Master of the End Times - Chapter 495

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Chapter 495

Chapter 495: Abyss, or Slaughterhouse?

It soon turned into a recurring cycle . Qin Feng kept his movements minimal while Bai Li did not get involved at all . It was like Qin Feng and Bai Li had switched roles from earlier on .

“They are the beasts here!” Chui Yang could not find any other words to describe them .

Qin Feng did not care about the two spectators and continued his massacre .

Ever since they had decided to relocate Fengli, Qin Feng had not been hunting for a long time till today . Parallel training through normal means could hardly satisfy his appetite as an aptitude user with the Absorption Ability .

Hence, he was determined to kill as many beasts as he could since such a chance was hard to come by nowadays .

Numerous beasts were continuously drawn in by Qin Feng but he kept on slaying them down . The corpses began to pile up under him . Qin Feng could feel an ample amount of energy being absorbed into his body through his legs .

‘This is awesome!’

C-tier beasts were clearly different from D-tiers . The amount of energy available for absorption in the former greatly exceeded that of the latter .

The key was Qin Feng’s glimmering Verdant Saber . It served as a beacon in this dark world that continuously drew more beasts to him .

‘Kill! Kill them all!!’

Qin Feng’s saber sliced through the air tirelessly and cut down one after another beast crawling out from the abyss .


A figure clearly larger than the other beasts emerged . It was a beast general judging by the volume of its aura . That was not all, two other beast generals subsequently revealed themselves right behind the first .

Liu Yue and Chui Yang watched in horror .

Though the C-tier beast general was not as scary as a beast king, a normal C-tier aptitude user would still find it difficult to face a beast general alone .

They wanted to see how Qin Feng would fight three generals at once .

Qin Feng was not bothered by their abrupt entrance . He waited and launched his attack only after the three beast generals charged at him .

“Magma burst!”

Qin Feng triggered his conscious energy and directed a stream of magma right at those beast generals . He followed through and launched his saber .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

The flame looked more like viscous magma and instantly tore apart the general’s hardened skin .

In a flash, Qin Feng’s saber had cut through the beast numerous times before it could react .

For Qin Feng, it only took slightly longer to finish off one beast general as compared to a minion .

To an outsider, the powerful C-tier beast general seemed toothless in front of Qin Feng . The truth was, the beast did not become weaker . It was Qin Feng that was inhumanly strong!

As time passed, Chui Yang and Liu Yue’s legs began to numb after prolonged squatting . When they looked at their communicator only then did they realize that they had watched a C-tier battle for an hour straight .

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“This person must be a well-known aptitude user . He is too strong . Not even a B-tier could do what he did . Besides, his understanding of ancient martial arts is… out of this world . ” Liu Yue said with mixed feelings . He was envious and looked more embarrassed than ever .

He regretted looking down on Qin Feng earlier on .

Chui Yang nodded grudgingly as well . He had to admit Qin Feng was truly outrageous .

“Forget it . These two are not someone we can mess around with . Uncle Liu, let’s move to another spot and work on my mission . ”

“Okay . Young Master, let’s go this way . ”

“After you . ”

The two of them left Qin Feng’s hunting ground and began to search for their prey . Probably because Qin Feng had attracted most of the beasts to him, the number of remaining beasts became scarce . They managed to found a lone beast rather quickly .

It took Chui Yang a great deal to finally kill a single beast . It hurt him to recall how dominated Qin Feng and Bai Li were against the same C-tier beast . Though his life was not threatened in the process, the time to finish one battle was extremely long in comparison .

After half a day had passed, the bronze lantern glowed differently to remind them it was night time soon .

Not only would the beasts’ power grow significantly during the night, but the force field around the region would be enhanced too . It was extremely tough to withstand the growing pressure inside the abyss during the night even for a C-tier . Hence, the lantern served as a signal to warn the users, asking them to abort the abyss as soon as possible .

Qin Feng did not plan to disobey the retreat call . He sheathed the saber and used his consciousness to chase away the beasts that tried to chase after him .

Qin Feng and Bai Li were not the only ones retreating at this time . There were about fifty users at the front gate when they arrived .

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The gate opened once again and the gathered aptitude users walked out swiftly .

Surprisingly, no beast was seen pursuing the departing group like it usually would . Yang Pi remained vigilant despite the rare quietness from inside and shut the gate immediately .

“Please return your bronze lantern so we can record the kill count and point reward . ”

The small crowd queued up in an orderly fashion . Though most of them were B-tiers, they had no conflict with each other . Some even began to exchange information while waiting for their turn .

Everyone needed info on how to navigate safely through the ever-dangerous abyss .

The Northern Abyss was not only a place full of fallen beasts but numerous elects had also paid their lives in it .

Hence, to minimize the number of casualties, most explorers would tacitly tell each other about what they found and where they had gone on that particular day . This could also increase the chances of their body and runic equipment being found if any misfortune were to happen to them in the future .

The aptitude users submitted their scores one by one . Chui Yang was from the famous Chui family so the others let him go first .

“Nice job, Young Master . You had killed 12 beasts today!”

The beast inside the Northern Abyss usually moved in groups . If the candidate did not enter the abyss in a group, then it would spell doom for the aptitude user .

In other words, the most important thing was not how to kill the beast, but how to locate and kill a lone beast .

Chui Yang was lucky that most of the beasts he found were alone . However, he was not at all delighted because he knew the real reason behind this “luck” .

“It’s nothing spectacular!” Chui Yang forced a smile .

“At this rate, you would complete the C-tier mission in five days . Allow me to congratulate you in advance,” Yang Pi complimented Chui Yang as he tried to fawn the influential young master .

Chui Yang paid little attention to him . ‘How many beasts did he kill, I wonder . ’

This was when he heard an exclamation coming from the adjacent line .

“Fifty in one day? Where did she come from?”

Everyone turned to Bai Li .

The materials gained by killing the beasts in the Northern Abyss had little market value . Yet, the reward was very lucrative .

A C-tier beast was equal to 1 point, and 1 point was equivalent to 100 million .

Cumulatively, fifty beasts were equal to 5 billion . Though it was not a big sum to a C-tier, the number could add up handsomely to 150 billion in a month . That was more rewarding and less risky than trying to kill a D-tier beast emperor!