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Master of the End Times - Chapter 464

Published at 5th of December 2020 02:50:09 PM

Chapter 464

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

The headless corpse had been drawn over by Qin Feng, and the internal strength embedded within had fueled him with a large amount of strength .

Followed by a dash of flame that merged with the corpse, the runes were successfully captured by Qin Feng .

All of it was done in mid-air, and upon completion, Qin Feng landed on the ground .

The ground was flooded by surging insectoid waves, and Qin Feng was instantly surrounded as soon as he had landed .


The D-tier insectoids had no chance against Qin Feng, his Hellfire Carpet swept across the ground and instantly turned them into ashes .

However, the ongoing waves of insectoids seemed to be unending .

“Wait a minute, these insectoids seem to be escaping!”

Qin Feng was alerted and went in the opposite direction .

While being surrounded by Dark Shadow, Qin Feng travelled across uneven and bumpy hills for about five hundred meters while remaining undetected, and the scene ahead caught his attention .

Surprisingly, it was a horrifying C-tier insectoid beast king .

“Didn’t expect to see a Steel-Armored Snail King!”

Without any doubt, it was transformed from a steel-back snail that had no other capabilities than its outstanding defending capability, with just one gaea crystal, it could hold its defending ground with its enhanced capabilities .

The enlarged Steel-Armored Snail King had grown up to the height of a three-floor building, it was like a villa enforced with an indestructible shell . Furthermore, its powerful water ability had equipped it with mental toxin .

It was the reason behind the escape of all other insectoids .

However, Qin Feng held onto his footsteps and intensified his dark presence by another layer to further conceal his presence and remain undetected by the others .

Surprisingly, someone was already fighting against the Steel-Armored Snail King .

However, it was obviously an unfavorable fight .

There were already two corpses that were lying on the ground, while another four people were still battling against the snail king .

However, it was clear that they were from different groups .

One of them was about to escape from being attacked by the snail king, however, the other three blocked the escape .

It was surprising to Qin Feng that he was able to recognize all three of them .

One of them was Lei Ying .

Whereas the other two had participated in the ambush against him, it was Han Chengming, a C-tier aptitude user, and Liu Bei from the Dark Coalition .

It was unexpected to see them together .

Lei Ying seemed to have his arm recovered, obviously, he must have utilized rare treasures, or perhaps it was an external limb that was connected by using genetic technology; for the aptitude users, such technologies would only cost a small portion from their fortune, however, it would take a toll toward their capabilities .

Being an ability user himself, with his conscious energy, Lei Ying could easily grow another pair of limbs at any time!

However, it was unexpected to see Lei Ying there, indeed an inevitable clash between opposing factions .

At that moment, cursing was heard from the one who was being ambushed by all three other people combined with the insectoid beast king, he could barely hold on anymore .

“Lei Ying, you will pay for this!”

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Obviously, Lei Ying did not bother about the cursing and chuckled, “I am afraid that those who have cursed me in such a way could probably form an army, however, why am I still alive and well now? Cheng Dacheng, can’t you just stay put and wait for your recovery, why are you still out here?”

It was Cheng Dacheng who was being ambushed, the chairman of the Dacheng Group .

Cheng Dacheng was heavily wounded by Lei Ying’s powerful thunder ability, even his nervous system was damaged, and it was impossible to heal the injuries with ordinary items .

As his capability was greatly reduced, the appearance of the gaea crystal had struck him with the idea that it would be a good opportunity to rush over and get it for his own recovery .

From Lei Ying’s view, it would only be a relief for him once had killed Cheng Dacheng, an enemy that he had startled previously, and obviously, it was more than once!

“Han Chengming, I have already spread the news about your filthy cooperation with Lei Ying and the Dark Coalition to put me in harm, you would want to have a good explanation on this!” Cheng Dacheng threatened his opponent .

Han Chengming seemed hesitant; however, it did not last long .

After all, he had already been involved with Lei Ying for too long to be exempted from the situation .

Furthermore, birds of a feather flock together, they would only cooperate because they were of the same kind!

Han Chengming was also a cheat and a hypocrite .

“Cheng Dacheng, you will be killed by the ultra beast, and it will have nothing to do with me; what do you mean by Liu Bei, I do not know him; although he is not fighting us, how will that prove that we are joining forces? Your claims are baseless, and even if you are to bring it up, nobody would care!” Han Chengming gave his bold and confident answer .

Cheng Dacheng was left with despair as he knew clearly about the future outcomes .

Furthermore, nobody knew about Lei Ying’s recent cooperation with a powerful B-tier, Guang Wei; hence, he was becoming more and more arrogant and nobody could stop him .

Perhaps, my death would finally arrive today?

Cheng Dacheng was hopeless and dissatisfied, he had yet to take his revenge on Lei Ying, how could he still allow Lei Ying to take his life?

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It was at that moment; everyone was alerted by a sudden noise .

“Oh? No idea who it is, but I bet you don’t mind if I kill this person?!”

All four of them turned around simultaneously and were shocked by the person who was standing about twenty meters away .

It was a very close distance, and surprisingly, the presence of the person was unnoticed by all four of them .

“Qin Feng!”

Lei Ying cried out immediately with his eyes wide .

Qin Feng let out an evil grin, and it was spooky .

The next moment, he had disappeared again .

Han Chengming immediately shouted, “Be careful!”

It was unknown who should be aware of the threat, however, he had a strong feeling that something bad was about to happen to someone!

Despite knowing that Qin Feng was merely a D-tier, it was still impossible for him to get rid of his fear toward Qin Feng .

It was at that moment, a shadow appeared right behind Liu Bei .

“You have overestimated yourself!” Liu Bei was enraged and excited by the threat .

Being a member from the Dark Coalition himself, Liu Bei was a brutal person that would willfully slaughter the innocent, and Qin Feng was also his targeted victim . However, the appearance of the Grans had forced them to scatter and escape, hence, he did not have the chance to take action toward Qin Feng who had been staying within Longchuan, an area that was protected by the powerful B-tier .

It was surprising for him to encounter his opponent here .

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Liu Bei was on the edge of his seat to find his prey that had escaped before .

Without even turning his head, Liu Bei immediately initiated a deadly attack and stabbed his weapon toward the back .

If his opponent did not dodge, it would definitely pierce through the internal strength shield of his opponent and result in a kill .

Surprisingly, Qin Feng did not dodge .

“A kill secured!” Liu Bei felt assured, the next moment, he was shocked by the resistance that he had felt on his arm, and it was like a mud pool that was drawing him in .

The internal strength shield of his opponent was overwhelming .

Liu Bei had the same encounter when he killed a B-tier ancient warrior in the past .

“How is this possible?” Liu Bei was struck by the question, the next moment, he was alerted by an echo from his internal strength shield .


Liu Bei’s internal strength shield had shattered!


Liu Bei immediately generated force from his legs and jumped out .

“Trying to escape?” Qin Feng sneered as the Verdant Emperor Saber in his hand instantly glimmered with a fuchsia glow .