottleneck for a long time and would require external help to improve . Otherwise, they might not attain C-tier for the rest of their lives . Such aptitude users had no choice but to pay the exorbitant fees .

Hence, Ah Psai’s business grew exponentially .

More and more people had entered the Holy Mountains by now .


At a random location inside the mountains, Qin Feng was battling an insectoid beast king .

The dark runes had sapped out most of the monster’s life force . Qin Feng swung his sword and cut the beast king into half .

‘Thirty-first!’ Qin Feng counted silently .

Beast king at this tier was no match for Qin Feng now . It would not even be counted as a fight but rather a one-sided slaughter .

Hellfire burned brightly and incinerated the insectoid corpse into ashes . The crystal core and gaea crystal were the only things that remained after the burning .

This was when a figure came flying in, stopped short mid-air, and landed right in front of Qin Feng .

The person was wearing a set of dark-red battle suits and carrying a broadsword on his back . Even his hair was dyed red and his eyes were bloodshot . His vibe spelled boastful and cunning .

Qin Feng immediately recognized the man . His name was Yuan Hongfei, a wanted aptitude user from the Dark Coalition . There was a bounty on his head in both the Bounty Hunter and Dark Hitman Network .

“Surrender your possession and I will let you live!” Yuan Hongfei said arrogantly . His eyes belonged to those of a killer .

Actually, Yuan Hongfei was going to kill Qin Feng anyway even if he did as he was told . He loved giving his victim false hope and especially enjoyed the despairing look on them when he ended their lives .

Yuan Hongfei had begun to imagine the way his opponent would yield and back off cautiously .

His pleased expression quickly evaporated when he found out that Qin Feng had ignored his threat entirely and packed the two crystals into his spatial equipment .

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“Can’t you hear me? I say put down the two crystals and I may let you live!”

Qin Feng said nothing and pointed his Verdant Emperor Saber at Yuan Hongfei .

Yuan Hongfei was stunned . He did not sit well being threatened .

“Son of a b*tch! Know your place, you lowly D-tier!”

Qin Feng sneered . “On the count of three . ”

Yuan Hongfei was infuriated . “You are nothing more than a bragger . Let me teach you a lesson!” He promptly unsheathed the broadsword on his back and swung it down toward Qin Feng .

The broadsword was extremely heavy . Yuan Hongfei used a great deal of internal strength to maneuver it . A force that was capable of cleaving a boulder came crashing down on Qin Feng .

“Evade or die!” Yuan Hongfei was determined to kill the narcissistic brat .

Qin Feng did not evade but only bent his wrist slightly upward .

The move seemed effortless and did not appear to be able to resist the incoming heavy attack .

The two internal forces collided . Yuan Hongfei’s internal force immediately melted away like snow exposed to sun rays . The sharp flame on the Verdant Emperor Saber hit the broadsword and easily sliced through it .

Yuan Hongfei rounded his eyes in surprise . The broadsword was made of C-tier beast king materials . It was a silver light rune equipment and it was impossible to break it that easily .

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Unless the opponent was using a C-tier beast emperor weapon .

However, Yuan Hongfei did not notice any gold radiance on the saber .

There was only one explanation left .

‘God’s weapon!’

Only such a weapon had no tier restriction .

Yuan Hongfei’s greediness was laid bare on his expression . “So what if you possess a God’s weapon . It will be mine after I defeat you with my internal force!”

“Die!” Yuan Hongfei directed his internal force onto his palm . He evaded Qin Feng’s saber and landed multiple attacks on Qin Feng .

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Yuan Hongfei veered around Qin Feng agilely and tried to stifle his opponent with brute internal force .

However, after more than ten hits on Qin Feng’s Qi armor, it was Yuan Hongfei that began to lose strength .

Qin Feng smirked and said, “Save your energy and just die . That way, there will be more internal force left for me to absorb . ”

Yuan Hongfei finally realized Qin Feng was not an ordinary D-tier .

Being a member of the Dark Coalition, Yuan Hongfei had a rich experience in life-and-dead combat . His instinct told him that it was time to run if he wanted to live .

It caught Qin Feng by surprise that Yuan Hongfei had chosen to flee so decisively . But he could never outrun Qin Feng .

“Fiery Rampage!”


Qin Feng covered a hundred meters in the blink of an eye .

Yuan Hongfei dashed with all his might but he could feel that a dark aura was breathing down his neck .

A dark ability hit Yuan Hongfei, which instantly took away all his senses . His mind was clouded and rooted him on the spot .

Qin Feng grabbed the short window of opportunity to catch up . He slid the saber right through his prey’s neck and beheaded Yuan Hongfei . He then stuck out his arm and the head landed precisely on his palm .

‘Another bounty earned . ’

Qin Feng grinned and turned back to get onto Yuan Hongfei’s body .