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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:35:57 PM

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Ability User Versus Gunner

Qin Feng’s body flickered, and bright light poured out of his eyes!

“Perception? Hehe!”

Qin Feng was an Ancient Warrior in his previous life . So, his first response when fighting against a gunner was to sneak up to the enemy and decapitate him .

But the gunner’s mindless prattling reminded him that he had another identity – an ability user!

Why did he even have to fight the other guy like this?

Sometimes, having lots of experience could turn out to be detrimental .

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Another series of powerful blasts ensued!

He Li unleashed his strength again . In reality, he looked terrible, was panting heavily, and his forehead was drenched in sweat .

Even with the darkness confining him, He Li could sense that Qin Feng was only a G7-tier aptitude user . The weapon Qin Feng had, however, was extremely potent, which was why He Li didn’t dare to get any closer .

One of the gunner’s outstanding problems was that weapons were a hassle to lug around . Not only that, but ammunition was also limited . And here, He Li was running low on ammo .

It was then that He Li noticed that Qin Feng was entirely still . The darkness that had covered his eyes had dispersed as well, and he could finally see .

The lights hanging from the ruined ceiling of the laboratory were flickering on and off, with the frayed wires crackling and zapping in bluish-white light .

“Did I guess it right? His perception was exhausted?” He Li was pleased . “But this kid’s ability was not bad, after all . I’ve never seen anything like it! I might as well hand him over to the deputy mayor . We’ll just have to conduct the experiment ourselves!”

He Li grinned at those thoughts .

Hidden in the shadows, Qin Feng moved stealthily and steadily towards He Li, looking for a favorable position to strike .

Suddenly, everything slowed down; his perception exploded into action!


Furious black flames twirled like a whirlwind and poured down from up high!

He Li was caught off-guard . It was all but too late for him to try and make a run for it!

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” He Li screamed in agony as flames overwhelmed him . He thrashed wildly, but the fire followed him, burning away every inch of his flesh with no respite and leaving no part untouched .

He Li had literally become a human torch .

After a while, the screaming fizzled out into a croak, then a wheezing hiss . His struggle gradually came to a stop, and he collapsed with a thud!

“Extinguish!” Qin Feng waved his hand, and the black flames went out .

He Li’s body had been burnt beyond recognition . Only a completely charred lump of flesh remained .

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Just like that, an F-tier gunner had been put to death in what was left of an advanced laboratory .

It was over, for now at least .

A rush of lethargy suddenly flooded Qin Feng’s mind and body .

“Chirp!” Xiaobai jumped out of a corner . Qin Feng had disallowed it to participate in the fight, and when the little creature saw the wounds that riddled Qin Feng’s body, it leaped onto his shoulder and licked his face .

“Aww… stop messing about, Xiaobai!” Qin Feng lovingly stroked Xiaobai, which was covered in a layer of dust .

Turning around, Qin Feng held back his smile and approached He Li’s body .

The combat suit was burnt and destroyed, but then, something else caught his attention – the purple armor . As Qin Feng reached out to touch it, parts of He Li crumbled into ash . He then picked it up .

“Hmm . I might have actually damaged it!” Qin Feng studied the gashes on the armor . Undoubtedly, the Verdant Emperor Saber was not an item to be underestimated .

“I can probably get some experts to fix it; then I could sell it for some money!” Qin Feng muttered as he bagged the armor .

He Li had other protective items on him, such as his hand and leg guards . These were to protect the larger areas of his body from injuries . They were all Bluelight Rune Equipment, and Qin Feng took them all without question .

“Spatial Rune Equipment!” Among the charred remains that was still smoking, Qing Feng spotted the unmistakable silver glow of the ring .

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Qin Feng infiltrated the ring with his consciousness and saw that inside it was a storage space, much like a tiny room that measured 2 meters by 1 meter and was about a meter in height .

It wasn’t vast by any standards, but inside, about a dozen weapons were neatly arranged . They were all pretty expensive weapons and worth more than 8 million yuan altogether!

Of course, the Spatial Rune Equipment was the most valuable item of them all . A fine specimen could cost at least 10 million yuan!

Be that as it may, Qin Feng did not need rune equipment . He could just sell off the ring . But the problem was, to whom?

Qin Feng transferred all the weapons from the ring into Xiaobai’s space, then took out a few bombs with a timed-fuse .

He Li had prepared these, especially for the laboratory . Now that he was dead, it was up to Qin Feng to complete the task .

After all, for his own safety, he did not want any word about this laboratory to get out either .

“Let’s go!” Qin Feng instructed his pet .

Xiaobai teleported, bringing Qin Feng along! In a blink of an eye, they were back in the wilderness again .

Qin Feng pushed a button on the remote control, and a loud explosion followed . The ground underneath them sank, and then silence as if nothing had happened .

It was in the middle of nowhere . No one would be none the wiser .

Although he tore down the laboratory that had damaged him in his previous life and found bits of information that could help find out the people behind it, Qin Feng found himself facing an even more baffling mystery . He might be able to discover more from the deputy mayor, but right now, he wasn’t nearly strong enough to confront him directly .

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“The enemy of my enemy is a friend . I don’t mind having one more powerful helper!” Qin Feng had an idea .

He took off the 30,000 yuan T3-combat outfit he was wearing, now completely damaged and in an irreparable state . After taking out his luggage from Xiaobai’s space, he realized that he had only two more sets of clothes left .

“It’s time to buy some!” Qin Feng grumbled in frustration to himself . It was hard to avoid damaging clothing during those violent skirmishes, and he had quickly used up everything in his keep .

By the time they returned to the colony, morning had already broken .

Qin Feng wasted no time getting in touch with the person he had not contacted for nearly a month now .

“Captain Xue, I have something in hand! I wonder if you’d be interested?”

… . .

Half an hour later, a bleary-eyed and yawning Xue Xingfu complained, “Why is this kid always up so early? Young people really try too hard!”

Of course, Qin Feng didn’t tell him what he was selling . Soon, a hovercar stopped in front of Xue Xingfu . To an F-tier ability user, luxury cars like that were nothing unusual . After a closer inspection, Xue Xingfu’s eyes became as wide as saucers .

Qin Feng climbed out of the driver’s seat carrying a backpack . He walked up to Xue Xingfu’s car .

Xue Xingfu was still dazed, taking it all in .

Qin Feng knocked on the window, startling the driver .

“Qin Feng, you’ve been earning big money recently, huh!” greeted Xue Xingfu, a bitter sensation clearly tingling the back of his tongue . This young man had purchased a hovercar, an asset that must have been really expensive .

And all of this even before he sold anything to Xue Xingfu!