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Master of the End Times - Chapter 473

Published at 9th of December 2020 03:20:07 PM

Chapter 473: 473

Chapter 473: Vindication

“Explain to me? I’ll listen to your explanation but I’m sure that everyone else here would like to hear it too! Come to the Consciousness Realm!”

Shang Han’s words carried a commanding tone .

Not every A-tier served as a regent, but one who did had great status and great strength .

Backing Shang Han was an extremely old ancient warrior family that produced an S-tier aptitude user about two centuries ago .

They had once commanded a power that would completely dominate the sides of battle .

Guang Wei did not dare refute at all and immediately complied .

It was just that he naturally would not be able to bear the consequences alone .

Guang Wei wanted a way out for himself .

He turned to his communicator and quickly dialed for Lei Ying .

Lei Ying also quickly accepted the call .

“General Guang, it’s rather late . What’s your order?” Lei Ying had been injured, so he had been on retreat recently . Although Qin Feng had taken the Floating City and destroyed ten colonies, the time was only 2 o’clock in the middle of night .

When Guang Wei heard Lei Ying’s tone, his heart skipped a beat . It seemed that Lei Ying did not know about the situation with Qin Feng .

That was even better!

“Upper Consciousness Realm, there’s going to be an announcement!” Guang Wei said in a serious tone .

Lei Ying did not know what was going on, but suddenly thought of something and asked tentatively, “Could it be about the governor of the Four Cities?”

After all, this was the only reason these two people were talking to one another .

It was just that, after he had seen how quickly Qin Feng’s strength was advancing, on the contrary, Lei Ying had not been paying much attention to the Four Cities on the North Sea .

Guang Wei maintained his serious tone, “When I say you’re up then you’re up, what nonsense is this, I’ll tell you when it’s time!”

He was a B-tier aptitude user, he had enough power to crush people like gnats . Even the arrogant Lei Ying dared not refute him . He responded quickly and put on a consciousness connector .

For aptitude users, their physical fitness had been greatly improved and most of their sleep time was taken by practicing . Although 2 o’clock in the morning was relatively late, there were more aptitude users in the Consciousness Realm .

As soon as Guang Wei entered, he saw the notification on his terminal .

Guang Wei took a deep breath and accepted the invitation on the notice . His vision blurred and when he regained sight he found himself in a huge auditorium this time .

In the very front of the auditorium, a large chair had appeared . Shang Han sat in the center of the chair, her face devoid of emotion .

She was a plain looking woman, but her eyes held an enigmatic gaze as if she had seen the heat of the world and was tired from it . Her hair was meticulously combed and she wore a gorgeous specially made combat uniform .

On her chest was a very special badge!

A-tier, Regent .

Those that appeared beside her happened to be familiar people .

B-tier aptitude users, Wang Zhou, Fu Wenjue, He Liming and so on . There were more than thirty ability users in the North .

These aptitude users could be anywhere in the world, but so long as they were using the consciousness connector, they could get here .

From the seating positions, only Guang Wei was sitting opposite them .

Moreover, there was only one table and chair, but he also felt that he was being watched .

That was because there were hundreds of C-tiers behind him .

When he took a closer look, he realized that these were all C-tiers that participated in the battle against the Grans’ invasion .

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This included Zheng Qian, who was still the deputy commander of the Fengli Mercenary Troop .

Then, even Lei Ying was here .

Everyone had arrived .

Shang Han had appeared early and after waiting for 10 minutes, everyone would have quickly responded .

There were even people that did not receive the invitation who joined . The auditorium continued to expand and the seats automatically increased .

However, Shang Han did not wait any longer . After seeing that Guang Wei had arrived, she immediately said, “Now, let’s announce the contents of this meeting!”

“The city of Longchuan fell, and 3 hours ago the Gran invaders, a Wisdom Tribe, were all wiped out by an unknown person . This person took control of the Floating City, which makes this a special case . As such, we will be discussing this person who suddenly appeared . How are we going to deal with it? After all, the Floating City… can kill even an A-tier person!”

Everyone else became alerted .

The Lord of Flames, Cui Lian, an A-tier fire ability user, was killed by the city .

There was no sadness on Shang Han’s face, she still remained very calm and it seemed rather cold .

While Shang Han was Cui Lian’s partner, this partnership, to put it bluntly, was merely superficial . It was a marriage of convenience . In fact, Cui Lian had several lovers and Shang Han would not have settled with Cui Lian either .

Both of them were too strong!

However, Shang Han had to do what needed to be done .

This was not just about Cui Lian .

“Let’s take a look at this!”

Shang Han did not say more and directly put up Qin Feng’s information .

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A 3D projection appeared, allowing everyone to see what he looked like .

Of course, there was not any information about him in the past few months and most of the information about him only existed after his awakening .

[Qin Feng]

[Date of Birth]: New Century 201 November 8th

[Parents]: N/A

[Address]: Three Cities Along the Sun-Chengyang City-Chengbei Colony-Orphanage

[Date of Awakening]: New Century 217 June

[Mission Record]: 217 . 9 . 8: Passed the G-tier aptitude assessment!

The mission details came in one after the other, including the battle at Zimu Mountains, the battle in Han Town, the battle in Pinyun Colony and as the records continued, it showed that Qin Feng continued to get stronger .

By February of 218, Qin Feng had arrived in Shadong Town and was certified as a D-tier aptitude user .

Everyone was amazed .

That speed was too fast!

At this time, Zheng Qian was completely shocked .

‘I’ve always known that the Boss was young, but I didn’t expect that he has only been awakened for a year? He’s only 17 years old?’

Now there were only two words in Zheng Qian’s head to describe Qin Feng—a miracle*!

A divine miracle!

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However, this kind of talent left behind a disgraceful final message in the Human Alliance .

[Record] 218 . 5 . 3: Qin Feng is suspected of delaying major war affairs and causing the Human Alliance to lose thousands of aptitude users . The circumstances are serious . This case has been reviewed and is being investigated . He absconded in fear of crime, and is hereby wanted!

Since then, Qin Feng had been removed from the Human Alliance!

Everyone’s faces were a mix of emotions .

Shang Han said in a serious manner, “Before this, Qin Feng completed three rounds of siege and suppression missions . The first time, he killed 200 enemies . On the second mission he eliminated more than 2800 enemies . And the third time, he killed around 500 enemies in a single attack, there’s even video evidence! With such a record, how did you review the case of him delaying war affairs?”

Shang Han’s voice hit everyone’s hearts .

Suddenly, a person stood up .

“That’s all slander!”

It was Zheng Qian!

Zheng Qian finally understood what happened!

Qin Feng, her boss, managed to gain control of the Floating City .

Although she was not sure how he managed to do it, he had always been so mysterious that nothing seemed impossible to him .

And now, all of this was vindication!

Translator’s Notes: The direct translation from the original text describes as ‘Proud Son of Heaven’, or a similar divine/god-like equivalent .