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Master of the End Times - Chapter 478

Published at 12th of December 2020 03:00:05 AM

Chapter 478: 478

Chapter 478: Expanding Feng Li City

The two B-tier generals did not stay for long after handing over the badge . The cannons of the Floating City were still aiming at the aircraft after all .

After they left, Qin Feng looked at the badge and sighed quietly .

He had finally reached C-tier and gained the governor position . He was even given the badge without having to go through the C-tier aptitude test .

This time, he finally fulfilled what he had promised Gao Yukang .

“Members of the Fengli Mercenary Troop, we will gather at Niumeng City at once . We are going to arrange a funeral and pay Governor Gao his last respect,” Qin Feng ordered .

Zheng Qian could not hold back her tears when she heard the order . They had waited for this day for too long .

Qin Feng acted swiftly and the funeral was held three days later in Niumeng City .

The city was once again flooded by a few hundred D-tier aptitude users .

From fifty mercenaries of the Fengli troop to the management of the Four Cities as well as representatives from various ancient warrior families, many had attended to pay respect .

Gao Yukang’s body was relatively whole . His perforated chest had been filled and he was dressed in an army suit to cover the lethal wound .

The news of Gao Yukang’s death was only known among the high-ranked officers . Some D-tiers might have been told about the incident, while most E-tiers had heard nothing of it .

The crowd watched in silence as Gao Yukang was being buried .

The attendees were dazzled not by the scale of the event but the host behind it .

Qin Feng walked up the stage after the ceremony . The C-tier governor badge pinned on his chest was eye-catching,

“From today onward, I will succeed the role as the governor of the Four Cities of North Sea under the direct order of Regent Shang Han…”

Qin Feng was only making a simple announcement but everyone under the stage knew that the power distribution in the North Sea had been greatly reshaped .

“He is the successor? How is that possible? A C-tier at this age!?” D-tiers from the Hou family were shocked .

“Who would have thought?” Members from the Tieh family appeared gloomy as well . They glanced at each other and were nervously considering what to do next .

Both the Tieh and Hou families had offended Qin Feng at one point in the past .

They could never forget how the Xue family was being single-handedly dismantled by Qin Feng .

Of course, Qin Feng could not destroy the two righteous ancient warrior families like how he had dealt with the Xue family, which was linked to the Dark Coalition . However, it would be hard for them to fawn the new governor .

In contrast, the Yang family was happy to see the coronation of Qin Feng since they were in a relatively positive relationship with the new governor .

On the other hand, the dukes of the four cities were also discouraged by the announcement and could only smile bitterly . From Gao Yukang to Qin Feng, both were young prodigies that made a name for themselves at such a young age . Even if they could reach C-tier one day in the future, the chances were still razor-thin for them to oust Qin Feng from the governor spot .

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Unless something unthinkable were to happen to the governor, just like how Gao Yukang was killed unexpectedly during a mission .

Yet, the successor was not chosen among the four dukes but a more promising outsider .

If something were to happen to Qin Feng, the higher-ups could always find someone else to fill in, like how they had put Qin Feng into Gao Yukang’s position . The chance would never go to the four dukes . Moreover, none of the dukes believed that thunder would strike the same place twice .

What Qin Feng had done was ridiculous and he definitely deserved the appointment . It was destiny calling .

“Governor, this is my contact . I will directly report to you in the future . ”

“Here’s mine, Governor . ”

“Governor, we will follow your lead from now on!”

The four dukes approached Qin Feng to congratulate him while confirming their city’s direction in the future under the new governor .

“I am not going to make a drastic reform and will not interfere with your governing . Just continue the good work you have been carrying out all this while . ” Qin Feng was clearly reluctant to get involved with bureaucratic matters of the other cities .

The most vital task at hand for Qin Feng was to develop the surroundings of the new Shadong town . He wanted to build up a real super city so naturally, the four cities were way down his priority list .

“Look for me at Shadong town if you need me . ” Qin Feng said and returned to the base with the Fengli Mercenary Troop .

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Niumeng was once again a quiet town after the funeral . Shadong town was the complete opposite .

In just a few months, the surroundings of Shadong had undergone a total transformation .

The town was no longer encircled by endless deserts . Instead, paddy fields were seen at every corner of the town . The soil had become fertile and the air was no longer shrouded by sand . It had turned from a hostile place into a lively residence!

On top of Shadong town, the Floating City hovered majestically while monitoring the activity around the town . It was certainly a daunting presence and no one was daring enough to stir trouble in this place with the Floating City watching .

Chen Xiang and Gao Li who came from Shadong could not believe their eyes when they returned to their homegrown town .

“Captain, I don’t think the name Shadong suits this place anymore,” Chen Xiang joked, “I see no moving sand* around here!”

“I agree . Why don’t we change its name to Fengli colony? That would resonate better with our organization’s name . Shadong is in the past . ” Gao Li echoed Chen Xiang’s suggestion .

Xue Xingfu was right by Qin Feng’s side . Qin Feng had brought back a lot of pleasant surprises this time . All these had successfully materialized into profitable businesses . Xue Xingfu believed that the business would keep on expanding and the resources would keep rolling into their pockets .

“The name Fengli has been used for a small colony the president built in the past . ”

“Oh, I forgot about it entirely . But since our president is now a governor, it’s fine to just let the small colony go . ”

They discussed frantically as Qin Feng was immersed in his train of thought .

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‘Since I am now the governor of the North Sea, I should no longer hold onto the mayor position of the Three Cities . It’s time for me to transfer the position to someone else . That place is no longer suitable for further development anyway . ’

‘But I cannot let go of the Zimu Mountains just yet . My garden is still there, and then there’s this fissure to be dealt with . It’s time for me to go back to Fengli colony and settle the problems I have left behind . ’

Qin Feng had left Fengli colony for about half a year now . It was time to head back and check on it .

This was when Bai Li voiced her opinion in a crisp voice, “Why don’t we call it Fengli City? If this place is going to be the headquarters of the Fengli Organization and where the governor will reside, isn’t it too stingy to call it a colony?”

Everyone was stunned when they heard Bai Li and turned to Qin Feng .

Expanding Shadong Town did not require a whole lot of money but the population, defense system, and weaponry were the major problems .

All this required Qin Feng’s approval .

Qin Feng looked back at them and chuckled, “Why are you all looking at me? Go and do it now . ”

Xue Xingfu immediately replied, “Yes, President!”

“Haha, Fengli City, that’s not bad!”

Everyone was inspired . They might not have followed Qin Feng for long but they knew that they were witnessing the rise of a legend .