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Master of the End Times - Chapter 485

Published at 15th of December 2020 07:26:00 PM

Chapter 485: 485

The speed of the Floating City was quite fast . It only spent three days and two nights to zip across two states from the Fenglii colony to Fengli City .

Meanwhile, at the Four Cities of North Sea, the Prodigy Tournament was being held . Unlike the ones being held at the Three Cities along the Sun, there were at least ten spots for the event . Of course aside from that, the renowned families would still have their own booked spots .

Qin Feng had a lot of underlings today . And more importantly, those underlings were not recruited by him personally . It was those D-tier Fengli Mercenaries that recruited all these E-tiers .

Not only that, the ones who had recently joined the Fengli Organization were tough players like Jin Fei . And Qin Feng had assembled ten of them into a team .

They had heard that Qin Feng was interested in participating in the Prodigy Tournament .

Back in the days, these tournaments were held in Niumeng City . Now, Meng Lin suggested that they organize it at Fengli City .

Qin Feng did not object to this, naturally .


Mid September .

The weather was getting hotter and hotter . Seven hover copters were carrying ten talented youngsters toward Fengli City from different directions .

In the hover copter, a young man, aged around eighteen to nineteen years old, looked out to the surrounding areas snobbishly . “Fengli City? Heh, it’s just a town . Shadong Town . It was destroyed once and lost its value . What? Just because they have a new Governor they are a city now?”

These people did not have a lot of regard for the governor . This was because this hover copter was carrying the Tiehs—a renowned ancient warrior family .

The leader of this family was a C-tier aptitude user .

Gao Yukang was indeed powerful but even he was suppressed by these renowned families and not able to expand his influence .

Hence, to these people, Qin Feng’s expanding influence and popularity was like a taunt to their families .

“Tieh Chen, shut up!” the only D-tier Aptitude in the scene shouted, “I will let this slide since we are still on the hover copter . You better behave when we land in Fengli City later, or else!”

This was someone Qin Feng knew—Tieh Lei!

Back at the Battlegod Tomb, he stopped him . Qin Feng slayed Xue Jinkuang when he was still a D-tier . And now, in a rather short time, Qin Feng had ascended to C-tier . Hence, it was quite easy to imagine just how powerful Qin Feng was right now .

Holding the Prodigy Tournament at Fengli City was in a way a friendly gesture from them to Qin Feng .

Back then, when they held it at Niumeng City, the revenue that they got from selling the tickets would be split among the ancient warrior families . And it was not a fair share too—the more powerful and renowned a family was, the more dough they got .

At the same time, these youngsters had been training even before their awakening . Some of them had acquired powerful physiques long before they experienced their awakening, enabling them to train neigong . Hence, after awakening, they had even more power than before .

It was quite easy for them to ascend to E-tier before reaching twenty years old .

Of course, it was still quite difficult for them to reach D-tier in a leap . It might require the whole family to pool in their resources to push just one of them to do that .

And no family would do that . Not especially when their elders were still around .

It was not worth it for them to do that just for a Hero Class .

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Originally, this season’s Prodigy Tournament’s biggest winner would have been the Xues—specifically Xue Yuan . Now that Xue Yuan was dead and the Xue family had gone to ruins, the other families now had some breathing room .

Now, the most talented youngster was Tieh Chen from the Tieh family . Even though he was still nineteen years old, he had already reached E3-tier . Not only that, he was also considered a prodigy .

Thus, the boy was getting a little snobbish and too prideful for his own good .

“Uncle Lei, why are you afraid of that Qin Feng? If you talk like this in front of other people, this would have disgraced our family!”

“Is your pride more important than your life? And don’t mention that name like that!” Tieh Lei replied sternly .

Tieh Chen zipped his mouth and sulked . This Uncle Tieh Lei was such a boring old fart!

“What a boring trip . This place isn’t anywhere near as great as Niumeng City . I might need to be careful during the fights so I don’t accidentally breathe in sand!”

Tieh Lei smirked to himself as he stared out the window . Then suddenly, his face froze!

A huge wall had already been built around the city . And in between each thirty meters of the walls, there were crystal cannons installed on them . And behind these walls, there were several massive pieces of green, lush paddy fields .

To add more, the towers were installed quite tightly together near the walls . These towers too had crystal cannons, always on the watch for any ultra beast .

After a few miles of paddy fields, there was another layer of walls .

This was quite usual to see in this world . The cities and towns were always on the works to renovate and expand their walls .

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However, this Fengli City had over a dozen layers of walls . This totally surprised everyone!

Just how big was this Fengli City?

They had flown across the walls for three whole minutes, and yet there were still paddy fields . And quite curiously, there was not a single ultra beast found across the massive desert .

Then suddenly, a huge city leaped into view from the horizon .

They were now inching closer to the main city entrance . And they saw it—the signboard that had on the words “Fengli City”!

The city gate was about fifty meters wide . There were also several landing zones built at the city entrance too . And on each of the hover copter landing pads had huge words printed on them—”Made by Fengli”!

Tieh Lei took in a deep breath .

“So, Fengli Organization has begun manufacturing combat hover copters now?”

“This… this is Fengli?” Tieh Chen could not help but feel that he was slapping his own face a moment ago .

Eat sand? This whole place was basically a huge oasis in the middle of the desert!

The agents that were assigned took them to check in at the hotels, showing warm hospitality along the way . And that night, in order to prevent other participants from sabotaging them, no one stepped out of the hotel at all . Yet, they were able to witness just how developed the city was just by looking out of the windows .

Then, when daybreak came, Fengli City sent Han Nuan to welcome their arrival .

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“Prodigies from Niumeng, I welcome you! I’ll now bring you to the arena . The combatants from Fengli have been eagerly awaiting you!” Han Nuan smirked .

The others did not pay much attention to her smirk and boarded the vehicles, going straight to the arena .

It was Qin Feng that designed this arena . He used the knowledge he had from before he was reborn to design the arena to make the arena as huge and majestic as he could . If he were going to construct a large arena, he might as well construct the biggest Colosseum in the world .

He had even constructed several smithies inside the arena, giving it ease to expand further in the future . Thus, naturally, the prodigies were totally floored when they saw the arena .

However, they were able to pull back their attention and focus on the tournament quickly .

“Combatants, please draw a ballot here to determine who would be your opponents . There would be three rounds . The ones who lose would be eliminated from the tournament immediately!”

The arena required the combatants to draw the ballots themselves so that there was no fraud in the selection of their opponents .

And Tieh Chen had drawn Number 1!

“Heh, what if I’m the first one to fight? I don’t think there is anyone that can handle me . ” Tieh Chen smirked .

It was then, the gigantic screen in the arena showed:

“Round 1 . Tieh Chen VS Qin Feng”