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Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Bounty Hunter Network

How posh it was, building villas in the colony . Only a few kinds of people could afford to live in them, though . They would be E-tier elects, including the district mayor, generals, and even the principals of advanced academies .

People worshipped status symbols .

Not everyone could just move into the surrounding neighborhoods as they wanted to .

Since Qin Feng was the one who killed He Li, he had the leverage to live here; thought Xue Xingfu . Qin Feng, too, couldn’t care less if people started causing problems just because they disliked him staying here .

“My house is on the ninth floor . The elevator only stops at 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 . Each house has two floors and is about 350 square meters!” Xue Xingfu explained . “Mine even has a small attic . From the rooftop, you’ll have a wonderful of the entire colony!”

Xue Xingfu was good at what he did, but he preferred to lay low . He had always kept mum about this sterling property he owned and was even willing to do things that many people considered a con, such as exchanging G-grade strengthening potions with Qin Feng .

Qin Feng followed Xue Xingfu into the elevator, keeping a straight face . People here were far and few between . Despite the lack of human presence, just by being here would make most visitors faint – the colony was cramped and suffocating, with most wishing it had more space .

Xue Xingfu swiped a card on the door with a distinct click following it . When the lights were turned on, Qin Feng could see that the house was lavish and well decorated, a sight pleasing to the eyes .

In the colony, one square meter would cost 40 to 50 thousand yuan . The average wage earner wouldn’t even be able to afford a single tile .

“We have the living room, dining room, kitchen, guestroom, bathroom, and training room on the first floor . Upstairs, we have the master bedroom with en suite, the changing room, and a hidden room . Of course, this house has everything, albeit, the kind of security system you choose to install . On the third floor is the attic, and outside, a viewing room with a luxurious bathtub; if you know what I mean!” Xue Xingfu winked, as if very proud of the unabashed bathtub .

The poor made up most of the colony, but as long as they had money, they could live as outrageously as they liked .

“Not bad!” Qin Feng was an A-tier elect in his previous life, with no measure of opulence he had not seen before . This was not a big deal to him .

Xue Xingfu understood that this young man had always been reserved and did not insist on Qin Feng, showing any indication of delight .

For most combatants who fought in the wilderness, acquiring a place to live was mainly for their families . It did not matter that they could not enjoy the fruits of their hard labor .

Unfortunately or fortunately, in this case, Qin Feng had no family, so naturally, he felt no significance to it .

“It’s all set then . This house belongs to you now!” Xue Xingfu completed the procedure on his communicator and transferred the ownership of house number 399 of Lake Qin to Qin Feng . “Well, I won’t take any more of your time then . You’ve been fighting the whole night . Have a well-deserved rest!”

Xue Xingfu patted Qin Feng on the shoulder as he left, sighing at the thought of the fact that he no longer owned the house .

However, when he looked at the purple rune armor and space stabilizing device, his mood immediately uplifted, a small distraction from the rather substantial loss .

Qin Feng watched Xue Xingfu leave before combing through the entire house, fearing it might be bugged . After a thorough search, he was satisfied and set down his backpack .

Xiaobai jumped out eagerly!

“Chirp! That sure is one verbose human!” Xiaobai grumbled .

“Go ahead and take a look around . This is where we’ll be staying from now on . But I don’t think we’ll be here long!”

Xiaobai did a little jig . Then, like Qin Feng, it did a sweep of the house, sniffing around and gingerly touching everything like a queen touring her new territory .

“Alright, Xiaobai . It’s time for a shower!”

After the fight yesterday, Qin Feng looked really worse for wear . Those who didn’t know he was an ability user would think that he had just returned from a day of moving bricks in a construction yard . Xiaobai, too, was all dusty and muddy .

The little creature skipped to the bathroom and settled itself in the sink while Qin Feng took a shower .

Qin Feng turned the water for Xiaobai, making sure the temperature was right . It slumped backward, eyes closed in apparent relaxation .

As he cleaned the dirt off himself, Qin Feng combed through the proceeds of the night .

Yesterday, he killed He Li with Hellfire, and as soon as the guy died, Qin Feng absorbed the energy from his corpse . The only thing was, the energy was very weak .

On the other hand, he noticed his consciousness had improved by leaps and bounds .

“Gunners were physically weak against Ancient Warriors . He Li was the same . That being said, his consciousness was exceedingly robust . ”

Qin Feng realized, even more so now, on how incredible his absorption ability was .

Of course, other than consciousness, his physique had also toughened up .

Before he demolished the laboratory, Qin Feng returned to the room where they stored the test subjects and killed all of the ultra-beasts that were barely alive, relieving them of their suffering .

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He did not do it out of pity, but too many people had died in the hands of these creatures . He would be incredibly stupid if he took pity on them . He did what he did because he was afraid that the ultra-beasts would escape and eventually become a threat to Chengbei .

There was no shortage of ultra-beasts here .

“All the test specimens in the lab were in terrible shape . I only managed to absorb a small bit of energy from them, but I still managed to level up!”

Amazingly, he had reached G8-tier!

He was so close to becoming F-tier – he only needed to level up two more times .

As he turned the tap off, Qin Feng stood in front of the mirror and examined his body .

Firm muscles wrapped around his bones, and considering he’d absorbed that bone-hand back then, he seemed to have grown a little taller, now standing around 178cm . He was no longer skinny and scrawny!

His whole body brimmed with explosive energy, waiting to burst out with bright radiance!

“My clothes are also tighter!” he laughed .

Forget it . He would deal with it tomorrow .

Including last night, Qin Feng had not slept for over 30 hours . But having the body of an Ancient Warrior and the consciousness of an ability user, he could even go on for seven days and seven nights without a wink of sleep .

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With all things considered, however, after such a big battle and the fact that Qin Feng was still in the awakening period, he did not want to risk it .

After Xiaobai was clean, it curled up next to Qin Feng, and the both of them fell into a sweet sleep .

When they awoke, the sun was setting . Qin Feng checked the message on his wrist .

It was this notification that woke him up . It was Xue Xingfu .

“Brother, the information you gave is real handy . The case you mentioned yesterday? I’m handing it now . According to the bounty hunter network, the reward for the two criminals you killed is 400,000 yuan . I’ve already transferred the money to your account!”

Because Xue Xingfu knew about the deputy mayor’s involvement, he bullishly got himself involved in the case, even going as far as to fire those who wanted to harm Qin Feng!

On top of that, he even made sure that the reward Qin Feng received was on the dot . Not a cent more, not a cent less .

“Bounty Hunter Network! That’s great!” Qin Feng reread the words on Xue Xingfu’s message, and a thought struck his mind .