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Chapter 5

Qin Feng’s thoughts drifted back and remembered that he had quit the job so that he would have enough time to train after his awakening .

 Only, he never told Zhou Hao about this .

 Qin Feng and Chen Ming were both orphans where the latter’s parents had tragically died in a beast horde attack . Owing to that, he would receive a 500 yuan hero’s orphan subsidy every month .

 4As for Qin Feng’s parents, on the other hand, no one knew what had happened to them . He was left outside the door or an orphanage .

 3Because newborns were the hope of mankind, and humans could only administer the awakening injections at sixteen, raising orphans became a matter of extreme importance for the current Chinese Alliance .

 10A caveat, however, was that it would be impossible if the orphans wanted extra money to enrichen their lives .

 Qin Feng had to work to make any extra money he needed .

 As a result, he did not have to make up excuses for Zhou Hao .

 “I will at least have to inform the management . Don’t worry . It won’t delay anything . I have to go . ” Qin Feng said, waving to his friend, making sure to take a different road .

 Zhou Hao watched Qin Feng’s back, feeling that this friend of his had become much calmer and more practical as if he had suddenly grown up .

 Undoubtedly, after today’s awakening injection, the rift, and the razor-fanged infants’ attack that almost took their lives, how could they not grow up?

 Qin Feng was unaware of what Zhou Hao was thinking . If he had known, he would have surely laughed a bitter laugh . His experience spanned not just a single day but ten whole years .

 When he was sure that Zhou Hao wasn’t trailing him, Qin Feng slowed his pace down .

 The Chengbei new district colony was his birthplace . This was not within Chengyang but on the outskirt of the outskirts . It might have looked as if it was accessible from all directions, but even the tall buildings could not hide the fact that this was all but a slum, a terrible living environment .

 There was not enough land here, and dangerous beasts overran the place, roaming around as they pleased . Far away from the main city of Chengyang, security was poor . To make matters worse, their most powerful ability user was only at E-tier .

 1Even their space stabilization device had been in disrepair for years .

 That time after he was captured, he never returned to Chengyang causing his memories of the place to be a little blurry .

 3After strolling down three streets, Qin Feng finally found the shop he was looking for—an outdoor combat supply store .

 The store was huge—at least in this colony!

 In particular, this store belonged to the Wanzhong Group franchise .

 In the shop, a woman in her thirties sitting inside the shop sized up Qin Feng . The moment she realized the pathetic state he was in, she cast him a look of utter disgust .

 “Little Sun, go serve the customer! Remember to clean the floor after!”

 “Ah, yes, manager!” shouted a male clerk named Little Sun, who came over to attend to Qin Feng . As for the floor cleaning remark, it was clear that the manager felt that Qin Feng was going to soil the store .

 Qin Feng shot the woman a frosty look . No one had treated him in such an uncivilized way for so many years . Having just being reborn, however, he was swamped with too many things for him to do anything about it .

 1She was just a narrow-minded woman . Nothing worth fussing over about .

 “Excuse me, mister . Are you here to buy or sell?” Little Sun asked politely, secretly perplexed .

 Qin Feng was covered in wounds, which meant that he had most likely just returned from a battle . But he was not carrying any spoils with him . If that was the case, he was probably not here to sell materials . As for purchasing power…

 Now how could someone not even wearing an ability user’s logo be able to afford the store’s merchandise?

 It would seem that the lady manager was in fact, a good judge of character .

 “Do you take these?” Qin Feng took out the four vials of the G-tier strengthening potion .

 The potion was a pale red color, and the vials were only about the size of his pinky . One simply needed to examine the official stamp on the label to know whether or not it was the real deal .

 Their shop did not trade with drugs, but the G-tier strengthening potion was an essential item .

 One look was enough for Little Sun to tell that they were real .

 This looked like a great business opportunity, too great to let slip just because of prejudice and innuendo .

 Little Sun caught his breath . “We do! We do!”

 He picked up one of the vials and examined it in the fashion of an expert . “Here in our store, we buy these at a 20% discount of the market price . That’ll be 32,000 yuan for four!”

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 3Once this purchase was completed, he could earn a commission of three hundred . What fortuitous fortune!

 Qin Feng nodded, surveying the products the store had to offer .

 “One T3 combat suit1, one dagger, a crossbow with thirty arrows, a combat bag pack, and an outdoor utensil set!”

 There were so few elites in the entire colony that most of them ordinary folk who would never choose to purchase something of such high quality, such as the T3 combat suit .

 “Alright . Please provide the size that you want!”

 “…170!” Qin Feng looked at his scrawny body, managing to crack a bitter smile .

 Right now, he was only 1 . 7 meters tall and painfully bony—it was so different from the one he had before rebirth .

 7Once he was done with all these, it looked like the time was nigh to work hard and develop his body .

 “Great!” Little Sun hurried around the shop, bringing a T3 combat suit for Qin Feng to try on, then picking up other things he had requested .

 Qin Feng selected the items skillfully, snapping up everything up he needed, and refusing anything that Little Sun was trying to sell him that he did not need .

 In the end, he spent 30,000 at the store, pocketing only the remaining 2,000 yuan, which he stuffed into his backpack .

 “Sir, if you wish to come again, you’ll be treated as our regular . We can give you a discount for any transaction over 10,000 yuan . This is my communicator’s number . You can add me!” Little Sun said .

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 Qin Feng nodded happily . It would be very convenient to do business with familiar people .

 After he asked the guy for his real name, Qin Feng added the salesperson named Sun Yu to his contacts .

 There were very few contacts on his communicator, only about twenty or thirty people, with most of them his schoolmates . But it also kept things clean .

 After that, Qin Feng turned off his communicator, changed into his new T3 combat suit, armed it with the dagger, and left the store with his brand new bow and arrow strapped to his back .

 5Along the way, Qin Feng could sense the attention that his new suit was drawing .

 On a hot day in June, just like today, the waterproof and fireproof combat suit could equalize the cold and heat . Even if he were completely wrapped up, it would engulf him with a cool, comfortable temperature, not too hot and airless .

 2The greyish-green camouflage of the suit was a protective color for the wilderness, which was exactly the thing that made him stand out like a sore thumb .

 His young face might have looked unfledged, but the expression on his face was sangfroid; his sharp eyes darting about for the slightest sign of danger .

 5The crossbow at his waist, the dagger in his boots, and the arrows hidden inside his combat backpack represented absolute power but, at the same time, was also a symbol of money .

 3Qin Feng ignored the strange looks he was getting and flagged down a car . “Go to the wilderness’ dispatch site . ”

 The driver shot him a curious look, but when Qin Feng got into the car, he kept his gaze lowered and lips sealed, saying nothing . So, the driver kept quiet, driving silently to the destination .

 Because of space rifts, the areas outside the colony were treacherous . But they needed people to go out there to hunt, kill, and protect the settlement, which was why the wilderness’ dispatch site was set up .

 Over here, Qin Feng’s suit was not that conspicuous .

 Because out here, in fact, everyone was dressed just like that .