Master of the End Times - Chapter 490

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Chapter 490

Chapter 490: That’s Just Overkill

Naturally, Qin Feng had not lost his marbles . Although the newly created Apocalypse Bloom was only just a dark element rune, it suddenly became a new kind of ability when combined with all the other runes from the Hellstone .

Since the Hellstone was an S-tier item, Qin Feng still had not absorbed it until now .

That was why it was possible for him to create a new move that was more powerful than C-tier .

When he raised his hand, a lotus flower appeared in his palm . Shadows concentrated themselves onto the lotus as it began to bloom .

The surrounding light seemed to be getting drained away by this lotus .

The surrounding people’s vision dimmed and they felt a terrifying aura spread out as they watched Qin Feng with high alert .

With a push of his hand, he tossed the lotus upward . In an instant, it looked as if a dark cloud had manifested above his head .

Then a petal detached from the flower and drifted down toward Guan Xuangdong, who was standing at the edge .

This man was obviously an ability user, and he realized that something was not right .

The petal looked like it was going to be slow, mainly due to its size . Something that big probably would not be very quick, but it turned out to be the opposite and came crashing down on him .

As an ability user, he was not very fast to begin with and the width made it hard for him to escape!

‘I’m not buying it! He’s only just a C-tier ability user!’

As this thought ran through Guan Xuangdong’s mind, he mobilized his consciousness and a torrent of water suddenly appeared around him .

This wave rushed out violently, racing toward the sky as if shot from a geyser .


The two abilities collided with one another!

While it looked like the black petal became thinner, it was still falling down and it ended up covering Guan Xuangdong’s entire body .

“Huh? No effect?” Guan Xuangdong did not feel anything different and let out a laugh, “Looks like you were just trying to trick us!”

He did not feel like he was hurt, but everyone else that was looking at him had shocked expressions on their faces .

Before that, Guan Xuangdong was a thirty year old man but his facial features had changed drastically . There were more lines on his face and his skin seemed to be sagging a bit more .

To say that he looked like he had suddenly aged ten years was no exaggeration .

When two other petals fell down, Gu Chang and Qi Yan quickly backed away without saying anything .

However, it was too late for them to retreat .

Internal force warped around their entire body, but the black petals revealed their true power . Their protection was instantly burned away as the petals fell onto them .

The two did not really feel like anything was off, other than their bodies suddenly feeling weaker . When they looked at their hands, they saw that the originally muscular arms of theirs were wrinkled and had liver spots .

The two were instantly deprived of their vitality .

“No, run! Run away!”

These two could not resist Qin Feng’s strange new ability and ended up using qinggong to get out of his range .

The attack on Gu Chang and Qi Yan were obviously stronger than the attack on Guan Xuangdong . To him, the other two aged twenty years in an instant, which was extremely frightening . This was the moment that he realized that something was wrong and his heart skipped a beat .

However, he was obviously not as fast as the other two .

He then had an idea and began to run toward Qin Feng’s direction .

If he could kill the one controlling the ability, then the dark runes would dissipate!

Guan Xuangdong was not far from Qin Feng to begin with and he began to mobilize his consciousness again!

“Water Dragon Style!”

This was an ability that even E-tiers could learn, but with improvements in strength, increase in runes used and better control over consciousness the abilities that carry the dragon’s name with them would have no limits on how powerful it could get .

As for Guan Xuangdong’s ability, his dragon grew multiple heads . The five heads spread out and attacked Qin Feng from all directions .

However, Qin Feng did not run away . His internal force was still as smooth as a mirror’s surface .

“Qin Feng, get away!” Mu Jin exclaimed .

Even he himself did not dare to directly take on Guan Xuangdong’s water abilities .

When the water dragon was already in front of Qin Feng and collided with his internal force shield, it turned into a stream of water and flowed away .

The other heads came in one after the other but they were all met with the same fate . Qin Feng’s body did not even budge .

Not only did the water dragon dissipate, Qin Feng’s internal force was still holding .

It shattered itself trying to break through his shield .

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“Impossible!” Guan Xuangdong could not believe what he was seeing as despair floated into his vision .

Another petal had fallen .


He let out a loud roar, his consciousness constantly mobilizing waves of water . This was no longer a callous attack like the last one but instead a frantic all out attack .

The water ability and the dark ability clashed

Such a scene was terrifying to behold . Water enough to fill whole lakes splashed from Guan Xuangdong, rocketing into the air as people began to evacuate .

Those who had already made it to the airship were staring with wide eyes, gulping hard as they felt cold sweat drip down their backs!

“Although the main cannon of the airship can kill a B-tier, but if it gets caught off guard by one, even its size wouldn’t be able to save it from being completely perforated!”

“Yeah! This is way too strong! So this is B-tier!”

“But, if a B-tier is forced to act like this then wouldn’t that mean the president is…”

The thought entered everyone’s mind .

Would that not mean that Qin Feng was stronger?

On the airship, the other young geniuses were even more shocked to the point of speechlessness . Even the Hou family and Tieh family’s people had their mouths glued shut!

They might have been dissatisfied with Qin Feng before, but now they were absolutely terrified of him .

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However, this fear was about to reach its apex .

Even though Gu Chang and Qi Yan ran away, they were still brushed by the petals from the Apocalypse Bloom . They aged twenty years again in an instant and looked like they were seventy to eighty years old, but they still had internal strength in their bodies which allowed them to escape .

Guan Xuangdong was still en-scene and he was not so lucky .

The Apocalypse Bloom began to release more petals, first one, then three, as more and more began to fall .

The lotus spread out the petals to everywhere in its range . The whole scene lasted for five minutes .

Guan Xuangdong could not even hang on for one minute .

He turned from a young man to a middle-aged man, then an old man, and finally began to start dying . Even with his immense power it still was not enough to save himself from death .

He even used several life-saving items but those prove to be useless as he eventually met his demise .

Even after he ceased to be, the Apocalypse Bloom continued . His body turned into a dried up corpse and then became a skeleton until that too turned into dust . If there were no clothes and rune equipment left behind, it would have been impossible to know that this was where a B-tier aptitude user once stood .

The Apocalypse Bloom finally stopped

Qin Feng thought about it for a while and then said, “Well, that was a waste!”

It was like killing a chicken with a sledgehammer! An absolute overkill!

Mu Jin, who was behind Qin Feng, could not believe what he just saw .