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Master of the End Times - Chapter 477

Published at 11th of December 2020 03:20:06 PM

Chapter 477: 477

Chapter 477: Governor Badge

“Don’t worry General, I know what to do . ”

“Okay . As long as you are aware . ” Xu Qing thought that Qin Feng would give in so he did not talk further . He had done his part to remind Qin Feng .

The conversation ended shortly after that . Qin Feng turned off the communicator and immediately went to bed .

Those who were looking for him could only wait now .


When Qin Feng was finally awake, it was already noon . Xue Xingfu did not remain idle during these hours . He had even constructed the basic structure of the organization and amassed a few hundred orders from different parties . The necessary resources to start running the organization had been put in place by Xue Xingfu .

Qin Feng did not need to worry about anything on the business side . He was bombarded by ample advertisements as soon as he switched his communicator back on . Xue Xingfu did a brilliant job in publicizing the direction of the newly established Fengli Organization .

A new organization rarely set out to do firearm business . After all, this faction had long been monopolized by the Wanzong Organization . It was almost impossible to compete with Wanzong’s capitals and resources .

But Qin Feng could because he had developed a novel technology, which Wanzong could not replicate . This immediately diluted half of the market that was originally dominated by Wanzong .

Wanzong could not do anything to stop Qin Feng because it was not a technology that could be imitated overnight .

Of course, the actual product was still not out in the market yet but Qin Feng’s personal wealth was sufficient to cover the entire startup cost .

The news quickly reached the powerhouses such as Shang Han, He Liming, Fu Wenjue, and Xu Qing .

Even Guang Wei and Lei Ying had heard .

“This young guy is truly admirable,” Fu Wenjue was amazed after he saw the advertisements .

Of course, Qin Feng was using it as his leverage .

He did not keep the technology to himself . Neither did he surrender it to the Human Alliance nor Shang Han . Instead, he was offering it to everyone at a reasonable price .

Shang Han had no reason to ask Qin Feng to hand over the Floating City now . The presence of the Floating City had become an open secret under Xue Xingfu’s effort . If she insisted on forcing Qin Feng to give up the city, then she would most certainly receive backlash not only from the commoners but also people who bought the firearms from Qin Feng .

This would greatly tarnish her reputation, especially when she was a well-respected A-tier aptitude user .

“Regent, are we going to continue with our plan?” He Liming asked .

Qin Feng’s action had completely caught Shang Han off guard . “No . We can just buy it from him . ”

She initially wished to monopolize the technology but Qin Feng had beaten her to it . Now, she would never know whether the weapon Qin Feng had commercialized was the strongest version or not .

Xu Qing and his subordinates were stunned by the unexpected development too .

Xu Qing lamented helplessly, “I thought he would surrender the city to Shang Han and make her his backing . This is truly unexpected…”

“General, though he does benefit greatly by doing so, is it really wise and worth it to offend the regent?”

There was no love lost between Xu Qing’s men and Qin Feng to begin with . After Qin Feng had successfully toppled the Grans, their bitterness toward Qin Feng only grew stronger out of jealousy .

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Qin Feng’s success had exposed their incapability and short-sightedness . Hence, they would never acknowledge his action .

“Well, I don’t think Shang Han would be offended . This is just Qin Feng telling the world his stance . ”

“What stance?”

“That he would not bow to anyone for protection . ”

“That’s…” Xu Qing’s subordinates did not know what to say . They did not know whether Qing Feng was being smart or pompous .

Xu Qing thought about it and said, “Perhaps, he is still lacking confidence over the Human Alliance after what happened . With his current status and influence, he will be welcomed wherever he goes . ”

Firearm dealers had a great command of power in the modern world .

Gunners were the easiest manpower to nurture among aptitude users, after all .


The next afternoon, Fu Wenjue and He Liming had arrived at the Floating City subsequently . Qin Feng did not invite them to visit the Floating City but led them to the aircraft underneath it . He could easily finish them off with a blast from the energy cannon of the Floating City .

Though the two visitors were aware of the risk, they had no other choice but to follow Qin Feng .

The inside of the aircraft was grander than they expected .

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“Have a seat, Generals!” Qin Feng waved and signaled for the two generals to sit down . He had prepared tea for them .

“This aircraft is pretty decent . I am tempted to order one now . ”

“I agree . It provides stealth even for a large troop and it’s suitable for living in the wild too . ”

“Exactly . ”

Qin Feng smirked . “It seems I have just gotten myself another two purchases!”

“Good things will always attract buyers . ”

The three of them chatted randomly and got to the main point after a while .

“Qin Feng, we know that you have been through a lot . The regent had called for a hearing and voted to free you from all the false accusations . ” Fu Wenjue said .

He Liming was even more direct . “You can connect to the battle net now and claim 500 billion from the Human Alliance into your personal account as your compensation . ”

After that, they informed him regarding the punishment of Lei Ying and Guang Wei .

Qin Feng already knew about that . Zheng Qian had been following news about Lei Ying closely because of Gao Yukang .

Lei Ying had lost almost everything in one day .

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He had to mortgage most of his equipment and current assets . His businesses near the Four Cities of the North Sea and Three Cities along the Sun had all been auctioned out . In this way, he managed to gather a few hundred billion and minimize the loss .

Since Lei Ying knew that the Leitang Organization was going to go bankrupt soon, he had the E-tier and D-tier aptitude users under him fork out 100 million and 1 billion, respectively .

He planned to use the money to prevent his members from leaving the organization . Some did stay because of the money, but many were disgusted by his actions and decided to cut ties with Leitang forever .

No matter what, the once prosperous Leitang had completely collapsed overnight .

“I am content with the decision . ” Qin Feng nodded . At least, he had achieved his goal .

Sometimes, death alone was not miserable . True misery was like what had happened to Lei Ying . He was well and alive but had nothing left .

Besides, Lei Ying had been heavily injured by Qin Feng several times and he was not as strong as before now .

“Great . Now, one last matter . ” He Liming turned solemn and took out a box . “Qin Feng, I, as a representative of the Human Alliance from the Hua Xia region, officially appoint you as the governor of the Four Cities . I hereby present you the governor batch . ”

It was the same badge that Gao Yukang had before .

A C-tier governor badge .