Master of the End Times - Chapter 499

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Chapter 499: The Vengeful Guang Wei

Chapter 499: The Vengeful Guang Wei

“Redeeming Armor of Vajrayana!”

“Now I still have 10,000 points . I’ll redeem a C-tier beast emperor core for Bai Li!”

Qin Feng placed another order!


Meanwhile, a furious voice echoed in a high-end villa in the middle of Beihua…

“Who grabbed the Armor of Vajrayana?!!”

If Qin Feng were here, he would have recognized this voice . This man was Guang Wei .

Guang Wei was punished by the Human Alliance . After his allowance was taken away, Guang Wei had not been eager in fulfilling his responsibilities at all . Naturally, Shang Han knew about this . Thus, she had totally given up on having any expectations from him and stopped giving him any missions .

Besides, Longchuan had now been totally bombarded to nothingness by Qin Feng . Since the Grans were not showing up in the area anymore, there was no need for a B-tier to be there when the alliance rebuilt the city .

Therefore, Guang Wei decided to return to Beihua!

Despite not having his allowance anymore, he could still earn a living by hunting ultra beasts . Yet, due to his punishment, every hunt could only net him 50% of what he had earned before . Hence, after working his ass off for half a year, he could only accumulate 50,000 points .

Guang Wei did not know Qin Feng was in the city due to him heading to a different Secret Territory—the Far Woodland . He had spent nearly a year trying to get the points that were necessary to redeem the Armor of Vajrayana while Qin Feng only needed a few days .

However, due to this, Guang Wei finally knew that Qin Feng was here!

“Qin Feng? So, that brat has come to Beihua?”

Reading the message that his underling sent him, Guang Wei was so pissed that he was about to lose his mind . A thick murderous intent fumed out of his cold, icy face!

“Perfect . This is just perfect! I was thinking of visiting your base and you’re now here, messing with me!”

Nonetheless, Guang Wei knew that he could not take on Qin Feng alone . Still, no matter how powerful Qin Feng was, there was no way he could handle the combined might of several B-tier aptitude users, right?

Thus, Guang Wei activated his communicator and started to contact some people .

After all, Qin Feng was not some schmuck—he was a governor now, an official authority figure in the Human Alliance .

If the Human Alliance were to find out that Qin Feng was murdered, this time it would not be just a slap on the wrist for Guang Wei .

As such, Guang Wei contacted three people in one go!

One of them was part of the Human Alliance while the other two were from the Dark Coalition . With the latter being involved in this, if anything went awry he could always put the blame on the Dark Coalition .

It did not take long for the three people to agree to Guang Wei’s plea . The guy from Human Alliance owed Guang Wei a favor while the ones from Dark Coalition were moved by the potential gain from this assassination .

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“Qin Feng has a lot of goodies on him . His Burning Sword, Bai Li’s Spatial Whip… and there’s the Armor of Vajrayana too!”

“However, it is such a waste that we can’t take his personal terminal . He has a lot of money in his account!”

The money he had was not just hundreds of billions now . In fact, he had a few dozen trillions in his account . This was a massive score for any B-tier Aptitude User .

“Qin Feng, you have yourself to blame for all this!”


Qin Feng did not know he was now being targeted .

In less than fifteen minutes, the items had arrived at Qin Feng’s door at the hotel . He had now acquired the Armor of Vajrayana!

Due to Earth being a total wreck right now, the dimension around the globe was quite unstable . There were a lot of access points to different dimensions . Thus, if one were lucky enough, he could acquire all kinds of treasure on this planet . Other than the super advanced technologies and super ancient overpowered weapons, one could also acquire these extremely sturdy armors too .

After being refined over and over again, the Verdant Emperor Saber had now ascended to the God Weapon tier . However, Qin Feng would not stop refining it . He wanted it to become the strongest weapon in the world .

And this Armor of Vajrayana was a really rare armor, one that Qin Feng remembered from his past life . The armor had another name, called the “Armor of Yamaraja” . When the wearer of the armor was under the threat of dying, the armor would morph the wearer into a ghastly state, aiding him to escape to safety .

Of course, other than that unique property, the Armor of Vajrayana was also very sturdy . There were not many weaponries that could leave a dent on it .

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For example, with this armor on him, Qin Feng would not even need to fear anything when facing the Floating City’s cannons!

This was also why even though Guang Wei could only gain 50% of his hunts, he was still eager to keep on hunting to get his hands on the Armor of Vajrayana . This was his only counter-measure for Qin Feng’s Floating City!

“Good!” After dripping his blood onto the Armor of Vajrayana, allowing it to recognize its master by blood, Qin Feng put on the armor . In an instant, the armor morphed and turned invisible .

What a fascinating sight .

As the master of the armor, Qin Feng could feel that his skin and bone were now shielded by a layer of energy that could withstand all sorts of punishment from every weapon .

“What a pleasant surprise this is!”

Qin Feng knew about the armor’s unique properties before he was reborn . Yet, until now, he was finally able to fully understand that the rumors about it were all true .

“Bai Li, this crystal core is for you!” Qin Feng handed a box to Bai Li .

Opening the box up, Bai Li saw a crystal core that was big as a basketball in it . Not only that, the aura that was emitting from the crystal core was so powerful that it was quite difficult to breathe around it .

However, Bai Li did not seem to be affected by it at all . She took it up in her arms and licked on it . In an instant, the core’s surface started to melt . Bai Li’s ability to absorb these cores was extremely powerful!

Nonetheless, it was really tiring for her to hug this core and completely lick it clean . Thus, a dark dimensional rift appeared in between Bai Li’s brows and devoured the core in under a second .

“So? Aren’t you ascending yet? I’m hoping to know just how many more crystal cores you need . ” Qin Feng said .

“I’m keeping it in my consciousness so it could be absorbed over time . I’ll need only a day for it to be completely absorbed . Hmm, if I have another twenty cores like this one, I should be able to ascend!”

“20? No problem!”

Right now, Qin Feng could acquire 10,000 points in a day . As such, this would take only twenty days for him to redeem this many cores for her . It was not a hassle .

However, if the others knew that Qin Feng was redeeming these beast emperor cores for Bai Li to absorb, they might be so shocked that they would fall unconscious .

This was also why many did not dare to keep these high-end contract beasts . The amount of resources needed to satisfy them was too insanely high!

“Sure, I’ll tag along in your hunt tomorrow!” Bai Li said .

“Sure, kill as many ultra beasts as you like!” Qin Feng said, “There are just too many ultra beasts in the Northern Abyss . What a frightening place!”

Qin Feng did come to Northern Abyss before in his previous life . When he was here back then, he was already a B-tier . And despite becoming a B-tier, he almost lost his life in the Northern Abyss too .

This was not because he was weak at the time . Instead, this was due to the relentless waves of ultra beasts that were flooding toward him .

It did not matter how much he killed… even though his kill count racked up to as much as fifty thousand ultra beasts in a day, when he ventured into the Northern Abyss the next day, there were still endless waves of ultra beasts showing up .

“I’ve heard that there are A-tier aptitude users who died fighting in the abyss . Perhaps I should explore further to check it out!”

Qin Feng made up his mind .