Master of the End Times - Chapter 493

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Chapter 493: 493

Chapter 493: Northern Abyss

“Good day, Master Chui Yang! As you wish!”

The surname Chui was very special in Beihua City .

The family was once the dominant force in this city because they were led by a powerful A-tier aptitude user—The Fire Lord Chui Lian . It was well respected across the continent in Qin Feng’s past life .

No one would have thought that Chui Lian’s life would be unexpectedly taken in an accident . Ever since his passing, the family plunged from being the most prestigious family in Beihua into a declining, no-longer-relevant faction .

The reason the family was still holding a place in Beihua was thanks to their A-tier elder, who was more than one hundred years old . Thus, people in Beihua city, especially those from the middle and lower classes, would still give face to the Chui family despite them falling out of favor .

“Young Master, do you need to find more men to go with you?” A B-tier aptitude user known as Liu Yue asked . He was sent by the family to make sure that Chui Yang would pass the C-tier assessment safely .

“There’s no need for that . We are not exploring deep . Just follow the couple from earlier . ” Chui Yang waved his hand impatiently .

“Okay . Please get into the car, Young Master . We will head out of town . ”

“Alright . ”

The two men got into a hover tank . It would take half an hour to get out of the town . Once outside, they would need to take the hover copter to reach the destination .

Chui Yang initially thought that it would be easy to catch up to Qin Feng . To their surprise, the two unknown aptitude users were driving a more powerful vehicle . They accelerated to max speed but could hardly shorten the gap .

Qin Feng’s Silver Bolt and Sky Dweller were no longer the same vehicles from when he first bought them . Guo Guan had replaced the turbo and hover system with more powerful units . Their speed probably would not lose to the fastest car and chopper in the market .

Inside the Sky Dweller, Qin Feng frowned slightly as he could sense they were being followed .

“Hubby, why are those two from before following us? Should we shake them off?” Bai Li asked .

“It’s fine . Just let them be . ”

“Okay . I don’t sense any hostility from them anyway . ”

“Of course there isn’t . They are just being curious and probably coveted by your beauty!” Qin Feng shook his head .

Sky Dweller traveled safely through the sky . The sky and the ground around Beihua City were being constantly swept . That was because it would be terrible if a war were to break out here . There were simply too many rifts around the region . To use a space stabilizer to secure this area was no longer an option .

The hover copter flew on for another twenty minutes and a hundred-meter-tall wall came into sight . The wall was painted pitch black .

“We have arrived!” Qin Feng said and descended the Sky Dweller .

The Northern Abyss was located among valleys and it was a humongous spatial tunnel that spanned about a hundred meters wide .

Till today, humans were still unable to find a spatial stone large enough to seal off this place .

As such, they opted for the only feasible alternative, which was to completely isolate the spatial tunnel . They moved mountains around it and built a large wall between the gaps . Furthermore, the sky was sealed with a special barrier to imprison the beasts inside a man-made giant fortress .

The beasts arriving from this rift were not highly intelligent . They came to Earth through the large tunnel and would soon figure out that this place was another limited habitat with scarce resources . Most of the mutated beast would thus return to their own worlds after a short while .

This method had successfully contained the abyss for fifty long years .

The massive wall was filled with dense dark runes . It was a safety measure to hinder the beast from perceiving the condition outside of the fortress .

The only entrance was being guarded by an elite army . The captains here were all B-tiers . These people glanced at the hover copter briefly and immediately got back to their duty .

Qin Feng and Bai Li alighted and walked toward the gate .

“We are here for the C-tier assessment . ” Qin Feng spoke and asked Bai Li to display her mission card .

“Only the two of you?” The guard looked at them curiously . He was apparently unconvinced by Qin Feng and Bai Li’s capability .

“More than enough,” Qin Feng replied confidently .

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The B-tier aptitude user found Qin Feng’s answer funny but he did not say anything .

“We just let a party through earlier . You have to wait here until there are ten candidates . ”

Qin Feng did not protest and waited patiently . Chui Yang and his bodyguard reached not long after . They were still short of heads . However, the B-tier aptitude user seemed to recognize Chui Yang and his bodyguard .

“Master Chui, Mr . Liu!”

“Good day, Captain Yang Pi!”

“Are you here for the C-tier mission?” Yang Pi was baffled . He quietly wondered what brought the C-tier candidates to the abyss today . ‘Don’t they understand how dangerous this place is?’

“Yes,” Liu Yue answered . Chui Yang, on the other hand, was busy trying to strike a conversation with Qin Feng and Bai Li again . He was more courageous this time with Liu Yue by his side .

“Hey bro! What a coincidence!” Chui Yang said insincerely .

Qin Feng was not fond of a rich kid like him . It was easy to tell that the young man was a descendent of a well-known family since the B-tier guard treated them so differently .

“Coincidence or not, I think you know best,” Qin Feng replied coldly .

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“Haha . I am here to make sure the two of you don’t throw away your life this easily . Why not tag along with us? It’s safer to have a B-tier aptitude user around!”

“Thanks for the offer but no thanks . ”

“Don’t reject me so quickly . Let’s ask for the lady’s opinion . I haven’t gotten your name yet, too!”

Unfortunately, both of them were not enthused to talk to him .

The B-tier guard felt a little awkward, while Liu Yue was unhappy with their attitude . “Know your manners . My young master is being kind and has offered to help you . It’s one thing that you don’t appreciate it . But now you are just being rude . You should at least tell us your name!”

Qin Feng pulled a long face and chastised him, “You aren’t worth my politeness . ”

Liu Yue frowned out of anger . “Watch your tongue, young man . ” He did not expect a C-tier to be acting so arrogantly in front of him .

Yang Pi did not want trouble, at least not in front of the gate . There were surveillance drones around this area . Besides, Qin Feng’s badge showed that he was a governor . It would be extremely troublesome if something were to happen to him under his watch .

“Calm down . I will give face to Master Chui and open the gate for you all . You can settle your dispute in there . ” They could do whatever they wanted once they were inside the abyss . He could not care less .

“Fine!” Liu Yue was infuriated . Chui Yang, in contrast, was stiffened by the heated exchange . He only wanted to get acquainted with the beautiful lady and never thought that the situation would escalate like that .

Qin Feng did not mind since he wanted to enter the abyss as soon as possible .

Yang Pi took out four palm-sized bronze lanterns and handed it to them . “The Northern Abyss does not have much light . This runic equipment would light up to thirty meters around you . It also helps to repel the weaker beasts and keep you safe from being mobbed by the beasts . Finally, it also serves as a recorder to help you register your kill count and exchange for resources later . To rent this, you will need to first deposit 50 million . It’s up to you whether you want to take it or not!”