Master of the End Times - Chapter 484

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Chapter 484: 484

Chapter 484: Behold! The Floating City!

“You… so, you were actually being serious!” Zhou Hao’s jaw was rolling on the ground .

He was a C-tier and yet he wanted to participate in this Prodigy Tournament? Even Zhou Hao had no interest in taking part in this .

It would take months before one could go through all the trials .

Even though Zhou Hao was just seventeen years old, he had already ascended to E-tier and acquired some authority . And not only that, Qin Feng trusted him and gave him a lot of tasks .

He had no time to take part in this stupid tournament .

Yet, he did not think that someone as important and as busy as Qin Feng would want to participate in this . Zhou Hao was totally surprised and had no idea how to respond to this .

“Yeah, the prize is good and we could use this to scout out some good people . ”

‘If I get to meet some strong talents that I recognize from the future, I could recruit them . ’ Qin Feng thought to himself .

Lu Meng, after hearing what Qin Feng said, too had her interest piqued . “Then maybe I should participate too after all . Zhou Hao, what about you? Let’s take part in this together?”

Seeing that even Qin Feng wanted to take part in the Prodigy Tournament, Zhou Hao began to think that perhaps this tournament was something important, thus he nodded . “Okay, let’s do it!”

However, before Deng Nian was able to jump in joy, Lu Meng opened her mouth again, “We’ll register only after we reach Fengli City . We’ll represent the city . ”

Deng Nian was so pissed that his beard almost stood up on its ends .

He thought he had finally persuaded Lu Meng to take part in the tournament, and not only that she had also roped her fiancé in! And yet, they did not intend to register here!

“Gov… Governor Qin… could you…”

Qin Feng shrugged . “This is Lu Meng’s decision . I can’t change that . ”

Seeing that there was no way to salvage it, Deng Nian sighed, “Oh well… our school has never had people participate in the Prodigy Tournament anyway . I shouldn’t have thought about being a part of this in the first place . ”

Qin Feng smiled . “Come on, Principal . There’s still a way . If you build a school or university at Fengli City, I believe you’ll have some Heroes in your school right away! And then, you could send someone to represent your school!”

Deng Nian raised his head and looked at Qin Feng . Qin Feng’s eyes were beaming with a radiance of reassurance . He was not joking—Qin Feng was indeed asking him earnestly .

Although Qin Feng and Deng Nian started off on the wrong foot due to their powers, as Qin Feng had gotten stronger, the less uncomfortable it was for him to meet Deng Nian .

Meanwhile, Deng Nian was now a little afraid of Qin Feng .

It felt as though he was facing his natural predator .

This, however, did not affect Deng Nian’s judgement . Qin Feng was now a powerful C-tier aptitude user, and he was now asking his school to join his city .

At Chengbei Colony, both Zheng Yang and Deng Nian were E-tiers . This meant that whenever there was a need to collaborate, due to the difference in authority, Deng Nian would always be at a disadvantage .

However, Qin Feng was a C-tier . It was quite natural for anyone to bow down to someone more powerful than him . It was the norm in this world . And this was also the natural instinct of a species .

“Hahaha, I suppose… I still have some vigor in me to build one more school!” Deng Nian laughed .

“Then, I welcome you with open arms, Principal Deng!” Qin Feng smiled after hearing his answer .


Three days later, everyone began their migration after they were done with packing up .

Everyone was both excited and anxious . After all, every time they migrate, despite the great benefits that awaited, they would need to face various kinds of dangers on the road .

They were humans . And to the ultra beasts, their scents were like a dinner bell . After sensing this many prey, the ultra beasts would definitely come for a hunt!

“How many aptitude users are defending us? There are so many of us!”

“Indeed . But it’s alright, Governor Qin is with us!”

“How long do we need to travel before we reach Fengli City?”

Many were discussing as they gathered at the entrance of the Fengli colony . Yet, after a long wait, they did not see any vehicles coming their way .

“Is the train here yet?”

“Hey, it is very expensive to ride on a train! But I heard it’s quite safe though!”

“Hold on, if we are going to ride on a train, we should be at the station outside of the colony!”

“So, you’re implying that we’re riding the hover copters? Be realistic . Look around you . There are at least 40,000 to 50,000 of us here!”

As the man said so, he saw that his friend was looking behind him with his mouth wide open .

Then, the sky suddenly turned dark, as though something enormous had covered it up .

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The man instinctively lifted his head and then he saw it . A huge, massive machine was already above him, hovering in the sky .

The trains and hover copters were really small now when compared to this thing .

It was the Floating City!

The major city descended from above the clouds; hence, no one saw it coming . As the Floating City got closer and closer, the people below were completely shocked .

“Wha… what the hell is that?!”

“Is this a machine made by us, the humans? I’ve never heard of this thing ever!”

As they were totally floored by the city’s appearance, the Floating City had now descended so close to the ground that they could see the cannons . They were so close that they found it to be very difficult to breathe .

If this were the weapons of their enemies, they would definitely have wet their pants .

When the city was just about a hundred meters above, it stopped .

If it were to descend further, it would have crushed the buildings at the entrance .

Nonetheless, the Floating City was already covering almost half of the colony . In fact, if the Floating City wanted to cover the whole place, it could do it with ease!

Han Jian, who was handling the security, was also shocked when he saw the Floating City .

Originally, he was quite pleased and proud after hearing that Qin Feng had recommended him to be the mayor of this colony . He was so proud that he was displaying some snobbish behaviors around his fellow people in the colony .

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Yet, after seeing the Floating City, that sense of superiority had now vanished!

“This… this is so unreal!!”

Even though he had ascended to E-tier, Han Jian did not have any access to any intel about the Floating City .

Suddenly, the Floating City let down its folding escalator down onto the colony . The escalator was so massive that it had completely covered the four-lane road . Of course, this escalator was still quite small as compared to the entire Floating City . It felt as though the elevator was just a tiny hair from its body .

“Please line up and get on the elevator . No pushing!”

Qin Feng’s voice was sent far and wide via the speakers; everyone in the Fengli colony could hear his voice .

After hearing his voice, the people down there started to move again . Adhering to Qin Feng’s words, they stepped onto the elevator one by one . As they ascended higher and higher and reached the Floating City, they felt as though they had arrived to a whole new world—a city that was floating in the sky, a world that they had never dreamed of ever .

In just a dozen minutes, tens of thousands of people had all boarded!

Then, the Floating City ascended to the skies after it had retracted its Folding Escalator . When it had finally ascended higher than the clouds, the Floating City then flew toward the Four Cities of the North Sea!

The rest of the people who decided to stay behind at the Fengli colony watched as the Floating City flew into the horizon . They could not help but to feel a deep sense of regret in their hearts!

If they knew this, they would have also chosen to go to Fengli City too!

“C-tiers… Are all C-tiers this powerful?” Han Jian thought to himself .

As he stared at the Floating City flying away, his impression of Qin Feng had become something akin to a giant .