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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:35:51 PM

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Xiaobai Showing Off

The bounty hunter network was a website dedicated to hunting down anti-human organizations . Found nowhere else, you could dig up details of tens of thousands of wanted criminals where images, pictures, and their body analysis were made available . For that reason, the communicator was a handy device that could do a scan of the surroundings and identify any felons within a hundred meters, subsequently alerting the bounty hunters .

Even those who were not bounty hunters could download a particular software so that they could evade detection by the criminals . It was rather popular in the underworld, and nearly everyone used it .

Qin Feng’s current communicator could not do any of these . The hovercar communication system, on the other hand, was of the highest specification, able to sweep a one-kilometer radius .

“This is a good opportunity for me to get some new clothes!” Qin Feng climbed out of bed, stretched a little before slipping on his clothes, which were now a little too tight for his newly obtained muscular physique .

Nevertheless, he was not too concerned about how he looked .

“Xiaobai, I’m going out now . Do you want to stay at home?” Qin Feng asked .

Xiaobai was playing on the stairs . The moment Qin Feng mentioned that he was leaving, it instantly sped down the steps, its fluffy fur bobbing gently as it leaped into Qin Feng’s arms .

“Let’s go together, alright?” Qin Feng returned Xiaobai to his backpack .

The hovercar was parked downstairs, standing out like a sore thumb among the array of luxury cars .

A few residents in the building eyed the car suspiciously .

“It looks like another newcomer!”

“I wonder who it is . Gotta keep an eye out for him!”

Qin Feng did not know what these people were thinking .

The car arrived at the commercial district – a place where the average person would never set foot in . Not that certain people were restricted from entering, but it was because people were intimidated by the ridiculously exorbitant prices of the goods and services here . Some have been known to get into serious trouble after merely soiling a piece of clothing .

Qin Feng had just parked his car in the lot when something caught his eye .

“Chirp!” Xiaobai saw it as well .

A woman who seemed to be from the upper-class was holding a leash fastened to a majestic and magnificent canine – a golden retriever!

It was one of the most popular large breeds of dogs during peacetime . Gentle by nature, it loved being around humans and was always a loyal companion . Since the rift’s attacks, animals awakened sooner than human beings . Their physique went through the roof, where some pets were even better at combat than their human owners .

Hounds protecting their owners were a common sight . After all, they were up against alien creatures that came from a world beyond the rift .

Domesticating ultra beasts were the new fad, creating an entirely separate category combat profession and a group of professionals known as beastmasters .

Of course, how powerful a beastmaster would be depended on how powerful their pets were .

The bond between Qin Feng and Xiaobai was based on the creation of beastmasters as well .

“That’s a good idea!”

If someone paraded their pet around town among ordinary people, they would inevitably find themselves drawing attention . But here, things were very different .

This area was populated by the wealthy, so, adopting pets were a common sight .

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Ten minutes later, Xiaobai had put on a leash around its neck . It was even joined by a pink bowtie . A true wolf in sheep’s clothing, no one would suspect that Xiaobai was actually a beast-king tier ultra-beast .

This was the first time Xiaobai walked on the road in public . Naturally, the little creature was very excited . Although not exactly enjoying the chains, Xiaobai paid little attention to it since this was way better than hiding inside Qin Feng’s backpack .

The first thing Qin Feng did was buy a new communicator . The most expensive communicator that was sold in Chengbei colony cost a good 100,000 yuan . Considering Qin Feng had a current net worth of over 1 million, he had no qualms buying the device .

The silver gadget looked snazzy . All it took was a glance to tell that it was no low-end communicator .

Having the device in hand, Qin Feng downloaded the bounty hunter network .

“I wonder how many criminals roam the Beicheng colony!” Qin Feng had this murderous look in his eyes .

He did not download this software to protect himself but to kill criminals . In fact, as long as they were nearby, he would surely hunt them down .

How could he not do it when he could earn money and accelerate his progress at the same time?

Next, Qin Feng walked into an apparel store that sold branded goods .

“Chirp!” Xiaobai suddenly refused to move .

“What is it?” Qin Feng gave Xiaobai a concerned look and noticed that the little creature was looking at the two mannequins standing by the door .

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The male one wore a jet black suit, whereas the female had been given a magnificent formal evening gown . Adorned with something that made it dazzle under the bright spotlight, it cost a cool 300,000 yuan .

The glimmer did not come from diamonds, but a special florescent compound synthesized from a specific ultra-beast insect, the bioluminescent bloodsucking beetle . The fluorescence was added only for aesthetic value .

Adding this shimmering feature to the uniforms in the wilderness would be a deathwish!

However, it was viewed differently in the colony, where some of the wealthy would have exquisite clothing like this purpose-made for their wedding .

Xiaobai was not looking at those mannequins, of course . It was two tiny puppies between the couple that had caught its attention . One was black and the other white . The latter was a fluffy toy dog in a mini wedding dress .

Qin Feng was at a loss for words .

“Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!” Xiaobai jumped up and down eagerly .

Qin Feng shook his head . “… I didn’t know you are such a showoff!”

Xiaobai stared at Qin Feng with its deep black glossy eyes, almost as if it was about to throw a tantrum!

“Alright! I’ll get it for you!” Qin Feng agreed reluctantly, realizing that he always gave in to Xiaobai, thereby spoiling the little beast .

A shop attendant took note of Qin Feng’s presence, but because his dressing was so low-key, she thought it best to ignore him . When she noticed the communicator in his hand, though, her eyes lit up .

He must be one of that discreet nouveau riche, loaded but always in tatters .

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But before she could welcome him with a smile, Qin Feng paused in front of the store’s display and asked loudly, “Excuse me, how much is this pet wedding dress?”

Qin Feng waved at the shop attendant .

The shop attendant’s lips twitched at the question . Their customers usually shopped for formal clothes or bought tailored wedding dresses . This was the first time anyone had asked about a wedding dress for their pet .

“That is just for display, sir!”

“It’s not for sale?”

“That…” The shop attendant looked uncertain . “Please wait for a minute . I’ll go ask the manager!” she relented .

So off she went, talking into the communicator . As soon as she left, the door into the store opened and in walked a couple .

“Honey, you’ve bought me so many things . Let me pick you a few outfits . You can’t always dress so casually . You’re so handsome, and you’ll look perfect in the clothes here . This brand is really well-known, and they have styles for both male and female!” tweeted a cloying voice that made Qin Feng’s skin crawl .

Suddenly, Qin Feng’s communicator started vibrating intensely!

A prompt appeared on the screen:

[Attention bounty hunter! Criminal confirmed: Li Hai]

Qin Feng stared at the device for a moment and then put it away calmly as he studied the two patrons that had just walked into the shop .